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This week, you’ll learn the value of employee personality tests, understand ways of overcome the fixation of employee-employer fit, see if job hoppers can be good for your business, learn a new trend in the talent pool dynamics, and learn strategies to hire great employees who can help you take your business to the next level.

All About Employee Personality Tests

Why you should read it: Should you reveal the results of your new hires’ personality tests to them?

Synopsis : “Personality assessments are instruments used to identify underlying traits of an individual as they pertain to work.”  The HR Bartender, Sharlyn Lauby, interviews Lilly Lin, Director of Talent Measurement Consulting at PAN – Performance Assessment Network, to quantify the importance of these assessments and determine the ideal way to deal with the results.

Overcoming our fixation with fit

Why you should read it: This article highlights the importance of thinking out of the box while making hiring decisions.

Synopsis : Mary L. Martinéz makes a valid point that we can not hope to achieve different results if we keep hiring the same person for a job role. We are hardwired to affiliate with people similar to us. Ms. Martinez outlines methods that we should incorporate into our hiring process to prevent our biases to cause us to overlook the perfect candidate, who might even right beneath our noses i.e. within the organisation.

Extra: Mary links to an article by Lauren A. Rivera that talks about how cultural fit started as an “idea that the best employees are like-minded”, but has now morphed into a dangerous concept which allows managers to make snap judgements about who they’d rather hang out with.

Can job hoppers be a good fit for your business?

Why you should read it: “The Times They Are A-Changin’” , and it’s time we look upon job-hoppers in a favourable light.

Synopsis :  Dr. Sullivan challenges the pre-conceived notion that job hoppers are dis-loyal, selfish, impatient and expensive. Instead, he suggests 10 reasons why job hoppers are valuable. Depending upon the case, job hoppers can be top performers, can be recruited easily and may not cost all that much to learn the business. Instead, they might bring in new knowledge on your competitors, and are adaptable – they can learn and build contacts quickly. Besides, these might very well be the next generation of talent.

How do you ensure that the job hopper doesn’t hop again?

Why you should read it: So your new employee is afraid to commit, learn how to put a ring on it.

Synopsis : In the second part of Dr. Sullivan’s 2 part job hopper series, he helps you identify what may be causing your frog to job hop, and subsequently what you can do to break this cycle if need be. Moreover, Dr John asks us to consider that just because a candidate has job hopped in the past it does not mean they might not be ready to settle down. But if that is not the case, ‘make hay while the sunshines’.

A Misunderstood Talent Pool is a Missed Opportunity for Employers.

Why you should read it: We looked at Job-hoppers under a new light, now it’s time to do same for part-time workers

Synopsis :  Gwenn Rosener, from FlexProfessionals shares the story of starting her company and interesting statistics on 8000+ part-time candidates in the DC area.She goes on to suggest how flexible professionals have higher staying power, bargaining expertise, and hyper-focus that makes them different from traditional job seeker. See if this is good for your business.

Hiring for change and evolution

Why you should read it: Learn the difference between merely hiring an employee and hiring ‘an effective change agent’.

Synopsis : The recruitment process was previously defined as a search for the most talented individual who aligned with the company culture. Sue Barrett redefines it as looking for right person to undertake the task at hand. The second part of Ms. Barrett’s article addresses the potential of hiring a boomerang employee, i.e. an employee that took a gap year or few at another firm to build his/her skill set.

Finding unicorns: Hiring great employees

Why you should read it: “Jesus Tap-dancing Christ”, because it’s about a car, which has been owned solely by men with beards.

Synopsis :  Shane Atchison, from POSSIBLE, defines a unicorn through a brilliant and funny story. He goes on to highlight 4 characteristic traits of unicorns and suggest how they add value to your business.Next time you spot a unicorn, try to involve them. As a contractor, intern, or part-time employee, these unicorns can help you build a happy and better team.

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Managing your manager

Why you should read it: Keen to know if your boss is a tyrannical despot or a nurturing support? We also include handy tips to deal with tough bosses.

Synopsis :You might find that your manager always micro-manages, does not practice what he preaches, is egocentric, arrogant and just does not listen! As a best practice, employees could keep lines of communication open, take ownership of work and empathize with their seniors in order to make the relationship work.

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