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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read?

To Improve Engagement, More Leaders Will Need To Truly Embrace Engagement

Why you should read it : Disengaged leaders produce disengaged employees.

Synopsis : Saying, ‘Our employees are our greatest asset’ holds no meaning until your senior leadership is truly committed to your employees’ growth. Employees are only motivated to perform when they are engaged at an emotional level and have a compelling reason to get out of bed.

Diversity Recruiting Fails … When You Lump All Diverse Groups Together

Why you should read it : This article introduces you to segmented diversity recruiting. 

Synopsis : It is well documented fact that diverse groups perform better than homogenous ones. But our attempts to diversify our workforce are not going to bear full fruition if we lump all forms of diversity together into one group.

The Human Company Playbook, Version 1.0

Why you should read it : The Human Company Playbook is a living breathing document,that outlines how 21st century companies should treat their employees. 

Synopsis : Recently a number of large co-operations have been re-inventing the wheel when it comes managing their employees, from unprecedented paid parental leave policies to establishing livable wages. But what about smaller companies and startups that do not have deep pockets. Luminary labs provides a compilation of practical examples for the startup community to follow. 

Fantasy Football: Productivity Threat and Camaraderie Builder

Why you should read it : Fantasy Football costs around $16 billion per season due to lost productivity. 

Synopsis : Employees need a certain amount of downtime or mini-breaks during the day to keep their energies up. These breaks could be checking their social media, gathering around the water cooler for a chat or getting a quick update on their fantasy football team. If we convert fantasy football into a company wide activity, these mini-breaks can be used to develop your company’s culture. 

Paying Interns: It’s Not Always Optional

Why you should read it : You might be breaking the law by not paying your intern.

Synopsis : Hiring unpaid interns used to be the way small businesses who were strapped for cash would lessen their workload. But that might not be an option anymore. “If your intern is doing work that you would have had to hire someone to do, or would have required existing staff to do, then that intern is entitled to at least minimum wage.”

Google Doesn’t Really Care Anymore Where You Went To School

Why you should read it : Find out how the number one place to work recruits its’ talent.

Synopsis : From nit-picking each grade that a candidate got to not caring where their candidates went to school. Google’s hiring methods have come a long way over the years. In an interview with medium Lazlo Block described their previous methods as one of the flaws is the way the assessed people. Read this article to find out why Google stopped caring which school it’s candidates went to.

An Onboarding Checklist For Success

Why you should read it : Engagement starts with your on-boarding process. 

Synopsis : “Deeply engaged employees make a huge impact on their team and the great work they produce. Engaged employees are more productive, passionate, and loyal. So, how do you maintain the passion new hires feel and deepen their engagement as they get integrated into your culture?”


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