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HR is strategic for small businesses

Why you should read it : Having a strategic HR plan in place is more important for smaller businesses than for their larger counterparts.

Synopsis : Most people believe that HR is only important for bigger businesses but it makes more sense for smaller businesses, as when the number of employees is smaller there is a greater chance that the business will stop functioning due to one persons absence.

What the MI6 Looks for in New Recruits (Hint: James Bond Need Not Apply)

Why you should read it :  The reason James Bond needn’t apply is not because he is a shoo in for the job, but because he is a cultural misfit.

Synopsis : As with most pieces of fiction, the James Bond franchise deviates a considerable amount from reality.  An intelligence source recently told Buzzfeed that James Bond lacks the emotional intelligence to be hired at MI6. Read this article to find out what the requirements are at MI6

The Growing Pains – and Pleasures – of Mobile Recruiting

Why you should read it : Read on to find out how essential it is to ensure your HR technology and recruiting efforts are mobile friendly.

Synopsis : It is vital for HR practitioners to develop a mobile strategy for their HR functions if they hope to remain relevant. But going mobile also contains a lot of risks, which include cybersecurity concerns. Aliah D. Wright goes over everything that is concerned with taking your HR efforts online.

Does Your HR Function Need To Rebrand?

Why you should read it : If the C-suite at your firm is not giving the HR department the due credit it deserves, you most probably need to rebrand.

 Synopsis : Branding a department can be seen as personifying the soul of the department, i.e. developing a tangible culture within a department. Nicole Le Maire talks about how although HR tech and HR analytics are saving HR they are also causing it to be unfairly clubbed with robotic and ‘outsource-able ‘ functions such as IT and accounts and the only way to save HR is to re-brand it.

A 21st Century Workplace Question: To Drink On The Job, Or Not To Drink On The Job?

Why you should read it : As alcohol at the workplace becomes a growing trend, this article contains a few things you should keep in mind.

Synopsis : In controlled amounts, alcohol can act as a stress reliever and can often encourage positive interactions with one’s co-workers. But alcohol can quickly hamper employee productivity as well as alienate those who do not drink. Cord Himelstien covers some essential points you should keep in mind if you are considering allowing alcohol in the workplace.

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