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The Most Buzzed-About Social Recruiting Posts Of The Week

 Why you should read it : Every month Jody Ordioni brings to us the most liked and shared recruiting content on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

 Synopsis : This months the brands that carried out an exceptional social media campaign were ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson and the Disney Cruise Line. ExxonMobil asked it’s Facebook followers what qualities they look for in an ideal manager, while Johnson and Johnson explained it’s brand on twitter and the Disney Cruise Line made a youtube video of employees talking about their application process.

Paralyzed By Choice: When Unlimited Vacation Becomes Too Much Vacation

 Why you should read it : Although unlimited paid vacation sounds like a dream come true, in reality it is less of perk than it seems to be.

 Synopsis : Unlimited paid vacation tend to create a choice overload in which employee are often uncertain about how much vacation is acceptable. As a result employees tend to take less time off than they would when such a policy was not applicable.

Employee Handbooks Can Create Risk For The Company – Unless You Do Them Right

Why you should read it : Not updating your employee handbook is a large risk and can leave you exposed to potential lawsuits.

Synopsis : Bill Copeland warns his readers that a failure to review and adjust the employee handbook on a frequent basis can lead to employee confusion, penalties and fines – and even lawsuits. Employee Handbooks should be unique and reflect your organization’s policies and procedures. Read this article to find out which key points your employee handbook should cover.

The Benefits Of A ‘Someday I Might Want To Work There’ Talent Community

Why you should read it : A someday community is comprised of individuals who are not currently looking for a job but would someday like to work at your firm.

Synopsis : Dr. John Sullican states that one of the best ways to develop a talent pipeline is to build a network of ‘someday workers’. In this article Dr. Sullivan talks about the benefits of creating a Someday Community and provides tips on to start creating such a community.

Here’s Why You Need To Develop A Fear Of Missing Out Culture

Why you should read it : A fear of missing out culture is developed when the lines between work and personal time begin to blur.

Synopsis : If your employees begin to experience a FOMO about the workplace then it is proof that you have managed to transform your workplace into an engaging space. Jody Ordioni talks about what it takes to build a FOMO culture.

In Focus: A Life Without E-Mail at Work?

Why you should read it : According to the Wasting Time At Work Survey conducted at, 78% of their employees are wasting at least 30 minutes a day at work.

Synopsis : Aliah D. Wright writes an article on how to rid yourself of the time wasting habit or writing and reading unnecessary emails.

How To Ditch Performance Ratings And Still Evaluate Employees Fairly And Accurately

Why you should read it : Learn how to rate your employees in a way to assess their performance without damaging employee manager relationships.

Synopsis : It is not possible to eliminate rating employees within a firm but it is possible to do so in the most efficient manner. Dr. Steven Hunt discusses the importance of rating your employees in an efficient manner and suggest a couple of methods on how to do so.

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