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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read? Help us, help you stay updated.

Formalizing Flexible-Work Policies

 Why you should read it : It is time for your organization to develop a policy about flexible-work arrangements.

 Synopsis : According to a survey conducted by WorldatWork, a nonprofit HR association, only 37% of companies in their sample had a formal written flexible work policy in place. As the workforce begins to greatly comprise of Gen Y and Gen Z, a flexible work policy is going to become a necessity.

Terminate on Tuesdays—and Quickly, Humanely

 Why you should read it : Termination are hard on everyone, not just the employee being fired and they are one of the more common reasons of a lawsuit.

 Synopsis : HR professionals in a LinkedIn meeting agreed that Tuesday was the best day to fire someone, not Friday. The cost of fighting a lawsuit is much greater than paying out severance packages. This article contains tips on what you can do to make your ex-employees last day as pleasant as possible, thereby reducing the risk of a lawsuit.

 Let’s Uncheck All The Boxes

 Why you should read it : Ban the box is the debate that would make it illegal to ask about criminal convictions on job applications.

 Synopsis : Those in favor of banning the box believe that we should not judge a book by a cover, and that people who have made a mistake in their past should not be penalized for it second time in the form of reduced chances of getting a job. Ray Bixler believes that the box is an oversimplified tool used to access whether an employee will be able to succeed at a job.

Referrals From Job References — The Simplest And Cheapest Sourcing Tool

Why you should read it : It is widely known that referrals produce great hires. Dr. Sullivan has some tips on how to take this process further.

Synopsis : “Because great people know other great people, it makes sense to, whenever you have a chance, ask the best to provide you with the names of the top people they know. A reference referral is simply asking job references to go beyond the traditional reference role and to also act as a referral source.”

Is Self-Care the New Health Care?

Why you should read it : Find out how you can make your employees healthier and get higher levels of productivity.

Synopsis : According to the CPHA (Consumer Healthcare Products Association), 10% of doctors visits are unnecessary and are costing U.S. employers billions of dollars in lost productivity. John Scorza lists out what you can do to have healthier employees for a lower rate of absence or haven’t people who are present but are unproductive due to their health problems.

Got Talent? Tap Big Data to Keep It

Why you should read it : Talent is a valuable asset for growing businesses, especially in tight markets such as Silicon Valley, where the wars over hard-to-fill positions are fierce.

Synopsis : Big data analytics can serve as an early warning system for when people may be tempted to head for the exits, enabling HR to better target retention efforts and save on recruiting costs.

Why Talent Analytics Matter

Why you should read it : Talent analytics helps you take the guesswork out of hiring, and makes sure you get the best math to join the team.

Synopsis : “Talent analytics is the term for a data-focused approach to decision-making regarding your current and future employees. By analyzing past employee behavior to predict future performance, talent analytics (sometimes called human capital or people analytics) is often used by HR, hiring managers, and recruiters to find the best type of candidate.”

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