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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read? Help us, help you stay updated.

It’s Not About The Beer When Your Workplace Has A Beer Fridge Culture

Why you should read it :  Empower employees to make their own decisions and use their own judgement

Synopsis : Baby Boomers respected authority and worked best when there was an established chain of command. The lack of an enforceable hierarchy removed accountability from the workforce. On the other hand, millennial require empowerment for inspiration and motivation. David Lee talks about how the simple act of providing beer at the office made employees feel like they were responsible for themselves.

What Gen Z’s Arrival In The Workforce Means For Recruiters

Why you should read it : Having entered university, Gen Z are four years away from the workforce.

Synopsis :  Millennials have the focus of research for marketers and recruiters for over a decade now, making them the most researched group of individuals in history. With Gen Z right around the corner, we need to shift gears and plan out the changes we need to making in our strategies, to incorporate the newest member of the working generation

Yes, It’s Evil: Why You Really Need To Restrict Email In The Office

Why you should read it : Email is a necessary evil. Read about how to decrease the damaging effects of being constantly logged in.

Synopsis : ‘Shoot me an email’ is the easiest and most dismissive way to make your to-do list longer.  It is also an extremely non-assuming way to kill your productivity. Külli Koort lists out a detailed argument against the use of email.

A Recruiter’s Guide To Social Targeting

Why you should read it : Figure out how to push your brand image to where your candidates live.

Synopsis : “Your top talent is out there and they’re using Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. Place your content in front of their daily or even hourly routine to stick out as a different organization. Job seekers are looking in more places for more information than ever before.”

The Rush Toward Paid Parental Leave: Why Now?

Why you should read it : HR news feeds have been filled with new about parental leave rules across big businesses.

Synopsis : Millennial are quickly becoming the biggest generation in the current workforce. In the past year the majority of the Gen Y generation has come to age where they are starting families. “The benefit helps attract and keep talented workers at a time when certain talent is in short supply; Millennials, who are starting to have children, are demanding it; the number of two-earner households is on the rise, and men and women in those homes in particular find the perk alluring; and today’s employees tend to be more concerned with work/life balance than workers in decades past”

Tackling the Conflict – Avoiders Syndrome

Why you should read it : Avoiding conflict is as harmful as actively seeking it out.

Synopsis : There has been a lot of talk recently of phasing out performance appraisal. But are we writing off an entire system due to a few flaws instead of trying to fix what is wrong with it. Susan R. Meisinger talks about how executives that avoid conflict use performance reviews to air their grievances.

Understanding How Bad Recruiting Costs Your Firm Millions Of Dollars

Why you should read it : Consequences from bad recruiting are difficult to quantify due to the blanket effects on the operations of an organization.

Synopsis : According to the Boston Consulting Group, out of all of HR functions, recruiting has the highest effect on an organization’s profit margins. Hiring bad candidates, kicks off a vicious cycle, where a bad candidate experience reduces the power of your products brand, which in turn reduces the number of applicants that apply to your firm in the future. This added with the cost of replacing your existing hires makes bad recruiting a very expensive mistake.

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