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Strong Reactions to Requiring Contractors to Give Paid Leave

Why you should read it : Is the Labour Day gift bestowed upon federal contract workers by President Barack Obama a boon or a bane to employers?

Synopsis : On September 7th, 2015, President Barack Obama signed an executive order that mandates that workers working on federal contracts earn at least one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours that they work. Stephen Miller discusses the effect this has on small and mid-sized companies that are already struggling to cover their employees’ health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

How To Make Social Software The Lifeblood Of Employee Engagement

Why you should read it : “Some pundits have proclaimed social software a failure, but the real failure is in the adoption phase.”

Synopsis : The best way to test out your articles or your new products is to get feedback from your own employees. But what do you do when your employees are not engaged enough to offer their feedback without being chased down for it. Shel Holtz shares his ideas on how to bridge the disconnect between employers and their employees.

Drones: More than Just a Buzzword for Businesses

Why you should read it : Are drones right for your business?

Synopsis : The uses of drones has reduced the risk factor of a number of jobs, for example, property inspectors can now use drones to inspect roofs of houses instead of climbing wobbly ladders to do the same. But drones also pose risk to human life and property as they can be easily carried off by the wind and into a cell tower or an unsuspecting person causing untold harm. Kathy Gurchiek talks about the in’s and out’s of using drones in your company.

The Psychologies Behind Motivation

Why you should read it : Learn about the intricacies of the psychology behind motivation.

Synopsis : Charlie Wilson starts his article by explaining the mesolimbic dopamine system which is the science behind our motivation. This article contains helpful ways to motivate your employees to meet deadlines and and be active contributors in the office space.

Designing Company Culture with Mark Nichols from Flow

Why you should read it : Learn how to design office culture from one of the most popular design companies in the world

Synopsis :  Jacob Shriar from Office Vibe has a laid back Google hangout call with Mark Nicholas the Director of Content at Flow.  The 20 minute conversation covers Mark Nicholas’ time at MetaLab (the behind the scenes puppeteer responsible for 2.8 billion dollar Slack) and what it takes to create two phenomenal companies such as  MetaLab and Flow.

Why You Need To Bridge Your Workforce Skills Gap (And How To Do It)

Why you should read it : “According to a 2013 study by PwC, 58 percent of global CEOs fear this alleged gap in workforce talent could hinder their company’s ability to grow.”

Synopsis : Hiring outside talent to fill a skill gap might be the most convenient way but it is not always the most fiscally efficient way to go about things. Aleksandr Peterson defines the process we should follow to recognize, define and correct a skill gap.

Nobody Is Indispensable, Or Why You Really Need Succession Planning

Why you should read it : Being indispensable to your company might not be the advantage that it seems to be.

Synopsis : Laura Stack uses an apt analogy to describe an indispensable team member, “Would you want a car with irreplaceable parts? Of course not; eventually it would break down, and you could never fix it again.” . Read Laura’s article to find out how to be valuable to your firm without being indispensable.

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