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Forget Cultural Fit – We Need To Hire For Their Cultural Contributions

Why you should read it : Derek Irvine discusses his thoughts on an excerpt from Adam Grant’s new book, Originals.

Synopsis :  Hiring, across the board, has always been focused around the concept of ‘cultural fit’, but according to Derek Irvine we should instead be focused on potential cultural contributors. If all of our hires fit our cookie cutter perception of the ideal candidate, how can we hope to ‘break the mould’(i.e be innovative).

The End of Pay Secrecy?

Why you should read it :Pay transparency started as a trend but it is quickly becoming an unwritten necessity in the American workplace.

Synopsis :  Although conventional wisdom follows more of a ‘What you don’t know, won’t hurt me’ approach; millennials in the workplace today are pushing to converse about pay in and out of the workplace. And if companies have backed their salary structure with a defensible equation which adequately compensates performance, they have nothing to worry about.

The True Costs, And Unintended Consequences, Of On-Demand Talent

Why you should read it : There are currently 2 contradicting trends transforming the workplace.

Synopsis : A number of employers are focusing their efforts on creating more people centric workplaces that see their employees holistically and not just assets. At the same there is growing trend among employers to shrink their workforce by tapping into the on -demand economy.

How Emotion Can Help HR Win the Talent War

Why you should read it :Emotion is emerging as a critical player in employee engagement.”

Synopsis : We are often taught that emotions have no place at the workplace, but we all know that isn’t possible. Our emotions can not be turned off at the click of a switch, thus in turn we suppress them. Pent up emotions often lead to brash actions fueled by our sub- conscious. Boeing is one of the pioneers, who is now including a variable for emotions in it’s solution for employee engagement.

8 Detailed Examples Of Giving Employee Feedback

Why you should read it : While giving feedback, we need to be mindful and make sure we are addressing a troublesome behavior and not the person.

Synopsis : Jacob Shriar made an HR personnel’s and manager’s job slightly easier with this article. Jacob has listed out the bare bones structure of what you should say to your employees if you find yourself facing these 8 common problems.

5 Workplace Laws Your Employer Might Be Violating

Why you should read it : Due to the extremely competitive workplace culture prevalent today, employees often forget about their rights.

Synopsis : Some of the laws in the list put together by Alison Green are so commonly broken, that violating employees rights in these cases has become the norm.  Often we are told to not discuss our pay packages with other employees or to quickly reply to a work email when we’re off the clock, Alison explains how our employer would be breaking the law in both these cases.

Questions You’re Probably Not Asking On A Career Gap Resume

Why you should read it : Hiring managers usually view a career gap as a red flag or skip over it entirely.

Synopsis : But instead a career gap can be the easiest way to better understand your candidate. By asking them what they did in their time off without being too intrusive, you can better understand if they are a go getter and our focused on constantly improving themselves.

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