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Getting on Board

Why you should read it : “Joining a board can be a win-win for both company and CHRO. So what does it take to prepare yourself for the role?”

Synopsis : Susan R. Meisinger starts this article by recounting an incident wherein which she was was asked to join the board of an industrial engineering and construction company. Having the opportunity to serve on a board is a valuable experience for a CHRO. Ms. Meisinger talks about the importance of developing networks and business skills for HR executives who have an interest in board service.

What Happens If We Start Hiring for Purpose, Not Skills

Why you should read it : The increasing value and high demand for purpose-oriented workers creates a new gap in the workforce — potentially more challenging than the skills gap.

Synopsis : Our economy is slowly shifting and converting into a purpose economy where people are not hired based on the skills they have but based on their personality as a whole. These individuals are able to quickly adapt to evolving industries that demand new skills. The only problem is that, these people are a small minority of our workforce.

Give your “prisoners” the keys to the front door.

Why you should read it : Are your incentives inspiring innovative work or making your employees unhappy and complacent?

Synopsis : Often companies offer big payouts and stock options to employees that complete a large number of years at the organization. These incentives are meant to retain the firm’s top talent. But often this leads to senior employees avoiding risk or avoiding going the extra mile and just waiting for their retirement. Even worse, occasionally these ‘ lock in’ policies keep top talent from even joining the firm.

The Employee Happiness Fad … Doesn’t Make Me Happy

Why you should read it : There is no cause-and-effect evidence showing that happy workers are more productive than the average worker.

Synopsis : Increasing employee happiness has been a hot trend in the HR space for quite a while now. But if there is no evidence backed proof that happy workers are more productive, then why are we so focused on increasing employee happiness? Dr. John Sullivan has listed 12 reasons as to why focusing on employee happiness might just be counterproductive.

Never Apologize for Being Human at Work

Why you should read it : At times the HR department forgets about the human aspect of things while making the policies.

Synopsis : Policies are normally created to protect ourselves from dealing with the same employee issues over and over again. Liz Ryan recounts an incident where a firm went against their policy and made an exception for it’s employee and were lauded for it.

Are You a Joint Employer?

Why you should read it : The US department of Labor has released new laws regarding hiring contract workers.

Synopsis : These new laws are cracking down on people who have inadvertently entered into joint employment. As business change their staffing methods by using employees who are shared by more than one employer, there is more of a risk of running into trouble. Moreover the difference between horizontal and vertical joint employment is not understood very well by employers.

12 Recruiting Stats That Will Change The Way You Hire

Why you should read it : Companies spend an immense amount of time and money on recruiting, and often don’t get the results they were looking for.

12 Recruiting Statistics That Will Change The Way Your HireThis infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee engagement survey software to help companies improve morale.

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