Top 7 posts in the HR space ( January 5th – January 11th)

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Outrageous Talent Practices – They Grab The Attention Of Top Talent

Why you should read it : If you plan on attracting talent that is extraordinary, your talent management practices have to be equally extraordinary.

Synopsis : The recruiting methods a firm uses to attract it’s top talent are evidence to how much the firm values creativity and innovation. With the varied array of methods a firm can use to grab it’s candidates attention, there is no excuse that lets a firm off the hook for using mundane methods. Dr. John Sullivan lists out ’10 Attention-grabbing Talent Management Practices’ that are used in Silicon Valley.

Why Genetic Testing and the Workplace Don’t Match

Why you should read it : Paying for your employees’ genetic testing to help them be more healthy is a disaster waiting to happen.

Synopsis : Genetic testing is a win win, not only does it help you stay healthier and vigilant for signs of medical conditions you are pre-disposed for; it also saves your insurer a fortune. More often than not, your employer is also your insurer. But what happens when you get passed up for a promotion and you can’t help but think it had something to do with your test results. According to Suzanne Lucas genetic testing and the workplace were definitely not a match made in heaven.

The 2016 Presidential Race: How Leading Candidates Confront Key HR Issues

Why you should read it : David Mark recaps where all the presidential candidates stand on HR related issues.

Synopsis : Although HR related issues don’t usually make the front page, they impact a large part of the american workforce. And it is important that we are informed about the views of the next President of the United States on issues such as overtime laws and paid family leave.

HR Roundtable: How Will A Social Responsibility Focus Change The Workplace?

Why you should read it : There is positive trend of companies becoming increasingly socially responsible. 

Synopsis : Social responsibility differs from philanthropy as it is not defined by a charitable act but by a state of being, in which one is conscious of his or her surroundings. Companies are now being called upon to be more transparent and accountable for their actions. Although being socially responsible might make a company’s profit margin a little smaller, it has enormous effects on a company’s reputation.

Personal Disruption — The Force That Will Shape 2016

Why you should read it : “Companies and organizations can’t disrupt, if their people don’t.”

Synopsis : For a company to be a force of disruption in its industry, its employees must be allowed to take risks and taught how not be afraid of failure. Whitney Johnson lists out all the signs that you will see if personal disruption is a norm at your company.

Hazards of Retention

Why you should read it : Are you keeping your attrition rate low at the cost of agility?

Synopsis : Instead of looking at our retention rates, we need to look at who we are retaining. Occasionally our valuable employees move on to bigger challenges and it’s the complacent employees, the ones with little potential that we end up retaining.

Technology As Enabler Of 2016 HR Trends: Personalized Learning And Transparency

Why you should read it : Learn how HR technology is going to enable personalized learning and development and transparency in 2016.

Synopsis : Currently the workforce is comprised of three generations that are extremely different from each other. For this reason, a ‘one size fits all’ approach can not be used when it comes to training programs. To embrace personalization without overworking the HR department, embracing technology is a must.

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