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value systems and ethics


Value Systems exist in different forms such as social values, organizational values, human values & personal values. Often these are defined in Citizen’s Charters, Code of Conduct and as Leadership Attributes. All forms of value systems are largely based on ethics, morality and virtues. Over the years, values have been corrupted by over-ambition. This trend needs to be arrested.

I have attempted, in the form of a poem below, an expression of my observations & beliefs. It calls for an introspection (PEEP WITHIN) to understand what has gone wrong.

Periodic self analysis by all and an exemplary conduct by Leaders at all levels in the society is, perhaps, the only antidote to stop further decay & decline in value systems.


When value systems change
And morals too decline;
When demoniac forces grow
To dominate the mind.
When materialistic urges build up
To squeeze the trust of time;
And perversions invade the intellect
Of unbridled minds.
When principles get replaced
By conveniences undefined;
And Hypocrisy infiltrates
To make the learned blind.
When wisdom sheds its grace
And virtue gets maligned;
When faith in systems degenerates
And rogues operate from behind.
When everyone looks crazy,
And claims he has no time;
To conscience or conscientiousness
He doesn’t want to bind.
And still he wants to climb the ladder
Leaving everyone behind;
Each failure shakes his pride
No success makes him kind.
Who can make him taste the truth
Whose tongue is not refined ?
An attempt for a ‘PEEP WITHIN’
May tell him he is blind.
Each one of us needs to alter
Our attitudes I find;
The horrid, clumsy thoughts we have
Churn out polluted minds.
Values such as Love, Truth and Duty,
Do not wither with time;
One has to earn the Grace of God
And keep them as sublime.
His Grace is there, the conscience knows,
For loving hearts and humble minds;
For ego-less and devoted ones,
Who glide over the tides of time.

Comments by the readers on this article may help me to refine my perceptions.

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Tushar Bhatia
Tushar Bhatia is CEO-founder of cloud-based global HR platform Empxtrack. His key goal is to help companies streamline their HR function, reduce costs and make employees engaged & productive. He writes on various HR related issues and trends that include strategic hr, performance management, best practices for recruitment, employee engagement and retention etc. On an average his blogs are read by about 2 Million professionals annually.