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Finding it difficult to draft a warning letter clarifying expectations and outlining consequences for employee’s misconduct or poor performance? Take help from pre-written HR warning templates and save yourself from this time-consuming task.

Let’s answer a simple question.

What calls for a warning letter?

Employee’s offending behavior or activities trigger supervisors or HR manager to take control of the situation and take necessary actions abiding Company Policy.

Usually, verbal communication between an employee and his supervisor (or HR person) is followed by a formal warning letter to highlight unappreciable behavior or unacceptable performance at work. It has been observed that written communications are conducted to deal with critical circumstances at workplace.

Documenting a verbal warning, through a letter, is important to ensure that the employee takes up the matter sincerely and make efforts to not give any more chances to complain. It simply reminds an employee of what is to be done to avoid consequences.

Here are few HR warning templates to warn employees to shape up their conduct.

HR Warning Template for Disciplinary Violation



Re: Warning for Disciplinary Violation

Dear (Name of the Employee),

This letter is to serve an official warning to you for the incident that happened on (Mention the Date of Employee’s Non-Disciplinary Action). We got to know about (Describe in Brief the Incident). We want you to know that this kind of misconduct in the workplace is unappreciable and intolerable.

Our Company Policy is designed with the aim to make work environment and company culture liberal, disciplined and safe for employees designated at different levels. So, we expect every employee to respect and follow company policies in order to stay away from uninvited consequences (strict actions against employees) from the management.

Since you have been found violating company’s disciplinary rules, we are putting you on a warning period of (Mention the Duration of warning Period). During this period, your behavior with colleagues, subordinates and seniors will be observed closely. Any re-occurrence of disciplinary violation will impose strict action(s) against you.

In that case, our company reserves the right to execute (a) suspension without pay or (b) employment termination without prior notice.

Having said that, we expect you to show immediate improvement in your behavior because we still believe you’re a valuable asset to our organization. Looking forward to see positive results of this discussion.

In need of any assistance or doubt, please feel free to reach me anytime.



HR Warning Template for Poor Performance



Re: Warning for Poor Work Performance

Dear (Name of the Employee),

This letter serves a written warning to you for not meeting KRA’s as outlined in your Appointment Letter. It confirms our discussion held on (date) regarding your unacceptable performance.

As decided by the management, we are putting you on a Corrective Action Plan commencing from today (or mention date). This plan has been executed to bring your performance up to an acceptable standard considering your capabilities as well as what your job role demands.

Since your manager has already verbally counseled you multiple times regarding intolerable performance and company protocols, we want to you take this (Name of the Action Plan) as a final opportunity to shape your conduct well & show improvement.

We hope you understand that tolerating substandard performance from you is unfair to your team members; and this is why we want you to immediately improve performance and meet reasonable expectations.

We still believe you have the potential to become a valuable asset to our organization. We would like you to prove us right and show us your capabilities, willpower & hard work.

In case you need any additional assistance (like training or coaching), please feel free to contact us.



HR Warning Template for Irregular Attendance



Subject: Warning for Irregular Attendance (Timesheet)

Dear (Name of the Employee),

This letter is to serve a written warning to you for being irregular at work in past two months. It has been observed lately that are repeatedly taking too many leaves without prior approval of your immediate supervisor. Your manager has already warned you verbally multiple times. Unfortunately, you have not shown any improvement so far. So, please consider it as a final official warning from the management.

Office is a place where your presence matters. Every employee (including you) in your team has work targets. Unexpected absence of any team member hampers the productivity and put pressure on others which is unfair and unacceptable.

Irregular attendance also affects the team morale and company discipline. In our one-on-one discussion, you were unable to justify your frequently observed uninformed absence from office. In your case, the management has considered your attitude as unethical and irresponsible.

We are putting you on a warning period of 1 month and your timesheet will be observed closely. If you’re further observed violating leave policy, the company reserves the right to terminate your employment without prior notice.

I hope you’ll take it seriously and will make efforts to receive no more complaints.



Final Thought…

  • If your employee responds well and show improvement, don’t forget to follow up with positive feedback and words of encouragement.
  • If the employee does not respond well, it is time to take an action and go a step ahead.

Before you send a written HR warning letter, make sure you counsel the employee on his conduct because everyone deserves a second chance.

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