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Workplace Communication

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Well, we humans have been labeled with the tag of being social animals for a reason. And the biggest execution of that tag can be clearly seen at an organizational level. Believe it or not, the success or failure in communication at a workplace determines the future of an organization.

Undeniably, success is the ultimate goal for all organisations. However, achieving success can be hard if the organization faces certain barriers. In fact, poor communication is often found to be at the core of organizational issues.

Understanding workplace communication isn’t all that easy either. It can be either positive or negative. If the right communication techniques are implemented, it can work wonders for any organization.

Good communication skills have to be present at an individual level too. This is why these days, they have become the basic requirement to get employment in every organization!

What is workplace communication?

In a nutshell, workplace communication is an exchange of information between individuals or groups in an organization. It doesn’t necessarily need to be verbal. There can be nonverbal communication in the form of voicemails, emails or texts, etc.

An organization comprises of employees who are all different from one another. In fact, an effective workplace communication is what brings all the employees together helping them achieve their goals. Thus, benefiting the organization all-together.

For a smooth operating organization, workplace communication is unavoidable. Identifying the barriers in the workplace communication is quite crucial as only the problems known can be solved!

Even though it’s the duty of the HR department of the organization to resolve the issues, the process of achieving an effective communication works on a very personal level.

In an organization, workplace communication is as important as breathing.

Don’t believe us yet?

See for yourself!


1. Increased productivity

With an effective workplace communication goals become clearer and employees can understand their tasks better. Proper guidance and abundant information can be given by effectively communicating with the employees.

Providing feedback also becomes easier. In fact, employee morale can get a great boost from regular feedbacks. This developed relationship through communication makes the employees feel respected and helps them to understand their responsibilities better. Thus, reducing a lot of stress. This increases the scope for improvement in their overall performance.

If the employees know what the organization expects from them, they are more likely to perform better. This way the entire organization will turn productive!

2. Increase the trust of the employees towards the company

A two-way communication that is honest can help build a sacred trust and ensure transparency between the organization and the employee.

With effective workplace communication, the perspective of the employees can be understood by listening to them. Employees need to know if they can rely on the organization during sour times. Also, good communication makes the top levels of the organization more accessible and trust worthy to approach for such purposes.

Maintaining the hard-earned trust is important too. Here, the organization needs to show trust towards the employees to seal the trusting bond.

3. Increase employee engagement

Employee engagement is the bridge between the organizational needs and the employees efforts towards achieving those.

An effective communication can help them connect emotionally with the workplace. This will make them truly contribute to the organization.

An environment that is thriving is much needed for the employees to grow. Also, when colleagues feel relatable and supportive with one another, the overall work improves.

Workplace communication creates a great working environment for the employees. Thus, increasing their engagement with the tasks and duties expected to be performed by them.

4. Ensure a Stress-Free working environment

There are various factors that cause a stressful working environment. However, through effective communication, all such factors can be defeated easily.

Stress causing factors can be anything from lack of appreciation to lack of job security. Too much of workload is another factor causing stress in employees. If the workplace communication is intact, the working environment becomes positive and fruitful, instead of being toxic.


5. Increase job satisfaction

Workplace communication often results in positive reinforcement of the employees. In fact, it ensures that their personal growth is taken into consideration.

Job satisfaction would mean that the employees are happy and content with their jobs overall. Through communication, employees can be asked about their levels of satisfaction with the organization.

If the employees aren’t satisfied, they are more likely to leave the organization. Thus, necessary changes can be made to avoid that through workplace communication.

Job satisfaction often requires appreciation, as it has the power to elevate communication. This is why, it’s a very important part of communication.

6. Give birth to new ideas and innovations

Employees need to express their viewpoints and constructive suggestions to the organization without the fear of being fired. Because that’s too big of a risk to take & workplace communication gives them the freedom to do that. In case the company is facing a downfall to retain their customers, with effective communication employees can come with new ideas to retain their lost customers.

If the communication is fearless, employees will get mental satisfaction and will make them deliver to their potential. The employees can let their creativity wander through the sky and let go. Thus, helping them come up with solutions and strategies that is going to benefit the organization in the end.

A workplace that is creativity-friendly is always appreciated!

7. Help build a great team

Having trust and cooperation among the employees is essential for an organization to perform at its optimal level.

In an organization, there are certain projects where working with other team members is mandatory. Thus, all the team members have to get along with each other for maximum efficiency.

When there is a positive workplace communication constructive criticism can be shared. Employees can brainstorm new ideas and execute them together as well.

Such communication can be in the form of HR meetings, evaluation of employee’s performance, addressing the issues of the employees, etc.

Assumptions only create confusion. Thus, it’s important to make the team members comfortable around each other. It’s a great way to keep the workplace environment peaceful and harmonious.

8. Meet organizational objectives

Setting goals and objectives is a step that can go in vain if the organization lacks effective communication.

This is because the survival of the organization completely depends on the fulfillment of the goals and objectives. Goal setting might seem to be the task. However, this can only be achieved when the employees truly understand what needs to be done and the ideal way to do it. Clear communication ensures the smooth application of this agenda.

9. Keep organizational conflicts at Bay

The cause of the conflict can only be understood through communication. It needs to be effective though.

Workplace communication will help understand the emotions of the employees and why the dispute took place. Through communication, individual differences can be recognized and respected. The point of view of everyone involved in the conflict can be taken into consideration while resolving the issues.

The best part about having an open communication in an organization is that the Issues can be discussed immediately and resolved right there and then.

10. Ensure company’s commitment towards the employees

A two-way communication between the organization and the employees that is honest is pivotal for its success.

An organization is absolutely nothing without its employees. Gaining trust of the employees is important. Thus, an organization should ensure that all the issues of the employees are well taken care of.

If the employees know that the organization cares for them, it will make them more loyal and involved with their work.

Such trust can only be achieved through open communication!

Many factors such as clear goals, effective strategies, etc. also go into making an organization successful. However, all those factors are unaccounted for if they aren’t executed properly. Workplace communication acts as a foundation in making such factors work.

The organization cannot function properly without an effective communication at the workplace. An effective workplace communication ensures that all the levels of the organization function properly and fulfill their tasks to achieve the ultimate goal of organizations success.

Achieving all this isn’t very easy. If successfully implemented, workplace communication can work wonders for any organization leading the company to reach its goals.

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