Basic Edition - Transition from spreadsheet to Database

    • This edition helps you to graduate from a Personnel File/ Spreadsheet to an easy-to-use web-based HR platform


    • A non – HR person can manage this product without any formal training; therefore, small organizations can use it without HR support.


    • It meets the basic needs of an organization to have an automated employee database & payroll.

Starter's Edition - Engage your employees

    • This edition empowers all employees in the organization with on-line access to HR policies, processes & their personal data


    • It provides online leave, attendance, travel, expense and many other workflow based processes to employees and their managers.


    • It enables building of trust between the employee & the employer by providing an open & responsive HR environment.

Profesional Edition - Cut down the HR workload

    • This edition helps in streamlining HR operations across the organization.


    • It empowers Line managers to excel in a people management role.


    • It helps in improving efficiency of the HR department, productivity of employees and also increases employee engagement.

Basic Edition - Transition from spreadsheet to Database

    • The enterprise edition automates all functions of an HR department


    • It provides a fully integrated platform to support the multi – variant HR decision process at different managerial levels in the organization


    • It enables effective management of talent, besides other strategic HR issues

Performance Edition - Build top performers

    • This edition helps in driving performance across the organization.


    • It helps in aligning employees to the organizational objectives.


    • It enables the development of an accountable workforce.

Recruitment Edition - Find and engage with top candidates

    • This edition helps in streamlining of your hiring & on-boarding processes


    • It enables tracking of applicants for all job positions


    • It helps you manage multiple channels meeting your manpower requirements