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We believe in empowering you with technology so that you, a business manager, can free up your time, realize the full potential of your people and focus on larger strategic initiatives. We manage your people records and offer you analytics to help you make decisions that impact your business. You can manage employee details, attendance, travel & expense, rewards & recognition through a single integrated system that can be configured exactly to your needs.

Starter Edition

You’ll love EmpXtrack when you

  • Hi-5 your team as they take quick decisions backed by data that is available to them easily, and they use timely reports to keep everyone informed
  • See your team less frustrated as they can manage changes in their records on their own and don’t bother you with change requests
  • Accurately control who sees what and still allow people to store, update and manage their records anytime, anywhere

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Following modules are available in Starter Edition

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Following additional features are included in the Starter Edition

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[toggle title=”What does Starter Edition contain?”]In addition to the modules of Basic Edition, Starter Edition allows employees to login. It provides employees self services options.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What is the benefit of Starter Edition?”]Starter Edition helps build transparency in your organization by allowing employees to view and update their data, access company policies and obtain online approvals. Also, Starter Edition helps eliminate paper based processes. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”Is my data secure?”]Yes – we have extensive security policies that guarantee data security in the cloud. EmpXtrack has multiple security levels built into the product and these include the following:

  • Secure access (HTTPS 256 bit encryption)
  • Encrypted database
  • Multiple rules on password setup that are configurable by the end user
  • Role based access points that allow/disallow user access based on the role (Manager, Reviewer, Head of Department, CEO, HR Manager). This can also be fine tuned fairly granularly.

[toggle title=”Does EmpXtrack provide support in customization of the application?”]Yes, we can provide support during customization and implementation at a small hourly cost.


This is an automated employee database solution that helps your HR team manage employee data using powerful and fully integrated reporting tools. Our solution offers you a clear insight into organizational resources, minimizing the time spent on day-to-day administration.

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Custom Report Builder

Our custom reports functions as your personal dashboard and lets you pick the dimensions and metrics to determine how data should be displayed. You can save time and effort by creating reports which give you and your stakeholders exactly what you want to see and grouping all relevant information in a single place.


Our payroll solution handles all aspects of payroll processing for businesses. It considers factors like leaves, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, etc. You can process your payroll in-house and generate reports regarding salary payouts, deductions, reimbursements, loans, advances and statutory payments, among other records.

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Attendance and Shift Management

Our attendance solution automates the maintenance of leave data including options to view and compute casual, sick, medical and earned leaves. Our Shift Management feature can automate, assign, or self-schedule shifts allowing greater efficiency for both administration and employees.

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Employee Portal

Our Employee Portal eliminates the tedious process of filling out and storing paper forms or re-keying data into a computer. Instead, employees can visit their company’s portal and gain secure access to update HR-related data, enrol for new benefits or update time and attendance records.

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Organization Chart

We help you visualize, optimize and strategize your workflows by mapping the decision making process. Our organization chart is live, ongoing, and collaborative so it remains updated and everyone knows what work the other person is doing.

Leave / PTO

The time consuming task of keeping track of attendance data and answering leave queries is handled by the system, leaving your HR administration free to focus on other core tasks.

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Personal Data Update

You can eliminate inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming paper-based processes for managing employee requests by empowering them to do it themselves. You can enable employees to view and update their personal details including digital photographs, dependent information, contact address, training details, certifications and experience profile.

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HR Query Desk

We help you set up an HR desk to process employee questions regarding their remuneration, benefits or other details in an efficient and timely manner. You can improve the response rate and accuracy of information provided to employees, therefore reducing confusion and improving overall satisfaction.

Exit Management and Full & Final

We provide a centralized platform for archiving all employee exit-related information, including reasons for exit, employment dates and benefit plans. This solution ensures full and final settlement during exit management with reduced administrative efforts, streamlined communications and lower costs.

Payroll Upload & Salary Slip View

Our solution offers you the option to upload payroll that may have been processed in any other software, such that employees can view their salary slip online. This allows your employees to have a single portal access for all their HR data.

Investment Declarations & Claims

This tool streamlines and automates the entire expense claim process and facilitates easy reviews, approvals, processing and audit of expense claims. Our solution paves the way for more productive use of managers’ time by ensuring accurate, in-policy expense claims.

Travel & Expense

This tool helps you develop a customized workflow when a travel request needs to be approved by or notified to multiple stakeholders. The application aids in correctly processing and categorizing all aspects of employee travel to ensure expenses are properly calculated and all approvals are taken.

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My Buddy

This tool encourages and fosters employee interaction by sharing events like birthdays, promotions, marriages etc with the rest of the workforce. It allows you to see who is doing what both on personal and professional terms.


We offer a timesheet application that accurately tracks the projects an employee is working on, and the specific activities they are undertaking. It provides managers or supervisors an overall view of employee utilization and time devoted to a particular assignment. The tool helps managers balance work between employees and projects and also compare productivity across employees.

Manager Services

Managers frequently need to work with several teams and juggle multiple employees. Manager Services solution offers your managers a workflow to better track and handle subordinates by recording career profiles, promotions, performance and other details at regular intervals.

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Applicant Tracking

This tool puts you firmly in the driver’s seat by monitoring hiring programs and matching suitable talent to crucial requirements. It automates and tracks a wide range of information right from open vacancies to individual applicants’ qualifications, education, etc.

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360 Feedback

This feature allows employees to solicit feedback from their subordinates, peers and seniors to know how they are perceived in the workplace and offers you a complete, 360-degree appraisal of your employees to identify potential areas of improvement and prepare a self-development plan.

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Training Management

Identifying training needs and developing skills of your employees is critical to ensure empowerment and moving to the next level. Our solution enables you to create a skill sheet for each employee and then determine an appropriate training schedule.

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You can enhance the hiring process with an engaging and convenient on-boarding experience with e-form submissions that are automatically routed to HR for joining and orientation purposes. Our solution also comes equipped with powerful reporting features that help HR managers keep track of employees during their initial training period.


Resume Parsing

Often your HR recruiters are inundated with resumes, usually in Word or PDF formats, that are then pasted directly into recruitment software. Our resume parsing feature lets you mine and structure complex data from resumes in different formats into a searchable and indexed database.

Loans and Advances Approvals

This tool helps you correctly estimate payroll by timely and accurate processing of loans and advances to employees. The tool helps you manage and track the different loans offered to employees automatically, and handles interest and calculations.

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Career Planning

Your employees can define and setup a comprehensive career plan based on performance, feedback, leadership competency ratings, talent assessments and other factors using our software. This kind of mapping provides employees a bigger context for development activities, and helps drive organizational alignment.

Organization Alignment

Use our alignment software so that strategy, employees, customers, and key processes work in concert to propel key objectives. We ensure that every employee – from executives to junior associates – understands how his/her work contributes to the strategy and goals of the business.

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Satisfaction Surveys

With its intuitive and easy-to-use features, we offer the perfect online survey tool to conduct internal surveys and get real insights into your employees’ attitudes and opinions. You will be able to effectively manage your employees’ expectations and build better relationships, which will in turn positively influence organizational performance.

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Recruiter/Job Portal

This portal enables potential employees or candidates to submit applications directly to you. A suitable candidate found on the job portal is contacted by HR and taken ahead through the recruitment process reducing time spent on the hiring and streamlining the process.

Compensation Planning

Our solution streamlines and automates the entire compensation and performance process to help you retain and encourage your top performers. Ensure that top performers and potential talent are rewarded suitably by rewarding performance and motivating better overall organizational execution.

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Manpower Planning

Our module will help you reduce the gap between current and projected talent needs and help you take the necessary action to close the gap effectively. By putting the right people to the right job on time, manpower planning can significantly mitigate the fallouts of inadequate resources on business.

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Job Assignment & Budgeting

This feature allows you complete, real-time visibility into your resources for better allocation of jobs, management of expectations and delivery of projects on time and within budgets.

Succession Planning

With this module, you can easily identify key positions in your organization and map them to employees with the requisite competencies, qualifications and experience profiles. From identifying key positions and their requirements to mining the talent pool, when it comes to succession planning, we offer you the ability to collaborate in a single, online workspace.

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Variable Incentives Management

We incorporate variable pay programs by allowing you to calculate compensation based on employee performance or the performance of a team. This is increasingly prevalent in today’s business scenario and the methodology used by your company can be incorporated into the module.

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Multiple Organization Charts

In large organizations, there will be different workflows for different processes due to bigger departments and teams. Our solution can set up multiple organization charts to track various processes.

Benefits Administration & Enrollment

This tool provides your employees with an overall view of benefit options, seamless access to transactions and a simplified user experience. We enhance employees’ use and appreciation of your benefit programs, leading to increased attraction and retention.

HR Compliance Solutions

Our intuitive and detailed reports ensure that you keep comprehensive records of worker safety, number of expatriates, and other factors required by different governments. This feature allows you to provide complete employee records accurately and within time thus complying with government norms.


With our comprehensive solution you can empower your employees, managers, HR Managers, heads of departments and CEO to conduct effective and transparent appraisals in quick time. Additionally, with convenient pre-configured templates and in-built reporting and analytics tools, you can identify top performers, employee engagement levels, as well as performance bottlenecks with ease.

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Using our intuitive dashboard, your managers can easily monitor the performance of their team through performance reports, goal sheets and regular interaction between employees and managers. You can reduce tedious paper based processing times by more than 75% by using our software.

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Integration API

The system provides sophisticated API operations that allow the integration of EmpXtrack with your legacy or ERP systems as also spreadsheet options.

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