Launch of Global HR Software

Empxtrack 7 Built to Improve User Experience


Employee experience is the new requirement from HR Systems and this is the focus area of the new release of empxtrack. Besides a host of exciting new features, empxtrack 7 offers a unique experience to employees that helps in higher engagement, satisfaction and quicker decision making.

Significant design thinking has gone behind the creation of the new product with ease-of-use and experience being the primary drivers. Empxtrack version 7 is completely compatible with all devices and no apps need to be installed for access on mobiles or handhelds. The entire product can be accessed in 4-clicks with zero learning time.

Here is a list of new features along with the existing ones.

User Friendly Portal

  • Engaging and user-friendly home page design
  • Design your own home page to meet your company needs
  • Add pre-existing widgets for your own look and feel
  • Update as often as you like
  • Link to external images, content, downloads, quick links and other repositories
  • Coding support available on page

One click access to all functionality

  •  Four menus to handle entire product functionality –
    • » Goal Setting (Engage)
    • » Performance Management (Measure)
    • » Self & Manager Services (Process) 
    • » Employee Development, Training & Hiring (Excel)
  • Quick links to provide access to often used functionality – such as
    • » Time cards
    • » Attendance
    • » Notifications
    • » Chats
    • » Polls
    • » 360 Pulse and many more features
  • Capability to select assigned roles and view employees associated with the role in 1-click


Cascade company goals, track goal achievements, mentor and guide employees


  • Common area for employees to chat with each other and exchange notes and ideas
  • Real time updates
  • Any employee can chat with anyone else in the company
  • System notifications are sent on each chat message
  • Helps increase collaboration and eases communication
  • Functionality available on the quick links ribbon for quick access
  • Quickly capture project time and hours
  • Functionality available on the quick link ribbon for quick access and entry
  • Data automatically goes to todays time cards
  • Projects and activities can be assigned to users based on their work allocation
  • Employees can share feedback on any other employee at any time
  • Functionality available on the quick links ribbon
  • The feedback would show up in the employees profile and can be removed by the HR Manager if required
  • Managers can view the feedback for their employees and use it for rewards and recognitions
  • Increases employee engagement and assists in team work and collaboration amongst employees

Leave dashboard

One click dashboards available in the Process section that map to various self services processes such as Leave, Attendance, Travel, Expenses, Employee Costs
Available to employees to view their own data and trends and for managers to view details for their teams
Availability of monthly graphs
Quick view of all pending transactions

360 Reports

  • Very user-friendly report. New design for easy interpretation of 360 results
  • Completely configurable. You can configure each section as per your needs
  • You can control who can view what section and at what stage
  • Available to employees and HR, managers for development planning

Tasks and Events

  • Setup team events and tasks
  • Automatic integration of leave, training, travel, recruitment interviews with the event calendar
  • Any employee can view events for other employees
  • Integration with external calendars such as google calendar and outlook
  • You can invite outside people also to events

Social Feeds

  • View key events in your peer groups
  • Know more about the events happening
  • Link with other employees and build interactions and higher engagement

Skill inventory

  • View the skills for your team members
  • Identify skill gaps and setup trainings to develop your employees
  • Enable endorsements through social features to identify hidden skills

Build job descriptions and
identify gaps

  • Setup job descriptions with all details
  • Compare employees capabilities to their job descriptions and help identify gaps

View career progressions of
your team

  • Quickly view the career progressions of your employees
  • View the career profile
  • Take one-click actions for career growth, promotions, succession pipelines and increments