Global HR Software

Employee experience is the new requirement from HR Systems and this is the focus area of the new release of Empxtrack Global HR Software. Besides a host of exciting new features, Empxtrack offers a unique experience to employees that helps in higher engagement, satisfaction and quicker decision making.

Significant design thinking has gone behind the creation of the product with ease-of-use and experience being the primary drivers. Empxtrack is completely compatible with all devices and it enables two-factor authentication for providing an additional layer of security to users. No apps need to be installed for access on mobiles or handhelds. The entire product can be accessed in 4-clicks with zero learning time. So, try out our Global HR software and experience the multiple features it offers.

Here is a list of new features of Empxtrack global HR software, along with the existing ones

User Friendly Portal

Engaging and user-friendly home page design

Design your own home page to meet your company needs

Add pre-existing widgets for your own look and feel

User friendly portal

Update as often as you like

Link to external images, content, downloads, quick links and other repositories

Coding support available on page

Easy to Navigate on Mobile and Other Devices

User Friendly Portal

  • Simplified page view
  • View the required information without visiting multiple pages
  • Faster navigation throughout the product
  • Availability of icon based and plain text menu
  • View employees and their profiles in just 1-click

One Click Access to all Functionality

One Click Access to all Functionality


Filters Available on Each Page

Cascade Company Goals, Track Goal Achievements,
Mentor and Guide Employees

Set and Track Employee Goals


  • Functionality available on the quick links ribbon
  • Chat with a colleague to exchange notes and ideas, and stay connected with each other
  • System notifications sent on each chat message. This increases collaboration and eases communication among employees
Communicate with Employees

  • Enter a poll to identify employees’ perception on things that matter, such as workplace practices, employee satisfaction and more
  • Allow employees to share feedback on any other employee
  • Share suggestions on various aspects such as employee issues, ideas, product and much more


  • Quickly capture project time and hours
  • Functionality available on the quick link ribbon for quick access and entry
  • Data automatically goes to the current date’s timecard
  • Projects and activities can be assigned to users based on their work allocation
Timecards and 360 Pulse Feedback

360 Pulse Feedback

  • Employees can share feedback on any other employee at any time
  • Functionality available on the quick links ribbon
  • The feedback would show up in the employees profile and can be removed by the HR Manager if required
  • Managers can view the feedback for their employees and use it for rewards and recognitions
  • Increases employee engagement and assists in teamwork and collaboration amongst employees

Leave Dashboard

Leave Dashboard
  • One click dashboards available in the Employee Data Management section that map to various self services processes such as Leave, Attendance, Travel, Expenses, Employee Costs
  • Available to employees to view their own data and trends, and for managers to view details for their teams
  • Availability of monthly graphs
  • Quick view of all pending transactions
  • Option available to acquire and utilize compensatory off
  • View and approve employee requests for work from home

Risk Management

Mark Employees At Risk

  • Mark employees as “At risk” with a mitigation and retention plan
  • Identify employees who may exit and prevent them from leaving the organization
  • HR managers can run reports to identify employees at high risk


Employee Mentoring

  • Employees can request for a mentor of their choice and get it approved from HR
  • HR can also suggest a mentor for any employee
  • Mentors can implement development programs for the top performers to retain them

Reports and Dashboards

  • Multiple user-friendly and intuitive reports and dashboards
  • New design for easy analysis of employee data
  • Completely configurable and customizable reports. Configure each section as per your needs
  • Controlled visibility of data for all stakeholders at different stages
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards linked to Performance, Employee data management, Development and Recruitment
  • Options available to schedule or save the reports for future reference
User Friendly and Intuitive Reports and Dashboards

Trend Analysis

Trend analysis graphs

View data insights for the past 13 months in multiple areas: 

  • Product usage (logins, document storage, workflows)
  • Employee data (employee count, leave, attendance, timesheet)
  • Employee costs (salary and expense payments)
  • Performance (performance evaluations, 360 feedbacks, goalsheet achievements)
  • Employee engagement (social interactions, manager notes)
  • Recruitment (open jobs, candidate database, interviews, offers)

Time Based Activities

Mark Daily Attendance, Apply for Leave, Fill Timesheet, Setup and View Events & Tasks
  • Mark daily attendance. View attendance dashboard to regularize attendance, view effective days worked, holiday calendar and more
  • Apply for leave in a single click. Check leave balance for a specific leave type while applying for leave
  • Setup events and tasks. Invite outside people to events (such as online meetings) and view calendar of other employees to know their availability
  • Integrate calendar with external calendars such as google calendar and outlook.
  • Quick and easy integration with leave, training, travel, interviews with the event calendar

Social Feeds

Social Feeds

  • View key events in your peer groups
  • Know more about the events happening in your company
  • Add a feed about yourself or someone else in the organization
  • Link with other employees and build interactions and higher engagement

Skill Inventory

Skill Inventory - Identify Skill Gaps Through Skill Sheets
  • View the skills for your team members
  • Assign skills to any employee and maintain a skill bank
  • Identify skill gaps and setup training to develop your employees
  • Enable endorsements through social features to identify hidden skills

Build Job Descriptions and
Identify Gaps

Setup Job Descriptions and Identify Gaps
  • Setup job descriptions with all details
  • Compare employees capabilities to their job descriptions and help identify gaps

View Career Progressions of
your Team

View Career Progressions of Employees
  • Quickly view the career progressions of your employees
  • View the career profile
  • Take one-click actions for career growth, promotions, succession pipelines and salary increments

Payroll Dashboard

  • View the number of salaries processed and disbursed for any given month
  • Get a quick view on last processed payroll and total salary paid to employees
  • View calculation logic for the salary processed
  • Generate various statutory reports and payroll reports in just a few clicks
  • Access all the payroll related information on a single page
  • Adjust payroll data and all view salary details at a single place
Payroll dashboard - Access All Payroll Related Information