Human Capital Management Software (HCM)

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Manage the entire workforce with ease. Automate processes and increase efficiency of your workforce with Human Capital Management Software (HCM).

Human Capital Management Software

Boost employee experience and employee engagement with
Empxtrack HCM (Human Capital Management Software)

Adopt the Best Human Capital Management Software (HCM) and Manage your Workforce Systematically Anytime Anywhere

Human Capital Mangement

Empxtrack human capital management software is an easy-to-use configurable solution. It enhances user experience and offers multiple customization options to map your company’s needs.

With our Human Capital Management solution, reduce compliance risks and analyze employee data in real-time. Make informed decisions with comprehensive reports, dashboards and analytics. Implement the best HR practices to improve employee experience with an easy to use and intuitive cloud-based human capital management software (HCM).

Speed up employee-related processes including paid time-off, attendance, travel and expense, payroll, and more with cloud-based HCM solution. Retain top talent by recognizing, motivating and engaging the workforce.

Empxtrack is one of the best human capital management software that efficiently manages your entire workforce. It increases employee productivity and business efficiency.

Our HR team and management wanted to streamline several processes including leave, attendance, performance management, payroll, travel and expense, and exit. Empxtrack team provided us a user-friendly, customized platform to map all our requirements within a short time span. We’re impressed with the numerous customization options, maximum configurability and the overall value that the product has offered. We appreciate the exemplary support and exceptional services of Empxtrack team.

Akansha Srivastava, HR Manager, CellPoint Mobile

10 Modules of Empxtrack Human Capital Management Software (HCM)

Empxtrack HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

Human Resource Information System

All-in-One Solution That Centralizes Employee Data and Speeds up HR Processes

  • Empower your workforce with a highly configurable, intuitive HRIS solution that has zero learning curve.
  • Store employee data on a single, easily accessible, online location with full data security with Empxtrack HRIS.
  • Provide a user-friendly portal to on-site and remote employees. Let them view and update their personal information. Empower and engage employees by making them accountable for managing their data.
  • Manage access and visibility rights to ensure confidentiality at a granular level with the right human capital management solution.
  • Ensure compliance with readily available company policy documents and links on the cloud.
  • Cut down employee queries with our HR management system. Provide round-the-clock access to employee data to your workforce. This saves time and effort in managing employee information and allows HR to be part of strategic initiatives.
  • Integrate Empxtrack HRIS with payroll, leave, attendance, travel and expense and other HR management tools.
  • Get comprehensive dashboards and reports to analyze employee data. Make informed decisions with our human capital management software application.
  • Enroll today and create records for up to 25 employees at absolutely no cost. No hidden charges! No Risk!
Human Resource Information System
We would strongly recommend Empxtrack Software. All Personnel and HR processes can be easily mapped in this ready to use system. Also we would recommend their team and their intent to support the users.

Ankur Dhanuka, Head – IT and Personnel, Dhanuka Agritech Limited

Empxtrack Payroll Software

Payroll Software

Process Payroll in 3 Easy Steps and Remain Compliant with Latest tax Legislation and Laws

  • Empxtrack’s cloud-based payroll software offers multiple salary structures, payslips, reports, investment declaration settings and more. Get multiple configuration options to map company requirements.
  • Manage all aspects of payroll processing and avoid payroll errors. With our human capital management software, you can save time in complex payroll calculations with minimal human intervention.
  • Maintain full compliance with the latest payroll laws and regulations. Empxtrack payroll tool supports various deductions including ESI, PF, income tax and meet labour welfare rules.
  • Get visibility in total company spend on employee salaries through multiple reports. Generate pre and post payroll reports at multiple stages of payroll processing. Our online payroll processing software files various statutory reports required for payroll reporting in India.
  • Use our HCM solution that has a low learning curve with simplified payroll workflows. Get 100% accuracy in payroll processing without additional training on our software.
  • Integrate with leave, attendance, HRIS, travel and expense and other HR management tools. Excellent integration capabilities make it a complete human capital management software.
  • Enroll today and calculate payroll for upto 75 employees at absolutely no cost. No hidden charges! No risk!
Thank you for the support that your team has provided me. They were crisp, clear and in-depth with information. I understood everything that I needed to know, all along being relaxed and friendly. Just the right comfort level when dealing with a prospective client. They were able to respond to every query or doubt that I had.

Sasha Peterson, Assistant Manager Human Resources (Service Delivery & Payroll), Xpress Money Services Ltd

Empxtrack Leave Management Software

Leave Management

Simplify Leave Management and Identify Leave Trends for Informed Decisions

  • Automate paid time off and leave approval workflow to bring transparency in the leave management process. Our software enables managers and HR to get full visibility on employee leave data.
  • Simplify leave application process with our cloud-based leave management software. Identify availability of your team members on a specific day, before approving or rejecting a leave request.
  • Ensure full compliance with your company’s leave policy. Our HR management system prohibits the manager or employee from evading the leave policy guidelines.
  • Identify employee leave patterns and trends with the best human capital management software. Take corrective measures and prevent excessive absenteeism.
  • Access historical leave data, comprehensive reports, dashboards and analytics with cloud-based human capital management software application.
  • Configure multiple leave types, multiple-location holiday calendar and leave rules as per your company requirements.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other HR tools, such as attendance, travel and expense, HRIS, payroll and more. Simplify integration and save time to manually synchronize redundant records with our HCM platform.
  • Enroll today and manage leave data for up to 25 employees at absolutely no cost. No hidden charges! No risk!
Leave Management
With Empxtrack, our leave and attendance management processes have been streamlined smoothly. Our employees now have better visibility of their data. They can easily raise a leave request, mark & regularize attendance, check leave balances, and view leave transactions on their own, thus improving employee satisfaction to a great extent. We would like to appreciate the support and help that Empxtrack team has extended throughout different processes.

Rujuta Dnyansagar, Manager HR, M3bi India Pvt. Ltd.

Empxtrack Time and Attendance Software

Time and Attendance Software

Round-the-clock Time, Attendance and Shift Management

  • Simplify employee time tracking and attendance management. Automate employee scheduling to effortlessly manage complex employee shifts.
  • Ensure compliance with time and attendance policies of the organization. Make sure no policy and regulatory mandates related to work hours and overtime are violated.
  • Allow employees to mark attendance in one click with our online attendance software. Manage monthly attendance calendar with one of the best human capital tools.
  • Integrate seamlessly with biometric punch machines and payroll software to increase accuracy in employee salaries. Our all-in-one HCM platform offers the geo-tracking feature to track employee location on the work site.
  • Get insights on attendance patterns, frequent absences and late comers with the best human capital management software application. Access reports and analytics for informed decision making.
  • Increase transparency and accountability among employees to regularly mark and regularize their attendance.
  • Reduce absenteeism, employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction. Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and increase productivity.
  • Enroll today and manage time and attendance for up to 25 employees at absolutely no cost. No hidden charges! No risk!
It has been a great experience working with Empxtrack team. The attendance management process has been streamlined as per our requirements. It helped us in cultural transformation and improving discipline within the organization. We appreciate your services and quick problem-solving attitude.

Shaquib Wasif, Assistant Manager HR, TRC Corporate Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Empxtrack Travel and Expense

Travel and Expense

Simplify Travel Approvals And Speed up Expense Reimbursement

  • Automate the process of travel plan, advances and settlement of expense reimbursements. Ensure business expenses and claims are settled on time.
  • Manage e-receipts and bills online with our HCM solution. Do away with paper bills and accelerate claim processing with cloud-based travel and expense management software.
  • Ensure policy compliant travel approvals and expense claims. Empxtrack auto-checks all expenses as per the policy and raises alerts if any expense request violates the policy.
  • Access reports and dashboards to view consolidated travel and expense data. View total travel spending for a specific period, travel expenses for each department, travel frequency of employees and more.
  • Our travel and expense software helps employees to estimate business travel expenses prior, post or during the travel.
  • Integrate seamlessly with payroll, HRIS, leave, attendance and other HR tools. Our human capital management software supports credit card integration as well.
Travel and Expense
A special thanks to the Customer support team. The presentation was well explained and detailed. We also thank the complete back-end team which worked continuously and made the database available.

Amruta Desai, Director,Kishor Encare Global Pvt. Ltd

Empxtrack Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Services

A Complete Self Service Portal for your Employees and HR

  • Provide an online centralized platform to your employees. Let them connect, communicate and access their data anytime, anywhere. Online self service portal engages and empowers workforce and simplifies HR transactions.
  • Access various product features such as employee database, leave, attendance, travel, company directory, email templates, ticket management, policy documents, polls, chatbox, social feeds, calendar, reports and more.
  • Cut down employee queries and ensure transparency of information. Allow employees to easily update and manage their data with the best HR management system.
  • Improve HR efficiency by saving time spent on administrative tasks. Allow HR to spend more time on strategic planning and core activities.
  • Remain compliant with various local and state laws. Ensure employees abide by all rules related to leave application, absenteeism, travel reimbursement, workplace behaviour and more.
  • Get real-time insights into employee data for informed decision making. Our human capital management software application guarantees data security and role based access only.
  • Integrate seamlessly with leave, attendance, payroll and other HR tools and avoid redundancy in data.
  • Enroll today and create records for up to 25 employees at absolutely no cost. No hidden charges! No risk!
We are absolutely thrilled with the changes that have been made to the Employee Self-Service Module. Everything seems to be functioning very well.

Bulelwa Noma, Business & Organizational Development, Trustlink

Empxtrack Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management

Ensure Timely Project Deliveries, Accurate Client Billing and Increased Employee Productivity

  • Get full visibility on project status with our cloud-based timesheet management software. Let employees capture time spent on a specific project and activity.
  • Generate accurate client invoices and process payroll. Record total billable work hours spent on project-related tasks.
  • Forecast resource requirements and simplify project allocation based on availability of team members.
  • Monitor project budgets based on timesheet information. Enable your managers to plan resources efficiently.
  • Reduce workload from overworked employees and maintain work life balance. Increase employee engagement and productivity.
  • Automate timesheet approvals to calculate billable and non-billable work hours with our online timesheet software.
  • Get intuitive dashboards to view consolidated timesheet entries, as per employees, projects and activities.
  • Integrate seamlessly with multiple HR tools, such as payroll, leave, attendance, and more.
Timesheet Management
I would like to thank you all for the support that Empxtrack team extended to us all through. The new version is very helpful and user friendly.

Manameet Mathur, Manager Human Resources, SMARTANALYST

Empxtrack Employee Exit Management

Automate Employee Exit to Offer Smooth Offboarding Experience to Leavers

  • Speed up exit and clearance formalities with our exit management software. Automate each stage of the exit process, from capturing resignations online to full and final settlement.
  • Prepare department wise exit checklist to carry out the offboarding process in a systematic manner.
  • Use ready-to-use templates for letter generation and send system generated reminders to employees and clearance managers.
  • Identify employee exit patterns and make informed decisions. Our human capital management software offers comprehensive dashboards and analytics.
  • Increase visibility on exit reasons, average duration, department wise exit and other details. Our cloud-based employee exit management software analyzes exit survey results to create retention strategies.
  • Integrate with payroll software for auto transfer of data to payroll. This is required for full and final settlement calculation.
  • Enroll today and conduct exit and clearance for upto 2 employees at absolutely no cost. No hidden charges! No risk!
Empxtrack is a well designed product & it allows HR / Payroll team to take care of specific cases. It is well integrated with HRIS & Exit Module and gives detailed, formatted Full and Final Settlement at a click of a button.

Sunil Kshatri, HR Consultant, Moolya Software Testing Pvt. Ltd.

Empxtrack Workflow Software

Manage Workflow

Build Custom Workflows to Map your Existing Company Processes

  • Automate and speed up HR processes with our user-friendly, intuitive and accessible workflow software.
  • Use predefined workflows to manage various HR processes.Get customized workflows to meet the exact requirements of your company.
  • Configure and automate all approval workflows and transactions. Simplify approval workflow and save time and effort. Manage complex workflows easily with Empxtrack human capital management software
  • Offer case management to manage employee requests, complaints, issues and more.
  • View dashboards and run analytics to predict trends. View sudden changes in employee activities with our workflow management software.
  • Get full flexibility to apply different rules for different employee groups. Our human capital management software solution allows you to create multiple groups with specific rules and workflows.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with timely approval of employee requests.
Manage Workflow
Empxtrack is truly a customer oriented system that was able to work within our time and budget. Empxtrack took into consideration the way the organization was structured and what our priorities were. Empxtrack is flexible and was able to meet our needs. Workflow was customized to accommodate different reviewer levels and the capability to upload documents and serve as a message board was advantageous.

Carleena Graham, Director HR, African Wildlife Foundation

Empxtrack Manager Services

Empxtrack Manager Services

Empower your Managers with the Right Tools and Data Insights for Informed Decision Making

  • Enable your managers to run people management processes efficiently with our Manager Services tool. Make your managers accountable for managing their team’s data and processes in a transparent way.
  • Provide comprehensive reports and dashboards to help managers make informed decisions. Give them real-time data insights with Empxtrack human capital management software.
  • Encourage managers to mentor their subordinates and create skill development plans for the career growth of team members.
  • Identify employees who are at-risk of leaving the organization with our HCM solution. Create action plans to engage and retain employees and reduce attrition.
  • Encourage managers to continuously appreciate, recognize and reward team members.
  • Make it easy for managers to approve employee requests in just a few clicks. Use easy-to-use, built-in features to simplify approvals.
  • View employee data anytime, from anywhere with the best HCM tool.
Empxtrack offers outstanding value, flexibility and customization, with exceptional service and support. Installation has been completed with personal presentations to management. We had no difficulties working with the programming staff on the custom features we required. The turnaround time was fantastic. I highly recommend this product without hesitation to users of all sizes.

Director – Human Resources, Marotta Controls, Inc

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Benefits of
Empxtrack Human Capital Management Software (HCM)

Quick setup with multiple configuration options
Instant access to online help, video tutorials, and product guides
“Free Forever” payroll for 75 employees and portal for 25 employees
Additional free and paid products to build your own HR software
Multiple upgrade options to buy as per your needs

Human Capital Management Software

Accelerate HR processes with human capital management software

Allow on-site and remote employees to raise requests through self-service portal. Reduce administrative burden and save time by speeding up multiple HR processes. Streamline tasks such as paid time-off approval, attendance regularization, expense reimbursement, etc. for your employees. Implement the best human capital tools to increase efficiency of HR processes. Accelerate overall business performance without compromising on data security.

All in one HR Software

Meet compliance requirements with all-in-one HR software

Remain fully compliant with the latest payroll and labor laws to avoid any risks. With Empxtrack HCM solution, you can easily generate various statutory reports to meet payroll reporting needs in India. Allow employees to access important company policy documents in just a click. This encourages employees to adhere to the company’s leave, travel and expense policy.

performance feedback software

Make HR a strategic partner with the best human capital management software application

With streamlined processes, HR can save time spent on employee queries and reduce administrative workload. 24×7 online accessibility of employee data makes employees accountable for managing their information. This leaves more time with HR to focus on strategic business objectives, without worrying for employee processes.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with cloud-based HR applications

Empxtrack human capital management software can be easily integrated with HR tools through API integration. Excellent integration capabilities make our software the best choice for all businesses. The HCM solution provides a single sign-on feature when integrated with third party online HR tools. Integrate seamlessly with other HR tools, such as appraisal, pay for performance, succession planning, recruitment and more.

Employee Experience

Improve employee experience and engagement with human capital management software

Empxtrack HCM software provides a unique and personalized employee experience. Easy-to-use employee portal, leave, attendance, travel and other HCM tools allow employees to conveniently manage their data. Our human capital management software implements the best HR practices and improves employee experience and satisfaction. This ensures high employee engagement, retention and low attrition.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive reports and real time analytics with human capital management software solution

Provide the right tools to managers to manage their teams efficiently. Empower your managers, HR and the leadership with comprehensive data analytics, reports and dashboards. Identify employee trends to predict outcomes and make informed business decisions with real-time data.

Employee Portal

“Free Forever” Payroll and Employee Portal offerings

Our HCM platform allows you to conduct payroll for up to 75 employees. Use employee self service portal for free by adding up to 25 employees. These offerings are “free forever” at absolutely no cost. Mitigate risk as there are no hidden charges or credit card required. In fact, there are no constraints on usage and access. However, you can upgrade the free applications to get additional employee licenses and advanced features with more configuration options.

free pc performance software

Increase employee productivity and maximize revenue with the best human capital tools

Our cloud-based HCM platform speeds up employee-related processes, thus ensuring high levels of employee productivity. HR and employees can focus on their core activities rather than spending more time on transactional work. This directly increases overall efficiency and team performance. Increase in workforce performance leads to high customer satisfaction, return on investment (ROI) and profitability.

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HCM Software and Improve Talent Management



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