Employee Time Tracking Software (Timesheet)

Monitor employee work hours across multiple projects and simplify client billing with Empxtrack employee time tracking software.

Record the actual work hours spent by employees on each task or project with Empxtrack employee time tracking software. Our robust software enhances productivity and infuses discipline in your workforce.

employee time tracking software

Benefits of Empxtrack online
time tracking software

Timesheet management is an easy way to continuously monitor employee tasks and improve employee productivity. Research suggests if business owners invest in employee time tracking software, they can save up to a whopping $110,000 annually.

Employee time tracking software has several benefits than just monitoring employee time. Maintaining timesheets infuse a sense of accountability in employees. Furthermore, timesheets help to work efficiently and create a work-life balance for employees. Empxtrack time tracking software improves efficiency and time management at work.

online timesheet software

Complete visibility on project status

Track project status and check time spent on a specific project or activity by an employee. With Empxtrack online timesheet software, you can get a clear idea of real-time progress of the project and daily tasks. Empxtrack helps to assign high-priority projects to employees for timely deliverables.

online timesheet software
timesheet software

Accurate client billing and payroll processing

Timesheet records an exact number of hours spent by an employee on a project. As a result, you can generate invoices with an accurate record of total billable work hours spent on projects and their tasks. Empxtrack timesheet software helps with the accurate computing of payroll. Thus, you can avoid incorrect calculations and chances of errors in payroll processing.

online time tracking software

Improve project management with Empxtrack online time tracking software

Help managers plan their resources efficiently and simplify project management and scheduling. Multiple employees working on a single project makes it difficult to identify the average time spent by each employee on the specific project. By keeping timesheet records, you can track employee time and identify tasks that take longer than usual.

Moreover, you can assist managers in making informed decisions on optimizing these tasks. In addition, this information can be used to estimate the total time that would be required to complete a similar project.

online time tracking software
timesheet management software

Reduce employee workload with Empxtrack timesheet management software

Empxtrack can easily track overworked employees. With the information on work hours spent by each employee, managers can reduce the work pressure from their overworked subordinates. They can do it either by assigning more employees to the project or recruiting new employees or freelancers on a contract basis.

To request Empxtrack free demo, connect with us today. Find the best employee time tracking software with Empxtrack

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Increase productivity with Empxtrack timesheet software

According to surveys, an employee spends significant time on non-productive tasks such as water-cooler conversations, personal phone calls etc. These factors impact employee productivity. Empxtrack encourages employees to work productively without wasting time.

For instance, the software identifies performance gaps and minimizes employee downtime. With Empxtrack time tracking software, businesses can accelerate employee productivity and speed up work to meet performance standards.

employee productivity software
employee time tracking software

Forecast resource and manpower requirements with employee time tracking software

Increased workload can affect employee productivity adversely. Thus, it is important to identify utilization of resources and manpower. Empxtrack timesheet helps managers to identify overworked and underutilized resources in the previous projects, such that proper planning can be done for upcoming projects.

In addition, it identifies resources that are available to be used for the upcoming projects. Therefore, it is important to implement time tracking software and evenly allocate resources to each project.

Time tracking solution

Boost business profitability with Empxtrack time tracking solution

Empxtrack employee time tracking software gives insights into time management and productivity. You can find out accurate billable work hours and real-time project status to increase transparency.
Most importantly, you can keep your clients satisfied and happy with accurate timesheet data. By maximizing customer satisfaction, you can boost customer retention for a longer period, which contributes to overall profitability and increase in revenue.

Time tracking solution

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Manage multiple active and inactive projects with ease


Allocate projects and view time spent by an employee on each project


Display time captured across each project and activities


Total hours spent by the team in any given month


View hours spent on a project by each employee

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Features of Empxtrack employee time tracking software

empxtrack timesheet software

Daily time tracking

With Empxtrack, employees can capture their working hours for a specific date, project, and activity. In case employees don’t see a project listed in the timesheet, they can request HR to add them to the projects. In this way employees can capture their time for all the tasks assigned to them.

Depending on the configuration, Empxtrack timesheet software allows employees to fill in their work hours if they work on leave days, holidays, and weekends. Consequently, employees can fill a time card that goes through an approval process as per configuration in the timesheet management system.

online time tracking software

Timesheet approvals

Empxtrack helps HR to view the total number of hours logged by an employee. In addition, HR can view details of hours spent on various projects and activities before updating the system.

Empxtrack enables HR and managers to analyze the timesheet with the following details:

  • Status of the timesheet
  • Non-billable hours – Time spent on projects that are not billable to customers
  • Billable hours – Time spent on projects that are chargeable

online timesheet software

Project allocation with Empxtrack employee time tracking software

Assign multiple projects to an employee. At the same time identify the time spent by an employee on each project. You can schedule projects and allocate resources depending upon the availability of your employees.
With Empxtrack, employees assigned to each project can capture their time spent on the project-related tasks.

budgeting with time tracking system

Project budgeting with Empxtrack time tracking system

Allow project managers to make good use of timesheet information to plan their resources and budgets. Empxtrack tracks billable and nonbillable hours of the employees. Thus, it allows you to estimate the budget for every project with ease.

Save billing code, primary contact, address, phone numbers, and other details of client data.

time management

Dashboards for data analysis

Empxtrack provides intuitive dashboards for quick analysis of data. You can use them to consolidate timesheet entries as per projects, employees, and activities. Get customized reports and dashboards for making informed decisions on workforce requirements, project budget and allocation, and more.

timesheet management software

Overtime calculation

Overtime is the total hours worked by an employee beyond their regular working hours. Empxtrack helps you define shift timings such that employees do not fill their timesheets for additional hours beyond their regular shifts. Depending upon the company policy, HR can specify the maximum number of hours allowed for overtime.

time tracking solution

Integration with other HR tools

Empxtrack online timesheet software easily integrates with payroll, leave, attendance, and other HR tools. Seamless integration makes it easy to sync data, reduce time in data entries and minimize complexity. Thus, you can export timesheet data to your payroll system for accurate salary calculation in no time.

More reasons to choose Empxtrack employee time tracking solution

Prepare future leaders


Empxtrack sends automated reminders and alerts to employees who forget to fill their timesheets.

System generated reminders are a big help to remind employees to submit their timesheets and make employees accountable.

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Manage timesheet activities for billing

With Empxtrack, you can categorize project related activities as:

Billable activities such as design, documentation, testing, support, project management, and more.

Non-billable activities such as analysis, coding, client release, build uploads, and more.

time tracking software for consultants

Export timesheet in multiple formats

Empxtrack offers an option to export timesheet data into CSV format in just one click. In fact, the software provides multiple customizations to export timesheets in PDF and Excel formats.

This timesheet data is helpful for HR in employee time tracking and billing at the end of the month.

best time tracking software

Customization and configuration options

Empxtrack provides multiple customization and configuration options that can help streamline timesheet management based on your company process and workflow.

Quickly configure billable and non-billable activities, rules to fill timesheets on holidays, leave days and weekends, allow project managers to edit timesheets, and do more.

project time tracking software


Empxtrack offers configurable workflows for timesheet submission. A timesheet goes to the project manager for approval depending upon the workflow configured in the system.

Multiple stakeholders can be involved in the timesheet approval workflow based on your company process. In addition, you can get customized workflows with Empxtrack.

24×7 Customer Support

24×7 customer

Empxtrack is a cloud-based time tracking solution made for businesses of all sizes. The software offers user-friendly features, online help, self-training tutorials, and an easy-to-use interface.

You can always take assistance from our dedicated support team that is available 24×7.

Get Empxtrack time tracking system for the optimum time management

Invest in the best time tracking software to accurately track billable hours and generate accurate customer invoices. Encourage your team to improve productivity and maintain work-life balance at the same time.

Track employee time and encourage transparency with Empxtrack Timesheet Management Software

Empxtrack employee time tracking software allows employees to record time spent on multiple tasks and projects. It enables HR to monitor the working hours of freelancers or remote workers too with:

  • Automated reminders and notifications
  • Option to manage timesheet activities
  • Customization and configuration options
  • Multiple formats to export timesheets
  • Configurable approval workflow
  • 24×7 customer support

and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any option to correct timesheet errors post submission in Empxtrack employee time tracking software?

Employees often fill incorrect work hours in the timesheet. Thus, Empxtrack employee timesheet software enables a project manager to edit employee timesheets for a specific date if there is any discrepancy. Our software allows you to configure this option in the system to correct time entries.

Can employees fill timesheets on non-working days with Empxtrack timesheet software, and how does it help them to record overtime?

Based on the configuration made in the system, Empxtrack enables your employees to fill time cards on holidays, weekends, or leave days. Besides this, it provides compensatory time off to employees or calculates their extra wages for extra hours worked.

How does Empxtrack online timesheet software prevent employees from filling in excessive hours in timesheets?

Each organization has predefined shifts and working hours. Hence, our software allows HR managers to set shift timings and look for maximum time limits against the day. For instance, most employees work in 9 to 5 shifts, which makes a total of eight hours of work. With the help of Empxtrack, they can’t fill a timesheet for 12 hours if the shift timing is limited to 9 hours only.

Empxtrack provides an option to record additional hours if specified in the system, depending on the configuration. This motivates employees to finish their work within shift timing and creates a work-life balance.

How are billable hours calculated in Empxtrack time tracking software for consultants or customers?

Empxtrack enables employees to capture their work hours and activities for each project. Employee activities are categorized as billable and non-billable activities. You can generate the invoice based on the billable activity record. Hence, you can charge clients accordingly.

What does project-wise utilization mean in Empxtrack project time tracking software?

Every employee is assigned one or more projects depending upon the project schedules. Empxtrack time tracking software offers project-wise utilization that helps HR and managers view the time spent by an employee for each project allocated to them.

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