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Empxtrack HRIS system serves as an online employee database as well as a fully operative decision analysis tool. It is a highly configurable and easy-to-use software that maps all your company needs.

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Choosing to switch to Empxtrack has been a game-changer for us. The efficiency and convenience it has brought to our HR processes are truly remarkable. With this new HRMS in place, everything from recruitment to payroll processing & exit has become a breeze. The user-friendly interface makes it easy both for HR & our employees to navigate and complete tasks with ease. Empxtrack also understood our customization requirements quite well and delivered the system as promised. The support and training provided were exceptional. Our new HRMS has revolutionized the way we manage HR processes, saving us time and improving overall efficiency. I highly recommend it to any organization looking to streamline their HR Operations.

Roopsi Bhardwaj | HR Consultant | IFI Techsolutions Pvt Ltd

Benefits of using Empxtrack
human resource information system

Mitigate risk with Empxtrack HRIS system at no cost

Empxtrack allows you to create up to 25 employee records at absolutely no cost. You get free access to the employee database email templates, polls, chat, social feeds. Besides this, also get free access to configurable reports, company directory, company documents, and calendar. The free trial has no constraint on usage and access.

Multiple upgrade options are available, to create more than 25 employee records and get additional features and configuration options. Try Empxtrack without spending a penny. No sales call, No risk!

Create up to 25 Employee Records for Free
Customizable and Self Configurable HRIS Solution

Personalize the system with a self configurable and customizable software

Empxtrack allows you to easily configure labels, formats, data types, visibility, and validation rules for collecting employee information. Configure and customize the software as per your requirement and get a personalized experience. Keep adding more functionality as you need it.

We are delighted to inform you that we are extremely happy with your company’s HRIS (Empxtrack) services. on behalf of mPortal (India) Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd., we would like to acknowledge and appreciate your services for last few years.Your prompt problem solving solutions, analytical skills, out of the box thinking and result oriented services have been of great help for our company. we thank all your team members who have put their best work to get out work done in time.

Suneetha Chandrappa | Sr. HR Manager | mPortal (India) Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Data availability to remote workers

Empxtrack stores employee data on an easily accessible online database and eliminates the need for personnel files. With our HRIS on the cloud, you can allow remote employees to access their data anytime, from anywhere across the world. Moreover, employees working at different locations and time zones can easily update their files and documents online.

Make Online Data Accessible to Remote Employees with Employee Self Service Portal
Make HR a Strategic Partner with Empxtrack Cloud-based HRIS System

Make HR a strategic partner

With Empxtrack HRIS system, accessing payroll and personal records becomes easy for employees. Furthermore, it reduces their dependence on HR.

The powerful and fully integrated reporting tool provides clear insights into organizational resources. It also reduces the time spent by HR on day-to-day administrative tasks. Hence, the HR department can thus devote ample time towards strategic initiatives.

We at SBCS, would like to applaud you on your training style. Your clarity, diction, patience and overall simplistic paraphrasing during the navigation of the HRIS Programme with our staff members, was appreciated. We gave you an overall rating of 4 out of 5. We look forward to a vibrant continued relationship with Empxtrack.

Givonne Timothy | Administrative Assistant Human Resources | Champs Fleurs, SBCS

Ensure compliance with Empxtrack HRIS system

To ensure compliance and reporting needs, employee files and documents are easily available on the cloud. Besides, our human resource information system includes government forms and reports that are required to comply with federal, state, and local laws.

Ensure Compliance and Accurate Reporting with Human Resource Information System

“Prodapt has global standardized HR processes and some of these are unique to our organization. We wanted to choose a software which could meet our unique needs and yet was ready to demonstrate a mature set of capabilities to begin with. Empxtrack was the chosen over others as it had a ready to use HRIS, Employee Self Services Portal, Goal Setting, Employee Appraisal and Recruitment solution all under one platform.
Empxtrack implementation team quickly understood our needs and configured the software to match our HR processes. All work flows were adapted according to our organization structure, hierarchy and processes and data was loaded for a quick go-live. The team provided continuous support on an as needed basis. ”

P. Rajesh Rao | Associate Director Human Resource | Prodapt Solutions

Engage and Empower Employees with Empxtrack HRIS Solution

Engage and empower employees with Empxtrack HRIS solution

Best HRIS systems like Empxtrack can help retain the top talent of your company.

Empxtrack is a complete, user-friendly portal. Employees can view and update their personal information, access salary records, manage leave and attendance data, and perform many other tasks. The software also allows employees to take ownership of their data and develop a trusting relationship.

To request a no obligation demo, connect with us today. Find the best HRIS System with Empxtrack

Time saving and cost effective

There is no need to store paper files as Empxtrack provides consolidated HR data with consistency and accuracy. The software also helps you save time in answering employee queries. Employees thus enjoy working in an environment where their concerns are quickly addressed.

Cut Down Employee Queries, Save Time and Reduce Cost with HRIS Management System

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the hard work your team consistently delivers, especially this year’s merit process was very smooth and successful with your relentless commitment. Importantly, you did the salary restructuring and other template modifications in the IConnect system quickly and without any cost implications. These changes in the system had driven the merit increase process quicker than before. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.

We have crossed a month post the changes were made in the system and we don’t see any challenges or issues to date. We are grateful to have you. Keep up the fantastic work.”

Seema Rajendran | Lead – Human Resources | DMI  

Real-time data for informed decisions

Our software allows HR professionals to get actionable insights on employee data with the help of dashboards and reports. Empxtrack provides comprehensive employee management reports, including data gap report. Get the options to download reports in Excel, CSV and PDF formats. This helps HR, managers, and the leadership to analyze employee-related trends and predict outcomes to make data-driven decisions.

Analyze Employee-related Trends for Making Data-driven, Informed Decisions

Features of Emptrack HRIS system

Centralized Database

Online centralized database

Empxtrack cloud-based HRIS system acts as an employee self-service portal. It allows employees to view and update personal details, emergency contact, life events, qualification, and other information. The data changes then go through an approval process before updating in the system.

With Empxtrack, employees get easy access to view tax pay advice, medical and savings plans. They can easily manage their travel and expenses, as well as their W2s, salary details, paid time off, leave, attendance, and other data. Empxtrack also offers unlimited HRIS and employee data related API calls and webhooks to the users.


Configurable and customizable solution

Get multiple customization options to manage employee database and workflows as per your specific need.

Empxtrack makes it easy for you to configure labels, formats, data types, visibility, and validation rules for collecting employee information. HR can also configure the existing fields or add new data fields as per their requirement. In addition, get the flexibility to customize employee number generation rules.


Comprehensive reports

Empxtrack offers more than 25 employee data management reports. Various reports include data gap report, employment details, reporting relationships, employee exit, leave transaction and more. These reports are downloadable in Excel, PDF and CSV formats. Get report scheduler and customizable reports to map your company needs.


Benefits administration

Simplify benefits enrollment for employees with Empxtrack. Employees are allowed to make changes to their benefits enrollment policy. Our solution reduces the burden of HR professionals and ensures employee needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Company Directory

Social feeds and company directory

Social feeds provide a platform to keep employees connected. Employees can add feeds about themselves or someone else or make an announcement. Empxtrack also offers an online company directory with employees’ basic information and an option view their complete profile.

Help Desk

Ticket management

Empxtrack simplifies employee-centric processes that would otherwise take hours to resolve. You can address employee requests, complaints, grievances, and other issues in a timely manner. With Empxtrack ticket management, you can cut down employee queries and thus increase employee satisfaction.


Policy documents and quick links

Empxtrack cloud-based HRIS system instantly enables employees to access essential company policy documents. Offer your employees a reliable resource library for documents such as safety guides, employee handbooks, and more. With Empxtrack, get configurable email templates as well as custom letter integration options.


Integration with other HR systems

Empxtrack HRIS integrates seamlessly with leave, attendance, payroll, and other HR and management tools. This ensures a single system of records and data that is always current. Save time and cost with our software integration capabilities, instead of synchronizing all records manually.

More reasons to choose Empxtrack HRIS system software


Seamless integration

You can easily integrate empxtrack with other HR and management tools, through Web API.

This ensures a single system of records and data that is always current.

Read more about the product architecture


Completely secure

We have all your data protected with 256-bit security, and many advanced security features. All your data remains encrypted in our data centers. We provide two factor authentication to prevent sensitive information from data breaches.

Get the most secure employee self service portal now. Your privacy is our priority! Read our Privacy Policy


24×7 Support

We are always available to support you. Reach us anytime for

  • Online help
  • Product guide
  • Self-training tutorials, and
  • Any other kind of support requirements

Read what our customers say about our commitment to supporting them


Customize approval workflows

Empxtrack offers customized approval workflows to map your company processes.

You can configure employee data fields to map specific requirements for storing employee records.


Calendar and event scheduler

Empxtrack simplifies event scheduling and collaboration for large teams with remote employees.

Assign multiple tasks and schedule meetings and events based on the availability of team members.

Access and Permissions

Manage access and visibility rights

Empxtrack HRIS system allows users to set up validations in order to make the processes efficient and compliant.

With Empxtrack, HR can keep employee data confidential by controlling access permissions and visibility rights at a granular level.

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What does HRIS stand for?

HRIS stands for human resource information system.

What is HRIS system?

HRIS system is an automated software that eliminates data duplication and stores all employee information at an online centralized location. This allows human resource departments to complete their core HR processes.

What is HRIS system used for?

A cloud-based HRIS system saves time and effort in managing employee data. In fact, Empxtrack HRIS solution for small businesses helps in speeding up HR processes and making informed decisions. Additionally, Empxtrack HRIS seamlessly integrates with leave, attendance, payroll, and other HR tools.

What is HRIS and its benefits?

Human resource information system is a database of employee information. It allows automated processing of various HR related functions. To begin with, HRIS eliminates the need to store files. Besides being time and cost effective, it engages and empowers employees. Employees can view and update their data related to personal information, access salary records, manage leave and attendance data, and perform many other tasks. Thus, it cuts down on employee queries and increases employee efficiency and productivity.

What are some aspects that need to be considered before investing in an HRIS solution?

One must look for the following benefits before investing in an HRIS solution.

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Browser compatibility
  • Seamless integration capabilities
  • Custom reporting features
  • Customization and configuration options
  • Affordability
  • Free product trial

Most importantly, you should invest in an HRIS that provides you with an easy-to-understand interface. Empxtrack offers all the above mentioned benefits and makes a good investment.

What makes the Empxtrack human resources information system the best?

Empxtrack HRIS or human resource information systems allow HR to access an online employee database and also acts as a fully operative decision analysis tool. Use Empxtrack to manage employee databases and ensure compliance needs.

It speeds up HR processes and encourages transparency. The software has zero learning curve, making it stand out from others. Try Empxtrack HRIS system at absolutely no cost. No sales call, no risk!

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