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Automate leave request process with Empxtrack cloud-based leave management software. Seamlessly manage all stages of the leave management process – leave applications, leave balance and analysis, auto credit of leave, company specific leave rules and policies.

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“With Empxtrack, our leave and attendance management processes have been streamlined smoothly. Our employees now have better visibility of their data. They can easily raise a leave request, mark & regularize attendance, check leave balances, and view leave transactions on their own, thus improving employee satisfaction to a great extent.”

Rujuta Dnyansagar | Manager Human Resources | M3bi India Pvt. Ltd.

All-in-One Online Leave Management Software

Empxtrack simplifies the leave management process, from raising a leave request by employees to its approval by HR. The easy-to-use interface of Empxtrack allows all the stakeholders to manage and calculate paid time off (PTO) quickly. Access leave data and past transactions whenever required. With custom workflows, you can easily monitor and track employee leave history in a systematic way.

Round-the-clock leave management

Empxtrack leave management software allows employees to submit leave requests online and makes it easier for managers & HR to manage leave requests and approvals even on the move.

Get the flexibility to manage paid time off, leave entitlements, identify leave history and existing leave balances on mobile devices, thus reducing leave related queries for HR.

Make Online Leave Application and Approval Easy with Leave Management Software
Identify Leave Patterns and Reduce Absenteeism with Absence Management Software

View reports and dashboards to analyze employee leave data and identify leave patterns with our absence management software.

Full visibility on employee leave data and staff availability enables managers and HR to continuously track employee absences and lessen the impact of absenteeism.

Our HR team and management wanted to streamline several processes including leave, attendance, performance management, payroll, travel and expense, and exit. Empxtrack team provided us a user-friendly, customized platform to map all our requirements within a short time span. We’re impressed with the numerous customization options, maximum configurability and the overall value that the product has offered. We appreciate the exemplary support and exceptional services of Empxtrack team.

Akansha Srivastava | HR Manager | CellPoint Mobile

Full compliance with a self configurable leave management software

Empxtrack allows you to configure company specific leave rules and policies easily. The leave management software does not allow employees or managers to bypass rules while applying for or approving leaves, thus ensuring compliance.

Simplify year-end leave processing to avoid confusion in leave lapsing, carry-forward, encashment and more.

Configure Leave Policy and Rules to Ensure Compliance in Leave Approval Process

Choosing to switch to Empxtrack has been a game-changer for us. The efficiency and convenience it has brought to our HR processes are truly remarkable. With this new HRMS in place, everything from recruitment to payroll processing & exit has become a breeze. The user-friendly interface makes it easy both for HR & our employees to navigate and complete tasks with ease. Empxtrack also understood our customization requirements quite well and delivered the system as promised. The support and training provided were exceptional. Our new HRMS has revolutionized the way we manage HR processes, saving us time and improving overall efficiency. I highly recommend it to any organization looking to streamline their HR Operations.

Roopsi Bhardwaj | HR Consultant | IFI Techsolutions Pvt Ltd

An Easy-to-use Leave Management Software

Easy-to-use with full transparency

Our leave management software has easy-to-use features that improve software usability and user experience.

Online leave tracking gives transparency to the leave management process. The employees, managers and HR can log planned & unplanned leaves and track their leave history and balances regularly.

Read the customer success story, to know how Empxtrack provided a highly customized leave management system to ensure accurate client billing and simplify leave audit

Main Features of Empxtrack Leave Management Software

Leave Types

Unlimited leave types

Empxtrack allows you to set up unlimited leave types. Each leave type can have variations in applicability, leave counts, validation rules, approval workflow, credit, lapse and debit rules, PTO accrual rules, reliever details and other configurations. Configure the settings as per your company requirements.

Leave Workflow

Configurable leave workflow

Configure the leave approval workflow as per your requirement. You can select specific leave approval workflows for each leave submitter (employee, HR, manager, CEO, project manager, and others). You can select any role and specify a workflow of your choice in just one click. In addition, Empxtrack allows HR to add or edit leave workflow for a specific group of employees.


Auto leave scheduler

Save time with an auto leave scheduler. Avoid recurring activity of crediting and debiting leave balance every month. The software also gives an option to upload leave credits for multiple employees using a spreadsheet.


Integration with other HR tools

Empxtrack leave management software is easily integrated with payroll, attendance, travel and expense, timesheet and other HR tools. The software automatically imports leave data in payroll for accurate salary calculations. This ensures a single system of records and data that is always current.

Configurable Leave

Configurable leave rules

Our leave management software offers configurable leave rules for each leave type. HR can easily set up rules to:

  • specify minimum and maximum days/hours of leave allowed for a leave type
  • allow paid time off (PTO) for partial days
  • calculate PTO accruals
  • count weekends in leave or not
  • specify if clubbing of two leave types is allowed

Watch the video to see how leave rules are set up in Empxtrack

Multiple Reports

Multiple reports and dashboards

Get comprehensive leave reports and dashboards with Empxtrack. Multiple reports on leave transaction, leave balance and leave status are easily generated in a few clicks.

The reports and dashboards give detailed leave information where managers can view the number of employees who are on leave, present, have a holiday etc.

HR can also view dashboards on monthly leave summaries for quick insights.

Accruals and carry overs

Leave accruals and carryovers

Manage leave accruals and carryovers efficiently at the end of the year. With Empxtrack, you can ensure that leave lapses, carry forwards and encashments are automatically done as per company’s policy.

Use cloud-based Empxtrack leave management system to effortlessly calculate PTO accruals and vacation time.

Holiday calendar

Multi-Location Holiday Calendar

Easily prepare and publish Location-specific Holiday Calendars for employees working in different locations.

Watch a video on how to add holidays and import holiday calendar in Empxtrack.

To request a free demo, connect with us today. Implement the best leave management software with Empxtrack

More reasons to choose Empxtrack Online Leave management software


Seamless integration

You can easily integrate empxtrack with other HR and management tools, through Web API.

This ensures a single system of records and data that is always current.

Read more about the product architecture


Completely secure

We have all your data protected with 256-bit security, and many advanced security features. All your data remains encrypted in our data centers. We provide two factor authentication to prevent sensitive information from data breaches.

Get the most secure employee self service portal now. Your privacy is our priority! Read our Privacy Policy


24×7 Support

We are always available to support you. Reach us anytime for

  • Online help
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  • Self-training tutorials, and
  • Any other kind of support requirements

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