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Empxtrack manager services for managing teams and making informed decisions.

Appreciate, Recognize and Reward Your Team Members with Empxtrack Manager Services

Make managers accountable for managing their team’s data and processes in a transparent way. Help them to make informed decisions with well-defined workflows and intuitive reports. A manager can also act as a mentor and create skill development plans for the career growth of employees.

Empower Managers with Real-time Insights on Employee Data

Empower managers with Empxtrack manager services software

Empxtrack allows a hierarchical view of data. Managers can view data for all employees downwards in their span with Empxtrack manager services. They can capture real-time employee data regarding employee performance, attendance, leave etc. and make informed decision making during appraisals, promotions, transfers, exit, and more. Empower managers and make them more accountable for managing people related processes efficiently.

Identify employees at risk to reduce attrition

Managers can identify high potential employees who are at the high risk of leaving the organization. HR can develop strategic retention plans and take appropriate actions to retain employees and reduce attrition.

Reduce Attrition by Identifying Employees at Risk with Manager Services Software

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Manage Teams Effectively with Empxtrack Cloud-based Manager Services Tool

Manage employee expectations

One of the key KPI of managers is to retain team members, engage them, record notes, recommend transfers, increments, rewards and promotions. Tracking discipline and in rare cases recommending separation are also responsibilities of a manager.

Empxtrack allows managers to perform all these actions with adequate approvals built into the software.

Measure employee engagement and happiness quotient

Empxtrack enables systematic PHI data collection based on employee interactions. The data collected helps to analyze People Health Indicator in a quick glance. The PHI report has all the details needed for managers, leadership and HR to measure employee engagement and happiness quotient. This also assists in making informed decisions on how to establish engaged and loyal teams.

Identify Employee Engagement and Happiness Quotient with Empxtrack

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Seamless integration

You can easily integrate empxtrack employee self service portal with other HR and management tools.

This ensures a single system of records and data that is always current.

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Completely secure

We have all your data protected with 256-bit security, and many advanced security features. All your data remains encrypted in our data centers.

Get the most secure employee self service portal now. Your privacy is our priority!

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