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Streamline and Simplify end-to-end travel management and expense reimbursement with Empxtrack travel and expense management software. Cut down costs on business travel and track expenses efficiently.

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An easy to use software that offers maximum configurability and customization options.

Our HR team and management wanted to streamline several processes including leave, attendance, performance management, payroll, travel and expense, and exit. Empxtrack team provided us a user-friendly, customized platform to map all our requirements within a short time span. We’re impressed with the numerous customization options, maximum configurability and the overall value that the product has offered.

Akansha Srivastava | HR Manager | CellPoint Mobile

Benefits of Empxtrack business
travel and expense management software

Empxtrack travel and expense management software simplifies travel bookings, avoids delays in expense reporting, and supports customization of special travel approval workflow. With an all-in-one automated travel expense management solution, you can ensure business expenses and claims are paid by the employer in a timely manner.

Audit your business expenses quickly and set up rules to limit overspending in business travel. Increase productivity, ensure travel policy compliance, and minimize costs associated with travel expenses with the best travel and expense management software.

Faster travel and expense reimbursement with a self configurable software

Empxtrack reduces the expense reimbursement turnaround time significantly. Employees can raise claims or submit expense requests in just a few clicks. The software allows HR and managers to approve requests in no time. This saves time in travel request submission and query handling. Faster processing improves overall employee satisfaction and experience.

With Empxtrack you can self configure the expense process in just a few minutes. Configure the approval workflow, expense categories, currencies, expense types and more, at your convenience. Additionally, the system allows you to keep adding more functionality as and when you need.

A Self Configurable Software for Quick Travel and Expense Reimbursement
Manage Claim Settlement and Reimbursement with Cloud-based Travel and Expense Management Software

Quick e-receipt handling

Save your employees from the inconvenience of keeping printed bills and receipts till claim settlement. Empxtrack is a cloud-based software that allows your employees to scan and submit receipts for quick reimbursement. Our business travel and expense management software maintains online records of receipts and bills. Thus, making the claim settlement and reimbursement process easier for employees.

Choosing to switch to Empxtrack has been a game-changer for us. The efficiency and convenience it has brought to our HR processes are truly remarkable. With this new HRMS in place, everything from recruitment to payroll processing & exit has become a breeze. The user-friendly interface makes it easy both for HR & our employees to navigate and complete tasks with ease. Empxtrack also understood our customization requirements quite well and delivered the system as promised. The support and training provided were exceptional. Our new HRMS has revolutionized the way we manage HR processes, saving us time and improving overall efficiency. I highly recommend it to any organization looking to streamline their HR Operations.

Roopsi Bhardwaj | HR Consultant | IFI Techsolutions Pvt Ltd

Policy-compliant travel approvals and expense claims

Empxtrack travel and expense management system incorporates company’s travel policy in the employee handbook to ensure compliance. This encourages employees to abide by the guidelines and not violate or bypass any rule when creating travel requests.

Our software sends alert notifications to the employees after auto-checking all travel expenses if any rule from the travel policy is violated. Managers and HR can overview these requests conveniently and handle everything effectively.

Ensure Compliance with Policy-Compliant Travel Approvals and Expense Claims
Empxtrack Travel and Expense Management Software is Integrated with Payroll Software and Other HR Tools

Integration with payroll and other HR tools

Empxtrack integrates with payroll software to process reimbursements accurately. Empxtrack business travel and expense management software can also be integrated with the employee portalHRISleaveattendance, and other HR tools via API integration. With integration, you can automatically import expense data in your payroll system to process reimbursements accurately. This saves time in manual recurring of data entries and increases data accuracy.

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Paperless expense reports with Empxtrack expense management software

Empxtrack is a cloud-based travel and expense management software that automates your process online. Furthermore, it accelerates expense reporting as employees can simply fill out expense reports as soon they incur the expenses. In addition, the expense reports are automatically updated in the system.

Accelerate Expense Reporting Automatically with Empxtrack Expense Management Software

“Prodapt has global standardized HR processes and some of these are unique to our organization. We wanted to choose a software which could meet our unique needs and yet was ready to demonstrate a mature set of capabilities to begin with. Empxtrack was the chosen over others as it had a ready to use HRIS, Employee Self Services Portal, Goal Setting, Employee Appraisal and Recruitment solution all under one platform.
Empxtrack implementation team quickly understood our needs and configured the software to match our HR processes. All work flows were adapted according to our organization structure, hierarchy and processes and data was loaded for a quick go-live. The team provided continuous support on an as needed basis. ”

P. Rajesh Rao | Associate Director Human Resource | Prodapt Solutions

Get Real-time Insights to Make Informed Decisions on Business Travel and Expense Management

Visibility into actionable data with Empxtrack business travel and expense management software

Empxtrack offers reports and dashboards that give a consolidated view of total travel spending for a time period. In addition, it helps in viewing travel expenses for each department, the travel frequency of employees, and much more. Your managers and finance controllers can get real-time insights into the costs associated with business travel and make informed decisions.

Cost reduction with Empxtrack expense management software for small businesses and enterprises

Empxtrack offers you real-time data on business and travel expenses. You can examine overall business expenses and avoid unnecessary costs. With the best travel and expense management software, you can easily identify cases where company expenses and travel spend exceeds beyond approved budgets. Restrict employees from overspending to increase profitability and improve ROI.

Reduce Cost with Empxtrack Expense Management Software for Small Businesses and Enterprises

Features of Empxtrack business travel and expense management software

Approval Workflow

Speed up approval workflows

The uniqueness of our software lies in supporting multi-department and multi-level approval workflows based on the company requirements. You also get multiple pre-configured workflows to map your needs.

Empxtrack is one of the best travel and expense management software in the market. Approve expense reports with audit trails and reduce turnaround time for reimbursements. Allow managers to analyze travel and expense data, such as recent travel history, travel frequency, total travel expense etc of each subordinate in a month.

Travel Request

Travel requests as per an employee’s preferences

Empxtrack allows your employees to create travel requests according to their preferences. Create, submit, and approve expenses instantly using a mobile device or desktop. Moreover, employees get options like flight bookings, pre-approved travel plans, ticketing, hotel reservations, on-trip invoice submission, and so on. Flexibility in the process makes employees feel valued and satisfied.

Trip Expense Approvals

Pre, post, or on-trip expense approvals

Empxtrack travel expense management system implements a well-organized process where employees can add their estimated expenses prior, post, or during the business trip. Once the request is approved, the employee receives the advance amount for business travel. This makes it easy for employees to pay the bills without spending their own money. Additionally, Empxtrack provides unlimited expense categories and sub-categories to map employee needs.

Claimed Expense

Observe the variation in submitted and claimed expense

Empxtrack offers a dashboard that displays the total amount applied before the travel and amount claimed after the trip. This feature helps managers, HR, and leaders to view the variation in expense submitted or claimed. The expense variations are identified easily and timely corrective actions are taken to control costs.

Credit Card Integration

Credit card integration with Empxtrack travel and expense management software

With Empxtrack, you will never face any issues in making payments. You can easily integrate your corporate credit cards with our software to make direct payments against the invoices created during business travel. Empxtrack supports multiple currencies that allows employees to use the travel and expense software even in their international business trips.

Complete Visibility

Complete visibility on travel spend

Empxtrack provides analytics and reporting tools that generate reports in just a few clicks. User-friendly dashboards give insights on travel expenditure, budgeting, policy compliance, and more.

Customized Travel and Expense

Customized travel and expense

Travel and expense management is made easy with the flexibility to customize travel policies, allocate travel funds and authorize expenditures on each travel. with Empxtrack travel and expense software customize travel approval workflow as per your company’s requirements. The software also provides flexibility to set up grade-wise privileges for travel, lodging, and other expenses.

Online E-receipt Management

Online e-receipt management with Empxtrack software for expenses management

With Empxtrack, business travelers can claim expenses even on the move. They can capture receipts online via mobile, attach them with the claim request and do away with paper bills. The software is equipped with web and mobile-enabled features.This makes it easy to claim an expense against authorized travel plans and create an expense sheet.

Read the customer success story on how Empxtrack travel and expense management software improved cash flow management and saved 25% on travel and expense costs

More reasons to choose Empxtrack travel and expense management software


Seamless integration

You can easily integrate empxtrack with other HR and management tools, through Web API.

This ensures a single system of records and data that is always current.

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Completely secure

We have all your data protected with 256-bit security, and many advanced security features. All your data remains encrypted in our data centers. We provide two factor authentication to prevent sensitive information from data breaches.

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How to ensure employee travel requests adhere to the company’s expense and travel policy?

Empxtrack corporate travel expense management software,auto-checks each travel and expense request as per your company’s policy. It sends an alert to all employees to make corrections if they violate the policy.

Is it possible to configure the expense process using Empxtrack business travel and expense management software?

You can configure the expense process in just a few minutes. Set up the expense voucher generation logic, the type of expense sheet, and the approval mode.

Empxtrack travel and expense management software supports multiple currencies. All you have to do is set the multi-currency mode and currency codes.

How long does an employee have to wait to reimburse expense claims?

The expense request has to undergo an approval process before reimbursement. Based on the company policy, the expense gets reimbursed instantly or with the salary payout after approval. With Empxtrack, you can speed up claim reimbursements and carry out accurate payroll processing.

How do you set up travel modes with Empxtrack expense and travel management software?

Empxtrack corporate travel and expense management software supports up to 2 level drill-down for travel modes. For instance, you can go for travel modes such as air, road, and train. Mainly for air travel mode, it can be further divided into first, business and economy class. You can select travel modes based on employee groups. Each travel class has eligibility criteria, and you may have to choose as per your employee’s grade in an organization.

If my employee is traveling but cannot submit their expenses, how to deal with this scenario?

At times, employees have to travel or get posted in an area where it’s hard to stay connected online. In such cases, the Empxtrack employee expense management system enables HR and managers to submit expense or travel requests on behalf of their team members. They just need to type the employee’s name and mention the travel or expense details.

This request goes through an approval workflow before the final update, depending upon the configuration in your system.

Does Empxtrack offer a detailed report of the total travel expenditure of my organization?

Yes, the Empxtrack corporate travel and expense management software allows you to have full visibility on travel spend with the help of analytics and reporting tools. It offers comprehensive reports and dashboards for data analysis.

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