Inside the Workflow Module

Apply and easily manage various types of Paid Time Off requests

Manage Paid Time Off

Paid time off is one of the most time-intensive process for the HR department.

Empxtrack Time Off module can capture various types of time-off requests, support multiple approval processes, display status and accrued balances.

The module helps in cutting down HR transaction time and leads to significant employee satisfaction.

Streamline Travel and Expenses Approval

Our Travel and Expense module allow employees to submit their travel and expense requests as per the HR guidelines.

Employee can attach claim documents with the request and payments can be made directly through payroll.

Managers can easily Manage Travel Expense Requests
Manage Employee Exits Offboarding

Professionally Manage Exits

Managers can capture resignations online and HR can professionally manage the exit process by performing key tasks in a timely manner. Our Exit module includes

  • Capture of exit interview
  • Clearance from various departments
  • Full and final payment
  • Replacement of exiting employee with alternate employee.

The module ensures a satisfactory experience for all stakeholders and allows you to run analytics

HR Help Desk

Employees can submit queries and tickets to HR for timely action.

The HR Help Desk module can handle requests of various types such as resources, letters, training, complaints and issues and many other configurable features. It can act as a one-stop solution to manage Employee-HR interactions.

Raise HR Tickets for Resource Requests with HR help desk management
Capture time on project with timesheet management software

Optimize Time Utilization

With Timesheet module, you will have accurate information on the projects and activities where employees are spending their time.

This can help you in aligning employees to activities that are important to your organization.

Automate Transactions with Empxtrack Workflow Module and Reduce Costs.

More Reasons to Choose Us!

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Integration with email and mobile friendly application ensures that approval do not get blocked when your managers are traveling or on vacation.

Build Custom Workflows

You can build your own workflows in Empxtrack to map to your existing processes.

Real Time Reports

Check status of activities in real-time and analyze response time for approvals. Increase responsiveness and employee satisfaction.

performance apraisals icon

Dashboards and Analysis

View dashboards and run analytics such as Bradford Factor to project trends and any sudden changes in employee activities.


Apply different rules for different groups of employees.

Access Support Anytime

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface.Our teams are available 24 x 7.

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