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Empxtrack is a cloud-based human resource software that covers the lifecycle of an employee. It is a highly configurable, easy-to-use, and scalable HR platform on the cloud.

Empxtrack offers more than 30 modules in 4 different areas of Human Resources viz Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Recruitment and Strategic HR.

Comprehensive functionalities and flexible implementation options make Empxtrack an ideal choice for small, midsize, and large organizations with employees ranging from 15 to 15,000.

How a self service platform enables employees to work remotely without loss of productivity

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Key Benefits of Empxtrack

  • Browser compatible – User-friendly and highly responsive features enable users to access the HR application on any browser from anywhere, anytime. No additional hardware and software is required to use it.
  • Exceptional customer support – A reliable HR software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface. Support teams are available 24×7 to assist clients.
  • Secure datacentre – All the data is stored securely on Empxtrack datacentre. All communication between Empxtrack servers and browsers are on 128 bit or higher encryption.
  • Responsive and configurable – The modules are designed in a way that offers maximum responsiveness and configuration to map the existing processes of the clients and adapt to their changing needs.

Empxtrack assists organizations to streamline human resource management processes in four different areas including:

  1. Performance Management – Designed to improve performance of employees and teams. Empxtrack performance management software includes employee Goal Setting and Tracking, Employee Appraisal and 360 Review, Training Management and Pay for Performance modules. Refer to performance management help.
  2. Recruitment – Streamline your hiring process and provide a seamless on-boarding experience to your new hires with cloud-based Applicant Tracking and employee Onboarding modules. Refer to recruitment help.
  3. Human Capital Management – Empxtrack’s human capital management solutions optimize the use of human capital and increase efficiency levels with industry-proven SaaS modules, including Payroll, HRIS, Manager Services, Attendance and Shift, Workflow, and Employee Self-Service. Refer to human capital management help.
  4. Strategic HR – Integrate all your HR data and get meaningful and timely analytics with Empxtrack Strategic HR solutions. This next generation HR product offers solutions to efficiently manage Succession Planning, Compensation Management, Workforce Planning, Organization Alignment, and Employee Satisfaction Survey.
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