Empxtrack API Integration

This help page gives a brief description about Empxtrack API integration. Empxtrack provides REST (Representational State Transfer ) style Web API over HTTP to allow integration of Empxtrack modules with third-party applications such as SAP, ERP, E-Commerce, Self-Service Portals and others.

With this API, users/ developers can extend their web applications to push or pull data into or from Empxtrack Projects for application mashups. Because the API is purely HTTP based, your application could be in any of the programming languages like Java, Python, ASP etc., to use the same.

Empxtrack API is offered for modules that you have purchased or enabled. The Empxtrack API uses simple REST calls. All API calls are POST requests to a URL that return JSON in all responses. Empxtrack API uses built-in HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs.

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