The employee_Address object allows you to add modify and delete the temporary, permanent, and emergency address details of an employee to/ from the system and get all the address details when required.

Employee_ Address Attributes

Attribute NameTypeDescription
addressInfoIdIntegerThe unique id for the address info.
empIdIntegerThe Employee ID of the employee whose address is being added by the object.
addressTypeStringThe types of address
addressLine1StringThe Line 1 of the address
addressLine2StringThe Line 2 of the address
addressLine3StringThe Line 3 of the address
countryStringThe country of the address
stateStringThe state of the address
cityStringThe city of the address
pinCodeStringThe pin code of the address
alternateEmailIdStringThe alternateEmailId of the employee
mobileNoStringThe mobile number of the employee
officeNoStringThe office telephone number of the employee
residenceNoStringThe residence telephone number of the employee
emergencyContactPersonStringThe emergency contact person for the employee
emergencyContactPersonRelationShipStringThe relationship of the employee with emergency contact person
emergencyContactNoStringThe emergency contact person’s contact number
emergencyContactDetailsStringThe details of the emergency contact person


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