Employee Attributes


The employee object allows you to add an employee to the system and get all the employee details when required.

WS_Employee Attributes

Attribute NameTypeDescription
empIdIntegerThe Employee ID of the employee that is generated on adding an employee to the system.
empNoStringThe employee code of the employee in the company
userNameStringThe user name of the employee that the employee uses to login to the system.
emailIdStringThe email id of the employee
empNameStringThe name of the employee
salutationStringThe salutation used for the employee.
firstNameStringThe first name of the employee
middleNameStringThe middle name of the employee
lastNameStringThe last name of the employee
dobStringThe date of birth of the beneficiary.
genderStringThe gender of the employee.
dojStringThe date of joining of the employee
empStatus;StringThe job status of the employee such as current and resigned
employmentTypeStringThe employment type of the employee such as permanent, temporary, on probation etc.
grade StringThe salary grade of the employee
title StringThe job title of the employee
department StringThe department of the employee
location StringThe location of the office for the employee.


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