The Employee_PayrollHeads object is the child object of Employee_SalaryStructure object and allows you to set the payroll heads of employees.

Employee_PayrollHeads Attributes

Attribute NameTypeDescription
employeePayrollMasterIdIntegerThe payroll master id for the employee
detailIdIntegerThe detail id for the payroll heads for the employee
headIdIntegerThe head id for the payroll heads for the employee.
headNameStringThe payroll head names of the employee
headConstantStringThe constant type of payroll head
headFormulaStringThe formula type of payroll head
amountDoubleThe amount for the payroll head
suggestedAmountDoubleThe suggested amount for the payroll head
allocatedAmountDoubleThe allocated amount for the payroll head
checkedStatusBooleanThe payroll head is being used for the employee or not by being checked or unchecked

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