The Employee_Movement object allows you to get all all the movements of employees and add movements for employees. Movements of employees refer to employees transfers to another region, department and function and promotions.

Employee_Movement Attributes

Attribute NameTypeDescription
promotionIdIntegerThe promotion id for the employee
promotionTypeIdIntegerThe promotion type id for the employee
empIdIntegerThe Employee ID of the employee.
mgrIdIntegerThe manager id of the manager of the employee
newMgrIdStringThe manager id of the new manager
promotionTypeStringThe type of promotion for the employee
employeeNameStringThe name of the employee
dateOfPromotionStringThe date of promotion
jobNameStringThe name of the current job
newJobNameStringThe name of the new job of the employee
designationNameStringThe name of the designation
newDesignationNameStringThe name of the new designation of the employee
departmentNameStringThe name of the department
newDepartmentNameStringThe name of the new department of the employee
subDepartmentNameStringThe name of the subdepartment
newSubDepartmentNameStringThe name of the new subdepartment of the employee
levelNameStringThe name of the current level of the employee
newLevelNameStringThe name of the current level of the new employee
locationNameStringThe name of the employee’s location
newLocationNameStringThe name of the employee’s new location
regionNameStringThe name of the employee’s region
newRegionNameStringThe name of the employee’s new region
functionNameStringThe function of the employee
newFunctionNameStringThe new function of the employee
employmentTypeStringThe current employment type of the employee
newEmploymentTypeStringThe new employment type of the employee


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