General FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions on Empxtrack General FAQs page. Get clarity on how to start using Empxtrack to map your company needs.

What does Empxtrack do?

Empxtrack is a cloud-based HR software for Human Resource and Employee Management. It automates all areas of the Human Resource department including Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Compensation Planning, Recruitment, Self and Manager Services, Payroll and Compliance, Manpower Planning, Rewards and Recognition and much more. For more information visit About empxtrack.

What does Empxtrack offer?

There are 2 types of offerings:
Free Offerings – this includes ready to use products for small teams, startups and SMBs. Register and start using a product immediately at absolutely no cost, no credit card requirements, and add features whenever required. Personalize your HR software as per your needs and requirements.
Enterprise Solutions – extremely customizable enterprise solutions that can map to your existing company processes and cater to future needs.

What is unique about Empxtrack HR software?

Empxtrack offers easy to use, affordable and innovative HR products with exemplary customer support. The multiple products cover the entire employee lifecycle in an organization. Ensure full compliance with local laws, map to business processes and create a happy and satisfied workforce.

Who can use Empxtrack software?

Startups, SMBs or enterprise organizations can use Empxtarck. Our clients include many large organizations like HCL, Warner Brothers, UAE Exchange, Benetton, Busch LLC and many SMBs spread across 20+ countries. For more information visit our customers page.

How secure is the data being stored in Empxtrack?

Empxtrack is serving thousands of customers across the world including large global organizations, governments, financial institutions and many SMBs. Empxtrack is committed to protecting the complete privacy and security of your employee data. We take full precautions in managing your data and follow stringent security guidelines in accessing data. It does not matter whether you are using Empxtrack Free products or an advanced purchased edition. We take the same level of care in managing your data. For more information visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services.

Does Empxtrack offer product support?

Yes, for the free offering products, we have a Request support link in the product. You can submit your query through that. For paid customers, we have dedicated account managers for each client that help you in product implementation and customer support.

Can Empxtrack be integrated with other tools?

Yes, Empxtrack offers integration with multiple HR tools. It offers a single-sign-on feature and an API for data integration.

How much does Empxtrack cost?

Empxtrack offers the most affordable products and solutions. There are multiple free offerings and customizable enterprise solutions. Refer to the plans and pricing page.

How can we buy Empxtrack products?

For the free offerings products, upgrade the product by paying through credit card and manage the product configurations yourself. You can also add or change functionality as your needs evolve and buy support hours if required. For enterprise level HR products, contact us and we will get back to you within one business day. Once the product is bought you will get a dedicated team with a project manager.

How can I modify my company information after the initial setup of the application?

Post initial setup, either go to the application Homepage or click Role and Features menu General FAQs icon given on the top under Quick access icons. Then click on the Product Configurations.

Under the General Settings section, click on the Company Settings link. Now add the company logo, currency, address and phone number. Some of this information may be required in reports.

Note: The default size supported for the logo is 125 x 60 pixels and gif, jpeg and png files formats are supported. The maximum size allowed for the company logo is 1024 kb.

Learn more about setup company information

How to modify time information?

You can modify time information using Time Settings functionality.

This functionality allows users to set all application parameters related to time and date. Specify the date format, starting date for week, time zone, financial year, time period and holiday or leave period.

Financial year is useful for activities such as payroll, expenses, travel, joining and exits and time period is important for all other activities such as Performance Management, Goal sheets, Timesheets, Training calendar, Manpower planning and various reports and filters.

Learn more about time settings

Do you have a Search option available in the product?

Empxtrack provides a Search feature allowing users to quickly access product functionalities. Type an employee name or a keyword related to the functionality that you want to access and hit the search icon. The relevant options appear and you can click on any of them to perform a specific task.

How to quickly navigate to other pages in the application to perform a specific task?

Empxtrack allows you to navigate the application in two ways –

  • Through tabs given on the homepage: Click on a specific tab to perform a required task.
  • Through Role and features menu: Click on the current role or Role and features menu from Quick access icons. View the menu that appears with multiple options and click on any link to carry out a specific task.

How to provide the privilege of an HR Manager to any other employee?

The person who takes the enrollment is assigned the HR Manager/ HR Admin privileges.

To update the HR manager, you need to use the Configure groups and roles functionality.

Groups are a collection of employees in one common set, such that these groups can be assigned roles for access authorizations.

Role specific groups allow you to create roles such as HR Manager or CEO and assign them to appropriate employees.

1. This functionality is available only in the paid edition.
2. To change the HR Admin/Manager, go to Product Configurations. Under Employee Management, click the Setup HR admin link. Specify the name of the employee whom you want to provide HR admin rights and click Select employee.

Learn more about configure groups and roles

How can an HR Manager login as another employee (Masquerade)?

Masquerade functionality allows HR to login as another employee to perform a task or to resolve a problem, when the employee is not available.

HR doesn?t need to ask the employee for their password, but instead can login by using the Masquerade functionality.

Either type ?masquerade? on the search bar or go to Add, edit employee tab on the Homepage. Type name of the employee whose portal you want to access and click Masquerade.

Alternatively, click Product Configurations icon on the Homepage and go to Employee Management section. Click Masquerade link and perform the required action.

All actions performed by the HR admin are put on an audit trail for security.

Once HR is done they can click (x) sign on the Masquerade link and will be logged back into their login.

Watch a short video on how to masquerade as another employee

Navigation in Empxtrack

Significant design thinking has gone behind the creation of the products with ease-of-use and experience being the primary drivers.

Empxtrack navigation is based on the Main menu, Search bar, Quick access icons, Employee menu, Product configurations icon, User role change option, Help, Widget menu, Table menu and Data Filter. These sections make it easy for the users to complete their tasks and navigate the application smoothly.

The engaging, user-friendly home page design of the various applications enables the user to quickly start using the product. One click access to most of the functionality reduces the turnaround time and speeds up the processes.

Learn more about navigation in Empxtrack

How do I customize email templates?

Empxtrack has pre-configured email templates for you. Watch a video on how to setup, view and edit email templates in Empxtrack.

You can configure emails, once you complete the application setup by following the path: On the Homepage, click Product Configurations icon and click Employee Communication in the Employee Management section.

Send email to employees page appears. For the Select template field, select the option as Blank template. Write a customized message in the Email Content field, and click Preview email to view the format. Click Send.

How can I create employee login for my employees such that they can start using Empxtrack?

If employees are not added in Empxtrack

  • Go to the HR admin Homepage and click Add, edit employee tab.
  • Click Add an employee and specify personal details of the employee.
  • Select the checkbox labelled as Send a welcome email to employee once the record is added such that they can update the rest of their information.
  • A notification will be received by the employee with login credentials.

If employees are already added in Empxtrack

  • Go to the HR admin Homepage and click View employees tab.
  • Under Portal Options, click Send emails on the left side.
  • Select Welcome email from the Select template dropdown. Email will be sent to the employee with login credentials to access Empxtrack.

How can I learn employee functionalities?

To explore employee functionalities, you need to change your role to that of an Employee.In the Free Payroll mode, go to the Homepage and click View as? dropdown. Select Employee as current role. Alternatively, click on Role and features menu from Quick access icons bar. Change the role from View functionality for dropdown, select Employee and click Go. Now you are in the Employee role, ready to explore employee functionalities.Role once selected remains the same till it is changed explicitly.