Attendance FAQs

Explore Empxtrack Attendance FAQs and get information on how Empxtrack Attendance software works. Check out these frequently asked questions.

How is attendance captured?

Empxtrack supports multiple mechanisms to capture attendance and some of these are available in advanced versions only. The different options include

  • Mark attendance, regularize attendance: Employees can mark their attendance daily by logging into empxtrack and capturing their start time and end time. Employees can regularize their attendance for a past day as well. Available in all versions of empxtrack. HR can also mark attendance for employees on a daily basis. Watch the video on how to mark and regularize attendance as an employee
  • Upload of attendance data through CSV files: Available in paid version
  • Integration with attendance devices: Automatic reading of attendance device input and integration. Paid version of Empxtrack supports integration. We support data from multiple devices
  • API based integration: Enterprise version of empxtrack

Based on the attendance rules, holiday calendar, employee leave details, the attendance data translates to different kinds of statuses such as Present, Overtime, MisPunch, Undertime, Holiday, Leave and this is used in payroll processing.

Paid version of empxtrack supports significant customization and configuration options in comparison to the Empxtrack Free Trial version.

How to setup holidays and weekends?

Empxtrack allows you to set up a holiday calendar and weekends for a given financial year. Watch the video to view stepwise instructions to add holidays and import holiday calendar

View the Self Services settings as HR Manager and select Set Weekends and Holiday calendar option. You can import pre-existing holidays for a region or set your own days.

On the attendance dashboard for an employee, you can mark a day as a holiday if the day is reserved as a holiday on the holiday calendar.

It is important to define holidays for a period prior to employees applying for leave or marking attendance since holidays are automatically copied over to the employee attendance.

Set up holiday calendar and configure weekends

How to mark attendance for employees?

Employees can mark their own attendance or HR can mark their attendance. HR can go to the attendance dashboard for an employee and for a specific date Clear attendance, Mark holiday, Mark weekend, regularize attendance.

Based on the version of empxtrack you are using, there are many other options for marking attendance including API integration, attendance device integration and CSV file upload.

Watch a short video on how to mark and regularize attendance as an employee

How to map the attendance hours to percentage of the day worked?

Empxtrack gives flexibility to setup undertime calculation rules. On the application Homepage, click on the Product configurations tab. Then click on the Attendance leave configuration link under the Employee Self Services section. HR manager/ HR admin can map the attendance hours to the percentage of day worked. Eg. 0 – 3 hours can be marked as 0 percent day worked, 3 – 5 hours can mark the employee day worked as 50 percent (or 0.5 day).

If an employee works for 4 hours in a day and applies for half-day leave, they will be paid for the full day. If they do not apply for leave, the day worked will be 0.5 days and they will be paid for half a day.

Empxtrack uses days worked as a mechanism to calculate the effective salary of an employee.This helps in identification of half day, full day overtime and undertime work by the employee and helps in payroll preparation accordingly.

For mid period joinings and exits, the system automatically excludes the days prior to the joining date or the days after the exit date respectively.

The HR manager prior to processing the payroll can update attendance to accurately reflect the days worked.

Learn more about undertime calculation rules 

What if I have to mark attendance for a prior date?

Empxtrack allows regularization of missing or incorrect attendance.

Employees can regularize their attendance which goes through an approval process before final update in the system. In addition, HR can also regularize attendance of one employee at a time or for multiple employees at once.