Employee Management FAQs

Refer to Empxtrack Employee Management FAQs and find answers to commonly asked questions on how Empxtrack can manage your employee data.

How to add an employee?

HR Manager/ HR Admin can add employees in 2 ways:

  • Add one employee at a time – On the Homepage, click Add, edit employee tab and then click Add an employee button. Specify the basic personal, employment and salary details in the specified format. Once the employee profile is created, remaining details can be filled later by employee or HR.
  • Upload employee data using spreadsheet – On the Homepage, click Product Configurations icon Employee Management FAQ and click Employee data under Uploads section. On the Upload employee data page, download the sheet to identify the upload format. Fill in the employee data and upload the file. Map the fields for error free data upload and make sure you don?t change the columns of the downloaded file or the first row.

Notes: You can create 25 employee records in the free trial product. Upgrade your free trial to increase employee count beyond 25 employees

Watch the video to add employees in Empxtrack using both the methods
Upload mass employee data at once
Add employees one by one

How to modify the employee data?

Employees, HR and other roles can view and update employee data based on visibility, edit rights, role permissions and workflows.

To modify employee data, the user needs to access the Employee profile. Update the photograph, personal details (dependent, beneficiary, hobbies, languages and other information), employment details, contact details (address and phone number), education and certifications, experience, documents and IDs, and more.

Learn more about changing employee data by accessing employee profile

Paid versions of Empxtrack support configurable rules and permissions to give visibility and edit rights to different roles.

What is the difference between Employee data and Career Profile?

Employee data – This refers to the personal data of employees and includes details such as dependents, address, experience, hobbies and languages known, documents and IDs and more. This information is typically accessed and modified by the employee or HR.

Empxtrack maintains a full audit-trail of all changes to employee data. Employee can view changes made to their profile once they are updated.

Career profile – This contains details of all transactions related to employees such as Leave, Manager notes, Promotions and Salary changes, Timesheets, Appraisals, Goalsheets, Trainings, Rewards, Disciplinary cases, Manager notes and so on.

Career profile of an employee is visible to various roles such as Manager, Head of department, Management and HR.

Empxtrack paid versions allow granular configurability in terms of visibility and access rights for each area of employee data and career profile.

How to mark an employee as exited from the system?

If an employee quits, HR can mark the employee exited and specify the exit date. Click on the View employees tab on the Homepage. Click on the View full profile of the concerned employee and mark the employee exited by clicking on the Mark employee exited Employee Management FAQs icon. Exited employees are not included in reports, payroll processing and cannot login to the system.

How can HR make an exited employee rejoin?

In Empxtrack, you cannot make an employee active once the employee is marked exited from the system. Hence, it is important to mark an employee exited carefully.

To add an exited employee in the system, go to the application Homepage and click Add, edit employee tab. Click Add an employee button and again add basic details of the employee to create their profile again.

To get rejoin functionality, you can start using Exit Management that offers upto 2 free exits every year. Enroll and upgrade the application. The Enterprise version of Empxtrack gives you the option to rejoin the exited employee easily.

How do we run reports in Empxtrack?

Empxtrack allows the HR and Managers to configure, run, download and save more than 100 reports. Multiple reports are available based on the product you are using. In addition, Empxtrack provides customizable reports and dashboards to map client requirements.

Some important considerations:

  • The data available in a report is based on the selected role. For instance, a Manager will have access to a fewer number of employees in comparison to the Head of the department. An employee may have both these roles and based on the role selected, the data will change.
  • An employee can have multiple roles. Refer to Empxtrack Navigation structure to understand how you can change a role. Employee visibility rules may also be dependent on roles and company policy.
  • Each report may contain different parameters. Specify these parameters to generate reports with the correct data.

We restrict the amount of data displayed or downloaded while generating reports. You may need to apply filters to get the full data.

How to view and share company directory information?

Empxtrack allows a directory view of employee data that displays all the employees in the organization with basic details (such as name, email, designation, location, mobile number and more, along with an option to view profile). Employees can quickly search for their colleagues by specifying their name in the search box.

This feature is available in all versions of Empxtrack, but configuration of company directory fields is supported in Paid versions only.

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