Employee Portal and HRIS FAQs

Refer to Empxtrack Employee Portal and HRIS FAQs to get answers to frequently asked questions on employee portal features and functionalities.

What are the features of Empxtrack Employee portal?

Empxtrack Employee Portal allows you to create up to 25 employee records at absolutely no cost.
Get employee database (HRIS), leave, attendance along with Company Directory, Social Feed, Birthdays and Work Anniversary updates, Polls, Company Policy Documents, Search feature and Event Calendar. Some of the features are:

  • Quick access and setup
  • Functionalities available for employee, manager and the HR Admin
  • Company directory and documents
  • Calendar and social feed
  • Chats and polls
  • 360 pulse and suggestion capture
  • Leave and attendance
  • Configurable reports in multiple downloadable format
  • Employee communication and letter generation
  • Employee profile login

Note: You can use Empxtrack Free product for up to 25 employees. Upgrade to the paid version to create more than 25 employee records. Get advanced features and additional products.

Enterprise product offers a completely customizable Employee Self Service Portal.

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How can I start using Empxtrack for my organization?

Post enrollment, you will receive an application setup link with verification code on your registered email id. Once you login to Empxtrack, complete the initial setup of the application in just a few minutes:

  • Upload company logo – Upload your company?s logo and answer a few questions.
  • Setup Basic Settings – Setup new password and specify the time period.
  • Add Employees – Fill in the employee information to create an employee profile.
  • Select More Products – Choose more products of your choice at no cost to build your own HR software.

Once all the steps are completed, click on Login to the portal and go live with the application.

Do you have a help manual to implement and use Empxtrack Employee Portal and HRIS?

Yes, we have a Product Guide that you can download once you login to the application. The product guide has step by step instructions to setup and use Empxtrack Employee Portal and HRIS.

You can also access Online help by clicking on the following links:

Can I configure the product according to my requirements?

Yes. Empxtrack offers multiple product configuration options to modify company directory settings, company policy documents, polls, social feed, attendance and leave rules, and more.

Can I customize the workflows?

The free product doesn?t offer custom workflows. By default, the approval workflow for employee data update is – Employee to HR manager. Upgrade to an advanced paid version of Empxtrack to get configurable workflows.

What are the different reports and analytics available?

Empxtrack provides comprehensive reports to analyze employee data and make informed decisions. Select columns to generate full data reports and download them in the CSV format.

Watch a short video on how to generate configurable reports in Empxtrack

Note: Advanced paid version of Empxtrack provides intuitive dashboards for quick analysis of employee data and allows schedulers to automatically send the reports in email.

How can I upload employee data?

Empxtrack allows setting up of employee data in two ways –

  • Add one by one – Enter basic details of one employee at a time and create an employee profile. Add employee details in the specified format to avoid errors.
  • Upload employee data in one go – Download CSV file format, fill details of multiple employees in the same format (to avoid errors) and upload it in the system.

Watch a video on how to add employees in Empxtrack using both the methods

Can I add employees after application setup?

Yes, the HR Admin can add employee data in the system after application setup. To upload mass data, go to Product configurations on the Homepage and click Employee data in the Uploads section. To add one employee at a time, click on Add, edit employee tab on the HR admin?s homepage, and create an employee profile.

Watch a short video on how to add employees in Empxtrack

What happens when I take the portal live?

As soon as all the steps under Setup application are complete, the HR can take the portal live and start using Empxtrack instantly. Get full access to all the features to manage employee data, leave, attendance and explore additional functionality (such as Company directory, Social feed, etc).

Who can access the application?

Empxtrack offers functionalities for – Employees, managers and HR.

What is Social Feed?

It is a platform for social interaction and engagement amongst employees. Through social feed, the employees remain updated about key events and announcements in the organization. For example, employees get to know about other?s birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions, rewards etc.

What is a Company Directory and what information is available in it?

Basic details of all employees are displayed in the company directory. You can quickly search for the relevant employees by specifying their name in the search box. Click on the View Profile  icon to visit the employee profile. The HR manager can configure the fields and their order of the appearance to personalise the company directory.

To configure fields for company directory, go to Product configurations and then click Company directory settings under Employee portal setup. You can add as many fields as you want to display in the directory.

Note: The free product does not provide a hierarchical view in the Company directory. Upgrade your free product to the advanced paid version of Empxtrack to avail this feature.

How can I add a company event?

Empxtrack allows employees to add events or tasks in a few clicks. Go to the Event calendar and click on the Add an event button. Schedule an event by specifying the subject, agenda, location, event date, employees to be invited and other information. Once the information is saved, a calendar invite in email is sent to all the attendees.

You can even check the availability of the attendees before putting them on the invitation list.

How can I know the availability of my team members, manager or seniors?

Empxtrack provides a Calendar, where you can view the schedule of your subordinates, managers or a specific employee before adding an event. Once you know the availability, it becomes easy to request and block their time for meetings.

Where will my employees be able to see company policies and other important company information?

Employees have 24×7 access to company policy documents that contain important company information, such as company policies, leave policy, holiday calendar, information on upcoming company events, etc. On the employee portal, click the Company policy documents tab on the Homepage to access important company documents and links.

Note: Advanced paid version of Empxtrack provides Group based visibility of company documents.

How can I create employee login for my employees such that they can start using Empxtrack?

If employees are not added in Empxtrack 

  • Go to the HR admin Homepage and click Add, edit employee tab.
  • Click Add an employee and specify personal details of the employee.
  • Select the checkbox labelled as Send a welcome email to employee once the record is added such that they can update the rest of their information. 
  •  A notification will be received by the employee with login credentials. 

If employees are already added in Empxtrack  

  • Go to the HR admin Homepage and click View employees tab.
  • Under Portal Options, click Send emails on the left side.
  • Select Welcome email from the Select template dropdown. Email will be sent to the employee with login credentials to access Empxtrack.

Whom should I contact if I need help while using Empxtrack?

During the application setup, you can click on the Request support link and send your query to us. Post application setup, click on the Communicate icon on the Homepage and click Request support icon. Send your query and we would be happy to help you.

How can HR communicate a message to multiple employees at once?

Empxtrack simplifies communication with multiple employees through emails. The HR manager can configure an email and select multiple employees to share a common message to all. Watch a video on how to setup, view and edit email templates in Empxtrack.
On the Homepage, go to HR Manager Tasks and click the Employee communication link:

  1. Send email to employees – Select an existing email template or select None to write the message yourself. Select all the employees to whom you want to send the message and cc the email to selected employees. Once the email is drafted, you can preview it and then send it.
  2. Share password with employees – Go to Send password to employee tab. Select the employees and choose an option for the Password generation option field, and click the Send password button.

Can I customize the email templates?

Empxtrack has pre-configured email templates for you. Watch a video on how to setup, view and edit email templates in Empxtrack.
You can configure emails, once you complete the application setup by following the path: On the Homepage, click Product Configurations icon and click Employee Communication in the Employee Management section.
Send email to employees page appears. For the Select template field, select the option as Blank template. Write a customized message in the Email Content field, and click Preview email to view the format. Click Send.

How can I change HR Admin in Empxtrack?

To change the HR Admin, on the Homepage click Product Configurations icon . Then, under Employee Management, click the Setup HR admin link. Specify the name of the employee whom you want to provide HR admin rights and click Select employee.

What kind of branding can be customized?

Empxtrack allows users to upload their company logo to personalize the application.

What other products can be purchased?

Empxtrack offers a comprehensive list of paid products for the customers. You can either choose to buy additional licenses to use HR portal for more than 25 employees or upgrade to the advanced versions to get advanced features (such as multiple leave types, more attendance configuration options, etc.).

Besides, Empxtrack allows you to purchase additional Empxtrack products such as Exit management, Performance management, Recruitment and more.

What happens to the personal information of employees when they update it in the Empxtrack HRIS solution?

Either an employee’s personal information will be updated directly, or it goes through an approval process. It depends on your company?s workflow. Empxtrack HRIS system sends your employees notifications when their information is updated in the system.

Empxtrack HRIS system integrates with multiple HR tools. Do I need to create different credentials to log in?

No. We understand it is time-consuming and confusing to have different credentials to log in to various HR tools. With Empxtrack, you don’t have to go through any of this. It offers a single-sign-on feature. You can access other tools with only a one-time login feature.

Are managers allowed to view past appraisals or leave data of their subordinates?

Yes, Empxtrack human resource information software allows managers to view historical employee information such as employment details, appraisal, leave, travel history, and many more. It also helps them understand which employees are top and low performers.

How can I identify employees who are at risk with Empxtrack human resource information system software?

Empxtrack offers an option where HR and managers can mark employees at risk of leaving the organization. HR and the leadership can discuss issues of at-risk employees and take corrective action to engage and retain employees.

What other products can I get on Upgrading the application?

Empxtrack offers a comprehensive list of paid products for customers. Upgrade to buy additional licenses for more than 25 employees or get advanced features (such as multiple leave types, more attendance configuration options, etc.).

Besides, Empxtrack allows you to start using additional Empxtrack products such as Exit management, Employee appraisal, 360 Feedback, Payroll, Applicant tracking, Timesheet and more.