Registration and Enrollment FAQs

Go through Empxtrack Registration and Enrollment FAQs to understand the product enrollment process in Empxtrack. Register now and start using the product of your choice.

What happens when I submit my information during product enrollment?

Post enrollment, you will receive an application setup link with verification code on your registered email id. Once you login to Empxtrack, complete the initial setup of the application in just a few minutes. Upload your company logo, Setup new password, Add Employees and Start using the product.

Once all the steps are completed, click on Login to the portal and go live with the application.

Do you have a help manual to implement and use Empxtrack Free applications?

Once you login to the application, you will get a free downloadable Product Guide to help you familiarize with the product features. You can also access Video tutorials and Online help with step-by-step instructions to use Empxtrack.

Can I integrate the free products with other software?

Paid version of Empxtrack allows integration with other applications. It also supports API integration.

What are the system requirements for running the free product?

Empxtrack Free products are compatible across all browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari) and no additional hardware is required to use the application. It is recommended that you upgrade your browsers to the latest version for full security and availability of latest features. You would only require a reliable internet connection and a browser to run the application.

Is there any hidden charge involved in using Empxtrack free products?

There are no hidden charges involved. You won’t have to pay a single penny unless you wish to buy additional employee licenses or purchase additional products.

Whom should I contact if I need help while using Empxtrack?

During the application setup, you can click on the Request support link and send your query to us. Post application setup, click on Communicate on the Homepage and click Request support . Send your query and we would be happy to help you.

How secure is the data being stored in Empxtrack?

Empxtrack is serving thousands of customers across the world including large global organizations, governments, financial institutions and many SMBs.

Empxtrack is committed to protecting the complete privacy and security of your employee data. We take full precautions in managing your data and follow stringent security guidelines in accessing data. It does not matter whether you are using Empxtrack Free products or an advanced purchased edition. We take the same level of care in managing your data.

Refer to the following:

Privacy Policy    Terms of Service

How can I purchase Empxtrack?

Empxtrack is sold in 2 different ways.

  1. Self services: Purchased version of free trial to get additional licenses, advanced features and additional paid products
  2. Through sales teams

In self services, you can pay by credit card and manage the product configurations yourself, add or change functionality as your needs evolve and also buy support and implementation hours as required.

In the second option, you get an enterprise level HR product with a dedicated team, project manager and options for significant customizations.

Note: ADP customers can purchase Empxtrack from ADP marketplace by following the procedure mentioned here.

What kind of payment options exist?

We support multiple payment options for our clients such as RazorPay and Stripe. For enterprise purchase products, we also offer invoicing based payment.

What would happen after I purchase Empxtrack?

After your purchase, you will be able to personalise the application as per your needs.

Empxtrack will provide you full customer support. A dedicated account manager will be provided to you who will look into the implementation process and assist you thereafter.

How long would it take for initial setup?

It will take only a couple of minutes to set up the application by completing a few initial steps. Once the setup is complete, you can instantly start using the application.

What is your technology?

Empxtrack is a multi-tenant cloud based solution. We use open source technologies such as Linux, Java, MySQL to manage our applications. To read more about the technology go to Empxtrack Technical Architecture and Technology details.

Where are your servers located?

Currently, our servers are based out of data centers in the US and India.

Why is my email ID not being accepted?

Make sure you are using a valid email id to enroll for our product. If you still face any issue, please submit your information on the Contact Us page with your company details. We will contact you within one business day.