Upgrade Empxtrack FAQs

Refer to Empxtrack Upgrade FAQs covering purchase options, data security, customization options, and details of advanced features.

What is the business model of this offer?

We have been in the HR Tech industry since 2009. Over time we realized the software is being procured in a very difficult manner where you talk to salesperson, request demos, go through RFPs, and a long sales cycle follows with many follow-ups.

This is time consuming and disheartening especially for SMBs. To mitigate your risk and give you a WoW experience, we offer various parts of the product – absolutely free.

Our goal is to give you complete control and we hope that once you trust us, you will give us many opportunities to serve you.

Is my employee data safe?

Absolutely. We will not share, sell or compromise your employee data in any way. Our intent is to develop and sell HR software and we have been doing this since 2009. You can read our Privacy policy for more information.

How can we buy Empxtrack?

Empxtrack is sold in 2 different ways:

  1. Self services: what you are using currently and
  2. Through sales channels.

In self services, you can pay by credit card and manage the product configurations yourself. You can also add or change functionality as your needs evolve and buy support hours if required.

In the second option, you get an enterprise level HR product with a dedicated team, project manager and long terms contracts.

What do you mean by Usage based purchase?

There are some parts of the product such as Performance Appraisal, 360 Feedback, Exit etc. that are based on usage.
For example in the 360 feedback product, you may just want to buy ten 360 Feedbacks although 50 employees may be providing the feedback. In such a case, you will need to only pay for the 10 feedbacks and will be able to initiate ten 360 feedbacks.

What do you mean by employee count based purchase?

There are some parts of the product such as Employee Portal, Payroll, Advanced configurations etc. that are based on the number of employees you store in the system. Such products require you to specify the employee count. There will be a monthly charge on your credit card.

How are employee licenses counted? What is the impact?

Active and resigned employees are counted in employee licenses. In an employee count based product such as Payroll or Employee Portal and HRIS, you cannot add more employees than the number of employee licenses.

Am I allowed to reduce or change the employee licenses after the product purchase?

You cannot reduce the licences below the existing employee count. On changing the license count, the product modifies all employee count based subscriptions to automatically change to the new employee count from the next billing cycle.

What do you mean by Start for Free?

Start for Free means that the product is free for the first offering whether it is usage based or employee count based. For additional purchases, you will have to pay on the basis of actual licenses.

For example, if you have started the Appraisal product for Free, then you will get the first 5 appraisals for free every year and post that, you will have to buy additional licenses.

When should I Update employee licenses?

For a usage based product such as Appraisal, we don’t ask you to update employee licenses. You get the option to buy more Appraisals by clicking the Buy more button.

Alternatively, if you start with an employee count based product such as Payroll, we will not ask you to update employee licenses till you exceed the employee count. The only time we will ask you to Update employee licenses is when you buy another employee count based product or exceed the free count.

Let us explain to you with an example: If you have enrolled for an employee count based product like Employee Portal & HRIS, we will not bill you till you exceed the free count. So if there are 25 free licenses, and you upgrade to 30 employees, we will only bill you for the additional 5 employee licenses for the product you enrolled in. For additional employee count based products like Payroll, you will be billed for the entire 30 employees.

Once the employee licenses are increased to 30 for each product and you want to again reduce to the free count i.e. 25, the subscription for the Free product will be cancelled and you will be able to use it for the free count.

I need more customizations or additional functionality. Whom should I contact?

If you need assistance, don?t hesitate to Request Support anytime. Click on the Communicate Upgrade Empxtrack FAQs icon or Help and Videos icon given on the top menu of your application Homepage. Under that, click on the Request support link. You can send us a message and soon our team will get in touch with you.You can also write to us at [email protected]

Are you going to add new features? What is the product development plan?

Yes, we will continue to add more features and advanced configuration options. We will send you an email whenever there are changes.

Do I have in product support?

Yes, we have a Request support link in the HR Manager login. On the HR Homepage, you will see Quick access icons on the top right side of the screen. Click on Communicate Upgrade Empxtrack FAQs icon there. Under that, click on the Request support link. You can submit your query through that.

What kind of payment options exist?

We only accept payments through Credit Card and currently support Stripe or Razorpay (depending on your geographical location). We are working on adding more options such as Paypal in the near future.

What would happen after I purchase Empxtrack?

After your purchase, you will be able to personalise the application as per your needs.
Empxtrack will provide you full customer support. A dedicated account manager will be provided to you who will look into the implementation process and assist you thereafter.