Move to Full and Final Settlement

Once the HR manager gets clearance from all the departments, employee is moved to full and final stage where all the dues are calculated. The final payment of employee after resignation is done based on the full and final settlement.

To move employee to full and final settlement, you need to:

1. Log in to the system as an HR manager. Follow steps given on Send clearance request to various department.

2. Under Monthly Exit Summary, click on the Clearance box and hover the mouse on any row.

3. Click Move to Full & Final button as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

4. The Move to Full & Final page appears where you can view employee name. Mention the financial year and specify the pay period for final payment.

Figure 2

5. Click Save to proceed further. A confirmation message appears on the screen suggesting that the pay period for final payment is set.

6. On the Manage Exit page, HR manager can check full and final status by clicking “On Full & Final” box.

Figure 3

7. Click View icon to view and calculate the final pay.

Figure 4

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