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This Manager Services help page provides a brief description about Empxtrack Manager Services module and its functionalities.

Empxtrack Manager Services functionality allows managers to manage their team members efficiently. The managers can see all the different types of requests waiting for approval from their team members. The manager can have a comparative look of all the requests and approve or reject them.

For example, while approving leave requests, the managers can use this functionality to view all the leave requests in one go and find out how many team members are going for leave on particular dates. This helps them to decide whether the leave requests should be approved or not for the team members.

In addition, Empxtrack Manager Services functionality allows managers to check team members’ performance at regular intervals. The manager can check team members’ goalsheet and track the achievements of their goals. The managers can also view the appraisal forms, promotions, transfer requests and personal data update requests for all team members.

With manager services, you can: