This Payroll help page provides a brief description about Empxtrack Payroll module and its functionalities.

Empxtrack payroll management system is an easy-to-use, highly functional and configurable cloud-based software designed to manage payroll processes for businesses of all sizes.

Empxtrack is offering a Payroll and HR software for free that calculates payroll for 25 employees at absolutely no cost. Purchase options available for more employee licenses, advanced configurations and additional features such as Appraisal, Exit, 360 feedback, HRIS and many more.

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Watch the video for step by step instructions to process payroll for an employee

Empxtrack Payroll processing system enables businesses to stay statutory compliant by considering all the taxation rules as per government norms. It captures employee investment declaration for tax benefits and deducts tax according to government laws. It supports multiple salary structures for different salary grades and provides flexibility to modify the salary head amounts for employees in the same grade.

Integration of payroll management system with employee timesheets simplifies payment calculations to be done on different frequencies (weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis) for multiple salary structures. Empxtrack also takes into account the overtime pay and performance incentives to calculate payroll.

Paid versions of empxtrack allow different configuration and customization options. The users can configure the application on their own to meet specific requirements of the company in the paid version of Empxtrack.

To get started with payroll module, click Getting Started with payroll module.

The users of payroll module are: Employee and the HR Manager. The functionalities available to them are as follows:

Employee: An employee in the payroll management system can perform following tasks:

As an Approver, an employee can verify the payroll calculations and approve the payroll so that salaries can be disbursed to the employees. The approver can:
Verify and Approve Payroll as an Approver

HR Manager/ Admin: The HR Manager/ Admin is responsible for configuring payroll management system according to the company’s policies. The payroll configuration is a one-time activity. To configure payroll, the HR Manager/ Admin can perform the following tasks:

Once the payroll is configured, the HR Manager /Admin is responsible for running payroll at the end of each pay period and calculate and distribute salaries of employees. In addition, (s)he is responsible for challan management. The HR Manager/ Admin can perform the following tasks: