Payroll Configurations

This help page explains payroll configurations that helps users to configure the payroll settings as per their company requirements. Map your existing processes and run payroll accurately. Generate payslips and disburse salaries in just a click.

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Setup Payroll Configurations

To configure the payroll configurations, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an HR Manager/ HR Admin.
  2. On the Dashboards homepage, click Product configurations. Under Payroll settings, click Configure Payroll. This page has various payroll settings that can be configured for payroll processing.
payroll configurations

Figure 1

Let’s explore each of these payroll settings:

Global Settings

    • Select an option for the Pay period type. A pay period is the amount of time that an employee works before being paid, for example a week or a month. Monthly frequency is selected by default to calculate the salaries of employees. You can set the pay period type as Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly or Bi-weekly, as per your company rule.
payroll configurations

Figure 2

Note: Multiple options for pay period type are available in Empxtrack enterprise version.

    • In the Steps for payroll processing, select the steps you will use for processing your company payroll. Some steps are already selected as they are mandatory (such as Pre-payroll Processing and Calculate payroll). Select the Verification checkbox and then specify the name of the approver in the text field.

Tip: Setting an approver allows you to get the salary calculations rechecked for any errors by the authorized approver before finalizing it. After the salaries are finalized, you cannot make any changes to them.

    • Select the checkbox Allow employees to view year-to-date payments and Allow employees to view Tax Advice to allow employees to view year to date details and tax advice respectively. Select Process payroll for all employees for faster loading of the page and processing payroll.
    • Select the appropriate options for the remaining fields such as Allow relationship between salary heads, Display salary breakup to employee (monthly and yearly), HRA calculation mode, Enable claim for employees and Select salary rounding option.
    • Click Update to save the global settings.

Configure investment declaration

Initiate investment declaration for employees for the current financial year. Refer to the help on setup investment declarations to view stepwise instructions on how to initiate the investment declaration process.

Company settings

Setup your company information in this section. This information is required for generation of various statutory forms. Refer to the help on configure company settings to view stepwise instructions on how to set up the company and its financial details.

Form 24Q settings

Setup details for 24Q form including company details and authorized signatory details. Learn steps to generate Form 24Q.
payroll configurations
Figure 3

Payroll variables

Setup all the payroll heads as per your company needs. Refer to the help page to configure payroll variables to learn how you can customize variables by activating or deactivating them, modifying their labels, and setting their order of appearance.

Setup Report variables in payroll configurations

Setup payroll heads used in your company to generate reports. Refer setup report variables help page to learn stepwise instructions to configure variables by activating or deactivating them.


Setup global variables and constants for payroll processing. The constants are dependent on the region in which payroll processing is taking place.
payroll configurations
Figure 4

Select payslip template

Empxtrack offers 3 payslip templates (Standard, Simple and Professional). Select anyone of your choice. In addition, there is an option to hide confidential details in the employee‘s payslip. You can click on the confidential data view checkbox to hide sensitive payroll related information. To customize your payslip template please contact the Empxtrack team, or convey to your account manager if you are using an enterprise version of Empxtrack.

Design payslip

Design and format a payslip to map your company requirements. Setup salary breakup into various components along with deductions, taxes, accrual, PF and ESI details. Refer to design payslip to learn stepwise instructions.
Note: The option to design pay slips is available in Empxtrack enterprise version.

Manage pay periods

Generate pay-periods for the selected financial year. To generate a new financial year, click Add financial year and input the start year and end year for which you want to generate the financial year. The dates are automatically selected based on Time Settings.
Figure 5
Select a financial year from the dropdown, and mark it current. Then select the pay period type. Specify the start date for the Pay Period using calendar control. Click Generate pay periods.
Figure 6
The pay periods are generated successfully. You can edit the date of pay periods if as per the payroll cycle of your organization.

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