Getting Started with Payroll Module

Getting started with payroll module is a help page that allows you to configure payroll for getting started with processing payroll in Empxtrack system. Configuration of payroll management system is a one-time activity that can be done prior to running payroll for the first time.

Configure and Process Payroll in Empxtrack

To get started with the payroll module, click on the links given below in the flowchart and view step-wise instructions to get more information on payroll configuration and processing in Empxtrack.

Getting Started with Payroll Management System

Set financial yearSet pay periodSet approval mechanismEnable investmentsSetup RemindersSetup variables and rulesSetup payroll report variablesupload salary structureInput/upload Employee salaryEnter company informationSetup monthly sheetCalculate payrollSend payroll for approvalFor payslipFinalize and disburse payrollDisburse payrollShare payslips on emailPayroll reports

Watch the video on how to configure payroll settings