Generate Form 24Q

Form 24Q is a statement that an employer needs to submit to the income tax department on quarterly basis. With Empxtrack, generate form 24Q that contains details of the salary paid and tax deducted from the employees by the company.

The system automatically generates the form 24Q in .txt file that you can validate using File Validation Utility (a freely downloadable utility from NSDL website) and after validation, the returns should be submitted to the department.

To generate Form 24Q text file, you need to:

1.  Log into the system as HR Manager / HR Admin.
2.  On the Homepage, click on the Payroll tab. A new page appears where Process Payroll tab is opened. Under Payroll shortcuts, click View statutory reports tab.

Generate Form 24Q

Figure 1

Note: It is important to capture challans to generate quarterly returns and Form 24Q. You can capture challans once you have paid taxes and generated the challan information. Learn how to Capture Multiple Challans.

Generate Form 24Q

 Figure 2

3.  Click Form 24Q link.

The Form 24Q page appears, as shown in Figure 3.

4. Select the financial period for which you want to generate the Form 24Q from the Financial period dropdown.

5.  Select the quarter for which you want to generate the Form 24Q from the Quarters dropdown.

6. Select your company from the Company field.

7. Click Generate Form 24Q.

Generate Form 24Q

Figure 3

The File Download dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 4. You can now save the automatically generated Form 24Q text file on your computer.

Generate Form 24Q

 Figure 4

8.  Click OK to open the file on your computer. You can even save the file.

Figure 5

You can now validate the file with the File Validation Utility (FVU). It is mandatory to validate the TDS returns with File Validation Utility to confirm the requirements as expected by the Income tax department.
If File Validation is successful, FVU generates a Report file with the Statistics of the return and a *.FVU file. The *.FVU file is to be copied to a pen drive and should be enclosed with a covering Letter (Form 27A) duly signed by the responsible person.

Both letter and the *.FUV file should be submitted to the TIN FC (Taxpayer Identification Number Facilitation Center), which uploads the *.FVU file through SAM (Statement Acceptance Module) and generates an acknowledgment receipt.

9.  Click Cancel to go back to Enter Challan Info page.

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