360 Feedback

This 360 Feedback help page provides a brief description about Empxtrack 360 degree feedback module and its functionalities.

Empxtrack 360 degree review is a cloud-based software that solicits feedback for an employee from multiple stakeholders such as peers, subordinates, juniors, seniors and clients. 360 feedback gives insights into employee development needs, their strengths and weaknesses. With Empxtrack, multiple stakeholders are allowed to participate in the feedback process. It helps an employee to understand how their performance and behavior is perceived at your workplace.

Empxtrack is offering a 360 Feedback software for free that allows the user to conduct 360 reviews for 2 employees with 10 reviewers at absolutely no cost. Purchase options available for more employee feedbacks, additional feedback plans, advanced configurations and additional features such as HRIS, Appraisal, Exit and many more.

The advanced 360 Feedback has configurable plans, option to include external participants, configurable reports, workflows and flexibility to configure list creation while selecting reviewers. For more information, click FAQs.

Reviewers in 360 feedback are the people who may or may not be directly related to the employee. The list of reviewers can be finalized by the employee by following an approval workflow.

Empxtrack 360 degree feedback allows HR Manager/ HR Admin to configure the software according to company specific requirements. Configuration options are available to decide who would initiate 360 feedback, who can view the feedback of the employee and design the 360 feedback form to be used in the organization.

Empxtrack 360 degree feedback allows you to: