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Empxtrack offers multiple dashboards, such as Appraisal status, Bell Curve and Performance potential chart. These manager appraisal dashboards help in making informed decisions.

Note: The steps mentioned below are of Empxtrack Enterprise product.

To access an appraisal dashboard, you need to:

1. Login to the system as a Manager.

2. On the Home page, click the Performance Appraisals tab. Appraisal of my team members page appears where multiple dashboards are given, as shown in Figure 1.

appraisal dashboard

 Figure 1

  • Appraisal status dashboard displays the percentage of appraisals in multiple stages such as Not Initiated, Initiated, Submitted to manager, Submitted to HR manager and Accepted.
  • Appraisal Bell Curve dashboard displays normal distribution of appraisal scores and has a shape reminiscent of a bell. It gives a comparative view between the expected and the actual appraisal score of employees. The graph divides employees into 3 categories – Top performers, Average performers and Low performers.
  • Performance potential chart is important to identify high potential employees and prepare a potential leadership pipeline in an organization. The 9-grid matrix gives a graphical view of the potential and performance ratings for their employees (based on their scores obtained in two appraisal forms). For example, view the performance of both Goals and Competencies for all the team members as shown in Figure 2.

Performance potential chart

3.  Click on a number in the graph to view the list of employees falling in that grid.

For example, click on the grid showing to identify employees whose Goals have Exceeded beyond expectation and posses High Level Proficiency in the Competencies.

manager appraisal dashboard

 Figure 2

A new window appears where details of the employees are shown.

 Figure 3

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