Configure Performance Appraisal Forms

Empxtrack allows to configure performance appraisal forms to add and delete fields, change the order of appearance of existing fields, modify the label of fields and edit the help text on the page.

Watch the video for step by step instructions to configure performance appraisal forms

Note: The steps mentioned below are of Empxtrack Enterprise product.

To configure performance appraisal forms, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an HR Manager or Administrator.
  2. On the Homepage, click on the Product configurations tab.
  3. In the Performance Management section, click on the Appraisal plans link. The Performance Appraisal Plans page appears as shown in Figure 1. The page displays the already existing appraisal plans and allows you to create customized performance appraisal plans.
configure performance appraisal forms

Figure 1

  1. Click View icon to open the appraisal plan that you want configure. A new page appears as shown in Figure 2.
performance appraisal forms

Figure 2

  1. Click Form and Settings tab. This section displays the list of forms that are selected for the appraisal plan and allows you to configure each form as per needs.
configure performance appraisal

Figure 3

Note: Additional forms can be added to an appraisal plan even after appraisal has been initiated for an employee. The workflow state of the existing appraisal is changed as Set Aside before adding and initiating another appraisal plan. If you don’t want to allow initiation of another appraisal plan when the prior appraisal exists, then select the checkbox labelled as Uncheck to allow initiation of another appraisal when a prior(non signed off) appraisal with the plan name and time period exists on the Time & Notification tab as shown in Setup Performance Appraisal Timelines and Notifications.

  1. Click on the corresponding Edit button for a form that you want to configure as shown in the Figure 4.

Figure 4

An appraisal plan is comprised of multiple appraisal forms. Some of the appraisal forms are listed below. You can visit these links to know steps to configure each of these appraisal forms.

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