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The Succession Planning help page provides a brief description about Empxtrack Succession Planning module and its functionalities.

Empxtrack Succession Planning is a cloud based solution that helps in determining key leadership roles, identify high potential employees, provide mentoring and creates a succession pipeline to fill in vacant key positions that are critical to meet an organization’s strategic and operational objectives.

Empxtrack follows a systematic process to identify and recognize high potential employees (HIPOs) using a 9 or 12 grid matrix. Development programs are carried out to mentor top performers and customized training and cross-functional programs to nurture and retain potential successors.

Leadership can identify critical positions, at-risk candidates, and design formal leadership development programs. They can create short, medium and long-term succession plans for each key position. Competency-based talent pipeline can be built to strategically fill critical positions created by unexpected retirements or exits.

The Succession Planning module is highly customizable and can map to your company’s requirements.

With Succession Planning module, you can: