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This training management help page gives a brief description about Empxtrack Training Management module and its functionalities.
Organizing trainings for the employees is one of the most important strategies of an organization to ensure optimum utilization of human resources. Through trainings, organizations can increase the job knowledge and skills of employees at each level. The trainings not only allow the organization to achieve its organizational goals but they also allow employees of achieve their individual goals of personal development.

The benefits of training are intangible and investing in training is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. The employees feel growth and personal satisfaction and the employer gets skilled employees in the organization in reduced cost. Providing trainings to the existing employees is less expensive as compared to hiring skilled people in the company.

Need of training usually arises due to advancement in technology, improvement in performance or for professional development of employees. Typically, all the skills required in a company can be fulfilled by the internal trainings but sometimes the trainings need to be outsourced.

How does the Module Work

Empxtrack training module allows you to take care of all the internal and external trainings efficiently by allowing you to maintain a database of trainers, trainings, and cost. It allows you to create skill sheets for employees and provides a customizable training needs identification workflow. The managers can nominate employees on different programs. The training manager/ HR manager creates a Training Calendar for employees in the organization and collects feedback from trainees, trainers, and managers.

In addition, it provides comprehensive analytics and dashboards to monitor training effectiveness, cost incurred on training and various other parameters.

With training management module, you can: