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This Applicant Tracking System help page provides a brief description about Empxtrack Applicant Tracking System module and its functionalities.

Empxtrack Applicant Tracking System simplifies hiring process in your organization. The hiring workflow is as follow:

  1. HR Manager or manager creates a job requirement for the vacant job position, depending upon the hiring requirement in the team. The job created by Manager needs to be approved. HR Manager can also add a recruitment agency to fill the open job positions.
  2. On the company job portal, the HR Manager publishes the job for internal and external candidates. Not all open job positions are applicable to internal candidates.
  3. Candidates can apply for the job, depending upon the skills and competencies needed for the open job position.
  4. HR searches the candidates and manages candidate information.
  5. Then HR shortlist the resumes for the job vacancy sent by internal and external candidates.
  6. HR Manager assigns an interviewer and test coordinator to the shortlisted candidates.
  7. The interviews are conducted and interviewer can fill in the scores for each  candidate that has appeared for the test and interview. The interviewer submits interview or test feedback to the HR Manager.
  8. Based on the scores, the candidates are finalized and HR perform their reference check.
  9. The recruiter makes a job offer to the final candidate(s).

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