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This Employee Onboarding help page provides a brief description about Empxtrack Employee Onboarding module and its functionalities.

Employee onboarding is a systematic approach to prepare new hires for the job role. The process is implemented to speed up onboarding formalities and make new hires feel comfortable, supported and welcomed in the organization. This leads to increased employee engagement, increased productivity and high performance results.

Empxtrack makes employee onboarding a paperless process and enables an employer to engage their new hires even before their joining. With Empxtrack, HR can prepare a checklist of onboarding tasks to streamline the process in an efficient way.

Empxtrack employee onboarding software, a cloud-based solution, allows HR to configure onboarding forms to map company requirements. The Onboarding manager or HR can initiate the onboarding process for a candidate and provide the candidate a URL on which (s)he can put the personal as well as professional details and submit the form to the onboarding manager. The onboarding manager then fill other job related details of the candidate and submits the form to the HRIS database. An employee code is generated for the candidate and and the candidate becomes the employee of the company.

Empxtrack employee onboarding software allows you to: