Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.45 releases.

Date: 29 Sep 2017
Functional changes

  • Added a mechanism to download and upload forms in onboarding. This will allow an organization to save a PDF/word document with an onboarding form, the employee to download the same, fill in the fields and upload the saved document.
  • Added capability to add many more fields to project allocation
  • Added capabilities to add competencies based on employee fields in the competency form for appraisal. This will help in reducing the number of forms being used in performance appraisals.
  • Capability to add a projects description that will be visible to employees.

Technical changes

  • Resolved issue of visibility of employee custom fields on company directory.
  • Credit visibility of disabled leave types has been resolved.
  • Shift allocation on projects has been implemented.
  • Page rendering improvements has been done for my profile,career profile page
  • Separation of travel and expense configurations.
  • Issue resolved on copy prior appraisal goals for next year goal setup.
  • getAllLeaveRecords api method to get leave records on all the selected states.
    emp.leave.api.applicable.states =
  • Issue fixes on salary structure while assigning employee on bucket heads.
  • Resolved code issues in attendance for improving performance of displaying monthly employee attendance dashboard for one or more employees.
  • Removal of usage of custom fields in the expense application. New fields have been added in the database to handle custom requirements.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.42-6.44 releases.

Date: 18 Sep 2017
Functional changes

  • Home tab visibility has been changed. We are trying to incorporate a mobile look and completely remove tabs. The shortcuts for various pages such as leave, expense, My salary details and others have been changed as well.
  • Appraisal dashboard has been implemented on team appraisal.
  • Goalsheet dashboard has been implemented on team goal.
  • Download/upload concept has been implemented for onboarding forms. Now you can attach a document with an on-boarding form. The candidate can download the document and upload the filled in document. This will be specially useful for onboarding forms that need specific formats, mandatory employee signatures etc.
  • Performance appraisal competency form has a new option of allowing a mapping of competency attributes to employees (based on specific search criteria). As an example, all employees with specific department can have a specific competency set using this feature. You will not need to create multiple forms to handle these scenarios.
  • Printable form of PIP has been implemented.
  • Allocation of shifts based on projects has been implemented. This is a very significant change that will allow organizations to implement employee scheduling based on multiple criteria. A project configuration section added to enable this feature with a number of configuration options.
  • Added an option to set calendar invite event in employee communication functionality. HR Manager while making an announcement on Employee Communication functionality (say a company party announcement) can setup a calendar invite. This will send an invite to all employees to whom the communication has been sent.
  • Assign employees to project has been changed. Now its stores more information like %age utilization, hourly rate and many other fields.
  • Added Project description field in the project. This can contain details on the project that may be made available to employees too.
  • 360 Feedback and Surveys had a common rating for all attributes. This has been changed to allow individual ratings for attributes, if required.

Technical changes

  • Multi workflow appraisal plans (such as PIP) have added support for different visibility right with respect to workflows.
  • Significant improvements in page rendering and optimization in code for My profile, Career Profile and Edit profile pages.
  • Custom fields visibility has been enabled in Company Directory.
  • Issue resolved where HR (with full edit permissions) could not edit multiple employees via Multiple Employee Update.
  • Disable leave types were visible while crediting leave manually. This issue has been resolved.
  • Double invocation of common script files has been removed by optimization of the calls to javascript.
  • Likewise, global javascript variable initialization now happens at a single place. Earlier, this was being invoked multiple times.
  • Separation of configurations for Travel and Expense settings.
  • Displaying job request in descending order of created on by default in manage applicant tracking page.
  • Bug resolve on print appraisal form. Template name now its driven by form id.
  • Handling custom workflow messages had bugs in specific cases. This has been fixed.
  • Issue resolve on copy prior appraisal goals for next year goal setup.
  • Issue on manager initiated 360 feedback resolved.
  • Encrypted Links in notification emails had challenges in specific browsers. Added UTF-8 conversion to the encrypted links for browser compatibility. Impact: Encrypted links in emails sent prior to this release will not work any more.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.33-6.41 releases.

Date: 08 Aug 2017
Functional changes

  • Changes to compensation planning and management module with capabilities added for allocation of budgets to managers.
  • Capture of all employment related fields when an on-boarding is initiated by HR. This will allow the setup of the fields prior to the employee getting inducted into the company.
  • Movement of offer letter salary structure to HRIS automatically when an offer is made in applicant tracking module and the employee is on-boarded.
  • Options added in exit management page to display exit data by last date in company or resignation date. This property will be setup based on individual client requirements.
  • Added the concept of tracking sheets in Goal Setting module. Goals can be marked as trackable and associated tracking can be associated with each goal. A tracking sheet can be created for a frequency (say monthly) that will contain all the goals associated with the tracking frequency. The employees can fill in their achievement and this will remain stored on the goal sheet and also imported into the performance appraisal.
  • Attendance page allows a pop-up for leave application. This is allowing an integration between leave and attendance.
  • Validations added for compensatory off leave type in the default product which includes no of days allowed, application date cannot be before the acquire date and locking of an acquired leave when a compensatory off has been applied (to prevent duplication)
  • Dashboard on My Leave page has been mapped to the same dashboard as Manage Leave page.
  • Added automatic mileage calculator in expense that will allow the automatic reimbursement to be calculated when an employee selects a mileage type.
  • The goalsheet page for managers now display goal achievement charts. Clicking on the individual bars displays all goals related to the specific level of achievement. Further, added charts and graphs for each individual employee to allow the manager to identify the achievement for each employee on a single page. The user interface for goal setting and tracking has been completely revamped.
  • For a dual workflow process such as performance improvement plan, added workflow based permission and visibility rules instead of global visibility rules. This will allow different edit and view rights while setting the performance targets and capturing achievements.

Technical changes

  • Upgrade of JDBC Connector
  • User interface improvements (mobile access enablement) for Employee advanced search page.
  • Added a new filter in advanced search that displays all the global groups. This will allow the identification of all employees belonging to the specific group.
  • Improvement in user interface for report attributes selection on the mobile mode.
  • Improvements in the layout of the payslip design page.
  • Improvements in the user interface of Add new employee page.
  • Configuration settings added to Goal Sheet configuration to enable/disable the fields capture expected and actual completion date of goals.
  • Default selection of current performance appraisal when more than one appraisal is available in a given time period.
  • Addition of Edit and View controls on the My Career Profile page mapping to the functionality already available in the My Profile page.
  • Fixes of some candidate selection issues in the search resume and short list candidates functionality.
  • Major improvements in customization capabilities on the java script level. The customized functions will only need to be overridden for the specific customer instead of update to the entire JS file. This decreases maintenance issues and allows easier upgrades when new functionality is added.
  • Added property display progress bar in goal sheet form of performance appraisal configuration that can allow the display or hiding of this property based on customer needs.
  • Improvement in performance of attendance reports and leave reports by adding parameters to interim persistence table for attendance regularization and leave requests. This significantly decreases the loading time for the attendance and leave pages.
  • Optimizations on the different fonts to allow caching and easier access. Helpful during low bandwidth situations.
  • Added leave status field in getAllLeaveRecords API call.
  • Fixed issues related to manage expense records in Employee Exit functionality.
  • Candidate resume was not getting uploaded for certain file sizes and formats. Fixed the issue.
  • PDF report being sent on email had some document format issues. Resolved these.
  • The user interface for job description KRAs has been improved to match the user interface for goal sheet. The attributes set for the goal sheet are mapped to the attributes for KRAs in job descriptions.
  • Fixes to View achievements report
  • Performance improvements in saving of property files whenever these are changed because of setting changes. Only updates will be persisted to the database (instead of full files) and direct updates of cache for significant increase in performance.
  • saveAndSubmit action added as a default action in the workflow creation.
  • Succession planning and Training management URL and sandwich icon issues have been fixed. Encrypted URLs were creating issues on these pages.
  • While updating other employee details, the correct HR manager was not getting selected. This issue has been resolved.
  • Property added to the application to avoid display of charts – if required. Without charts, the data for the entire year will display automatically, instead of the data to be displayed for a specific month.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.30-6.32 release.

Date: 21 June 2017
Functional changes

  • Added options to add multiple candidates in applicant tracking to allow mass recruitment (say open-house or college level recruitment).
  • Added various options to letter templates viz. Marking template as inactive/active, download generated letter, filter of letters by template.
  • Options to change template based letter while generating letters has been removed. This will be only possible from the letter master.
  • Added options to initialize payroll constants based on financial year. This will allow easy incorporation of rule changes from the front-end.
  • Upgrade of API to conform it to the standard API output standards. Added support for earlier API calls too
  • Addition of 4 new methods in API viz getAllLeaveRecords, getAllTravelRecordsInDateRange, getAllExpenseRecordsInDateRange, getAllTimesheetRecordsInDateRange. Added a calendar option in the Test API Invocation mechanism.
  • Changed to API URL generation based on new tomcat URL rules.
  • Setup the mechanism for dynamic code injection in client request upgrades and implementations. This new mechanism will allow dynamic-code-injection without any impact to underlying business logic files for customer implementation and help in the rapid deployment.
  • Added an option in HRIS employee basic details that will ignore email sending to the selected employees. This is typically required when the employees do not have a valid email id and/or the organization does not want to send an email to them through notifications.
  • Removed all the edit options from the HRIS employee profile edit or add new employee functionality. On the desktop, mouse hover will allow the edit button to display. On the mobile, the tap option will display the edit button. This greatly improves the user experience in using empxtrack.
  • Upgraded the manage exit dashboard to reflect exit trends in a monthly manner. This will allow a month-to-month analysis. Further, one can drill down and view the exit details for each month and the status for the same.

Technical changes

  • Employee userName field added to reports. It was only accessible via employee profile.
  • Improvements in user interface of organization chart.
  • Fixes to issues in download of payslips (PDF format) in Google Chrome.
  • Significant improvements in letter generation and email sending. All letter templates will now be stored in the database (instead of in xml files). Letters can be given options for both emails and/or letter generation functionality.
  • Addition of functionality in 52-week goal sheet. Added options for managing state of goal sheets.
  • Changes in code for executeCall and viewRecordForEdit method to support Filetransfer object used to upload and download files
  • Payroll investment head issue not being visible in some specific cases has been resolved.
  • Fixes to head count report. Accurate data will be displayed on different dashboards (main dashboard on home page, exit dashboard)
  • Major code revamp with centralization of all DWR calls to one class. While this is an internal code level change, it helps implement centralization of all calls and increases security. All different methods and calls have been eliminated. This will also allow the invocation of different methods without the calls to respective java script files.
  • User interface improvements to header section for all pages. Now only 3 lines will show up with an option to display the entire section (if required).
  • Upgrade of application to work on Tomcat 8, Java 8. Upgrade of all the associated Jar files and libraries.
  • Recruitment: Unable to download JD has been resolved.
  • Issues in moving onboarding data from onboarding system to HRIS has been resolved.
  • Issues while creation of time period in special cases has been resolved.
  • Fixed issues in compensation functionality. Now in the budget mode, managers can be allocated split budgets.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.28-6.29 release.

Date: 28 Apr 2017
Functional changes

  • Added upload functionality for Job Description goals. This will allow companies to quickly setup JDs.
  • Added options to Job Description goals for the addition of tasks and measures.
  • Monthly House Rent Allowance values can now be saved and updated in the investment declaration. This will allow employees to change their HRA values on a monthly basis and is helpful for the correct calculation of tax deductions.
  • Added fields cost center and reservation category fields in HRIS.
  • Navigation and UI fixes on the Job Portal application.
  • Added visibility of restricted holidays on the employee view of holiday calendar.
  • Added options in Attendance for different workflows for different groups of employees. This will allow senior management to regularize their attendance without any approvals.
  • Updates to India Payroll to support taxation changes for 2017. Full list of changes will be available on a blog.
  • Added functionality in HR Manager options that will allow HR Manager to make state changes to any workflow from a single screen. (Note: we are working on the leave application state changes since it has leave balance implications).
  • Added the expense type tag for each expense item.
  • Added options for auto-sending of emails to candidates, recruitment agencies when appropriate events happens in the applicant tracking system.

Technical changes

  • Added features for increasing security on web-pages. Code review to remove any hidden field that may identify non logged-in users data.
  • Incorporated code and system changes to map to ADP security and compliance requirements. Update of Tomcat to latest version (with associated changes to Jar files and java code). Update of apache setup.
  • Hardening of all application servers to meet stringent penetration test requirements
  • Changes to logging to prevent the saving of employee credentials during login (SSO, SAML, direct login)
  • Improvements in application performance in context of many criteria.
  • HRIS Fields, that are marked as visible to HR Manager, will be accessible in the API and reports automatically.
  • Fixes to cookies when the login cookie was not getting updated when user changed their password.
  • Added an option to optionally prevent the display of full employee data on pop-up view when we hover the mouse on the employee record. This is helpful in cases where a large employee population is seen on a page. Rendering of the page is delayed.
  • Improvement in the hopscotch implementation with introduction of inter-page navigation in the Free Trial. Also enabled the same in the Free Trial.
  • Rendering of employee fields through an iterator instead of hard-coding them on a page. This will allow us to set the order of the fields and custom fields can be put alongside fixed fields by the implementation teams. This has impacted View Personal Profile, Career Profile, Add new employee, Edit Employee, View Career Profile pages.
  • Fixes to update multiple employee functionality. Specific fields were not getting updated.
  • Changes in the creation of tenant from ADP. Added options for clearing test data, import of ADP data and automatic import of manager relationships as also import of active employees (instead of all employees).
  • Fixes to timesheet when an error was displayed when an employee submitted a blank timesheet.
  • Update to stylesheets in mobile mode. The sandwich menu icon was not showing correctly in multiple pages.
  • Added Calibri font to the system – This font is being used by multiple customers in the design of payslips. Also added options for introduction of new fonts as an when required.
  • URL with parameters (within the application) cannot have special characters such as carat, pipe etc as per the new tomcat specification. Fixed all areas where these strings were getting generated.
  • Improvements in multiple functions of calc-engine. getEmployee can read an employee on various employee fields (such as user name, email, emp no), added function getCSVData to allow the reading of specific column of a CSV file. This will be used for mail-merge functionality for letters and emails.
  • Fixes to group creation functionality. Error was showing up in specific cases.
  • Pagination has been added in promotion and transfer page.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.26,6.27 release.

Date: 25 March 2017
Functional changes

  • Restrictions added to paid time off to restrict a leave to be applied (or leave days) in a given period (time period, calendar year etc.)
  • Leave has options for enable and disable. This will allow you to disable specific leave types for a given timeframe. Employees will not be able to apply for a disabled leave. Helpful during end of the year when new balances are getting uploaded.
  • Updates to WFH (work from home) logic. Integration with attendance to show availability (rather than time off).
  • Added options for different leave categories: Regular leave, Leave without pay, Work from home, Compensatory off, Restricted holiday.
  • Employee salary structure addition or update is now workflow enabled.
  • Improvements in user interface for leave from both employee and manager end.
  • Added options for tasks and measures in goalsheet form in appraisal.
  • Improvements in timesheet. Managers can create and setup timesheets for employees.
  • Copy option added in timesheet. Employees or managers can copy time from an earlier period to the current period for an easy timesheet entry.
  • Added options for capture of monthly HRA (house rent allowance) values. This will allow employees to enter variation in their monthly rental values. The system will automatically calculate the appropriate HRA deductions from the salary while calculation of taxes.

Technical changes

  • Fixes to ADP WorkforceNow integration. Complete buy, subscription updates and changes, ADP SSO enabled, integration with both worker and credential api for data gets.
  • Multiple security fixes in application. Removal of redundant classes, hidden fields
  • Auto backup (audit trail) of appraisal ratings whenever a save happens to prevent an inadvertent loss of data.
  • Enabling of specific field updates on Save / submit based on employee role in an appraisal
  • Extensions added to workflow code and introduction of a new calc-engine function to allow extensions to be used in any template.
  • Improvements in user interface of the menus with cleaner interface and standard sizing options.
  • Fixes to manage ratings
  • Enablement of custom workflow on 360 Feedback appraiser selection process.
  • Fixes to applicant tracking module – candidate communication had some issues.
  • Additions to custom workflows. Added options for messages (conditional and calc-engine code) and state change (direct or conditional calc-engine code)
  • Fixed some issues in sorting and other calc-engine functions.
  • Optimization to struts config file. Removal of all legacy entries.
  • Data importer will store all the old data import values to maintain audit trail of all data uploaded in empxtrack. Earlier, the data was overwritten.
  • Improvements in user interface on goal sheet form in appraisal.
  • Uploading of Job Description goals has been improved and bugs removed from the same

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.24,6.25 release.

Date: 09 February 2017
Functional changes

  • Employee can view their past 360 feedback on the My performance page.
  • Options for addition of customer logo and formula fields in payroll template using user interface.
  • View achievement report for specific date range and selected employees has been implemented for managers roles. The report will allow managers to view employee achievements for a given date range.
  • User interface improvements in printable goal sheet page.
  • Added remember me functionality and this feature is enabled by default for all clients. The logoff button and the help page are now available next to the employee photograph thereby preventing a user from clicking Logoff.
  • Improvements in leave dashboard page.

Technical changes

  • Performance improvements in trial tenant creation by using direct linux insert commands on the database.
  • Fixes to expense records. Total amount was not reflected correctly if the manager or hr made changes.
  • ADP WorkflowNow integration enabled. Subscription, Credential API invocation, Worker API invocation and invocation of OpenId based SSO are all enabled for ADP marketplace purchase.
  • Fixes to holiday calendar where different regions may have differently name holidays on the same date.
  • Fixes to shift allocation.
  • Fixes to view of job description by external candidates in applicant tracking module.
  • Fixes to Empxtrack API methods to provide cleaner JSON. Fixes to some methods such as identifyEmployeeIds
  • Saigun Support help desk will be able to login as the employee who has masquerade permissions.
  • Employees using Saigun Support Desk will have to provide a reason for access to a client tenant. Also provided an audit trail for this.
  • If there is no data for a given date on scheduled reports, a blank report was being dispatched. Now no report will be sent in this case.
  • Significant improvements in the pop-up dialog box code and jquery classes. The new dialog boxes are more responsive, have a faster display time and accommodate to size requirements more easily.
  • Read-only permissions for CEO and other roles were not displaying employee records. This has been fixed.
  • User interface improvements for printable view of expense and travel records.
  • Separation of trial and live databases. Now the Free trial will run on a separate server and database allowing higher capacity for live customers.
  • Mechanism added for moving a trial account to a live account on the purchase.
  • Added 2 filters in reports – next month and next month (ignore year)
  • Fixed the issues with display of country and state in address report.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.23 release.

Date: 23 December 2016
Functional changes

  • Improvements in leave dashboards. Monthly view added for easy display and analysis.
  • Improvements in view attendance dashboards.
  • Added options for next year goal sheet in performance appraisal. The goals added in this form will automatically populate in the current goals in next years appraisal. Added options in the goal setting configuration to allow this to work.
  • Travel, Expense, Leave: Record sorting order has been implemented. The latest records show up on the top. Earlier the order was by employee names.
  • Expense applications are completely integrated with travel and the two can be linked together. Further, when a travel has been linked to an expense request, the travel request cannot be used again for expense submissions.
  • Display of yearly and monthly values in salary structure.
  • Calculation of performance appraisal score was incorrect when weights of goals were disabled. If weights are disabled, each goal will have an equal weight automatically and appropriate scores will be calculated.

Technical changes

  • Addition of Indian rupee symbol for payslips and other monetory reports. Changes to the Database to allow extended UTF-8 charset for this.
  • Significant performance improvements in the creation of a new tenant.
  • Improvements to user interface of company goalsheet page and smoothening
  • Fixes to module display (and hide) for HR Managers when specific modules are setup in HR Manager groups. There were some conflicts in module allocation because of which the HR Managers could not view their entire allocation. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed issues in multiple tables such that extended UTF-8 char set can be loaded correctly. This was leading to issues in data import.
  • Improvements in benefits user interface
  • Fixed issues in 360 Feedback reviewer page. The page did not refresh correctly when a time period changed.
  • Fixed issues in payroll pay-slip view. Payslips were visible partially when salary was uploaded manually.
  • Fixes to travel and expense module where total values were not being updated correctly post approvals.
  • Display of leave status on attendance and timesheet dashboard was not happening correctly.
  • Fixes to travel and expense configurations which were not saving correctly.
  • Generation of excel files names was failing in reports when an invalid name was provided by customer. Appropriate name changes have been done during generation.
  • Improvements in report generation and download with correct stylesheets for headers.
  • Issues resolved in hourly leave encashment.
  • Fixes to compensation module where some exception were showing up when a performance appraisal did not exist for employees.
  • Corrected the display of user comments on various pages. In case user added HTML in their comments (by using the rich text editor), the display used to break up.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.22 release.

Date: 25 Nov 2016
Functional changes

  • Major improvements in user interface for payroll processing. Added a single page interface that allows a very intuitive and easy to use view for both pre-processing and processing of payroll.
  • Addition of editable goal sheet in the performance appraisal that can capture achievements throughout the year – both by employees and managers. Goals added in appraisal can further be linked to company goals.
  • Achievements can be captured on goal sheets with an on-page view and edit. Employees can capture their achievements throughout the year.
  • Options added to remove weights and pretty much any field on the goal sheet through configurations. The goal statement field has been changed to allow unlimited text and we can avoid the description field altogether.
  • Added option for 3 mode performance appraisal plan. The 3 modes are: Rating only, Rating and achievement capture mode and achievement capture mode only. Also added rights for hr managers (and employees, managers) to optionally change the mode for the performance appraisal. This feature will allow the performance appraisal to be in achievement capture mode throughout the year and be converted to rating mode at the end of the year. Achievements can be captured for both goals and competency sections through configurations.
  • Added a next-year goalsheet option in performance appraisal. The new performance appraisal, while initialization will copy the “next-year” goalsheet from the prior appraisal if this option is selected. Now we offer 4 modes for goal sheet setup in performance appraisal. Goals created within the performance appraisal, Goals from goal sheet, Goals from employees job description and Goals from prior appraisals “next-year” goal sheet.
  • Performance appraisal goalsheet form has many new configuration options including the option to decide on attributes, selection of time periods, achievement capture.
  • HR Managers will have the option to change the state of performance appraisal, goalsheet from the all employee view. They will not need to go to the Manage processes tab.
  • Performance appraisal initiation was associated with the current time period automatically. The HR Manager (or whosoever initiates the appraisal) now has the specify the time period during the appraisal initiation.
  • Manager has an option to add goals for all his team members at one time and also linking it to his personal goals or company goals. The option is available on the Manage/Goalsheet option and is available when the equivalent configuration options are checked. This option when enabled ignores the state of the goalsheet while adding the goal.
  • Option added for ignoring workflows in Goalsheet module. We observed that workflows, when enabled, are fairly restrictive in editing permissions based on states and have added an option where workflows can be ignored completely. Goalsheets can be edited any time by the employee or manager when this choice is enabled.
  • Display of the new currency symbol for Indian Rupee.

Technical changes

  • Payroll configuration settings improvements with choices for company specific settings added to configurations. Also separated the employee payroll preferences to the hr manager tab.
  • Closing of dialog box issues on mobile phones has been resolved. The dialog box did not close some times when the action was completed.
  • Major improvements in user interface on appraisal and goal setting.
  • Fixes to enrollment where timeout issues led to an error post enrollment.
  • Improvements in User Interface on the home page. Now we are offering complete control to enable/disable the widgets through home page layout settings.
  • Improvements in user interface of performance appraisal. The form tab now displays in a static mode to allow users to navigate more easily among the different appraisal forms.
  • In payroll processing, only the active variable will be displayed in the adjustment options. Earlier all variables that were setup were displaying although they may have been marked inactive.
  • Added custom workflows (non xml based workflows) for all objects in the default product. Also enabled an option in workflow to make it a global workflow such that it is accessible by all objects.
  • Added checkboxes on all messages on home page for easier hiding of notifications.
  • In scheduled reports, if there is no data, the system will not send an empty attachment. It now sends an email indicating that there are no records.
  • Improvements in user interface of expense sheet.
  • View attendance dashboard has been converted to a line chart instead of bar chart for improved visibility and analysis.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.20, 6.21 release.

Date: 21 Oct 2016
Functional changes

  • Goalsheet in the employee career profile will not display the individual goals. Instead the profile displays all the goalsheets of an employee that can be individually viewed by clicking on them.
  • Option added in user-created report to filter on set of employees or groups. This will allow you to intersect data in the custom reports in your desired manner.
  • Allowed the application of restricted holiday on a weekend since weekends could be defined for a different group of employees and restricted holiday for a different group.
  • Optional display of weekends on the holiday calendar by the introduction of a checkbox.
  • Filters added to the exit module to allow filtration of employees by resignation date and last date in company. This will allow HR to manage the exit process more effectively.
  • Goalsheet in performance appraisal now follows the same format as the goalsheet module.
  • Deleted record (during workflow approval) now explicitly displays the deleted record icon. Earlier HR was not clear on what change was made.
  • All date fields in reports have additional values now such as This week, Previous Week, This month, Previous month, This month (ignore year), Previous month (ignore year), This year, previous year, Current Financial Year, Current Time Period. This feature helps in scheduling reports that will automatically calculate the dates for the relevant period and extract the report.
  • Added functionality to edit user created custom reports.
  • Added functionality to custom workflows such that these can be applied to all object types. Introduced addition of global workflows.
  • Updates to payroll with rework on variables for display in payslip design, addition of PAN#, PF# as confidential ids, addition of new variable gross earnings.

Technical changes

  • In the appraisal multi-employee select mode, the attributes are now displayed in a sorted order.
  • Improvement in mobile user interface and bug fixes the multi-employee mode appraisal.
  • All uploads and downloads are now mapped to the HRIS field mapping. This ensures that the uploads and downloads conform to your data fields.
  • Fixed issues in the custom workflows where the module applicability of a role was not checked. As an example an HR Manager was picked up in the custom workflow for leave when the HR Manager did not have the leave module permissions.
  • Improvements in user interface of the career page.
  • Removed the options of creation of travel requests and expense requests from the career profile page.
  • Added a new calc engine primitive !isType(“number|decimal|string|array|date|AbstractObject”, object) to calc-engine. This will allow the parsing and checking of data while doing API integration.
  • Optimizations in running of the filters. These were typically being run multiple times in the dashboard screens leading to performance bottlenecks.
  • Fixes to opening of a goalsheet (by employee or manager) when the total weight was not 100. The system was giving an error earlier.
  • Improvements in running of quartz scheduler and debugging its output.
  • Improvements in user interface during workflow approvals of employee hris data changes. Some fields did not reflect as changed when submitted by employees.
  • Improvements in user interface for disciplinary incident. Further, selection of employee on whom discipline is to be tracked can now be selected through a common search.
  • Leave encashment display record issues resolved.
  • Bug fixes on hobbies and language section of employee details.
  • Improvements in User Interface for attendance configuration.
  • Setup of groups had an issue where a space character was added when modules were setup for group assignment. This has been resolved and fixed.
  • Improvements in user interface of the benefits module. Also improvements in the layout of the benefits enrolled by the employee and life event based changes.
  • Validation added on Add weekend and Add holiday sections of Setup Holiday Calendar.
  • UI improvements to Add Sub-category of Setup Ticket Help-desk Configuration
  • UI improvements to Expense configuration in travel and expense module.
  • Added functionality for setup of common group of properties through a common user interface that can be easily setup through properties.
  • Fixed issues associated with attendance regularization when 2 requests were getting submitted for the same date (when the first one was rejected by the manager).
  • Fixed issue related to date of birth field for an employee. If the field was disabled in HRIS, the edit of an employee was restricted.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.18, 6.19 release.

Date: 16 Sep 2016
Functional changes

  • Significant improvements in user interface for free trial functionality.
  • Completion of correction action / PIP modules.
  • Archival of disciplinary incidents added to allow these to be hidden from view.
  • Exit option added to Corrective action module that will directly link the 2 modules.
  • Fixes to on-boarding module layout and user-interface. The functionality is much simpler to use and follows the standard button layout. Further during candidate on-boarding, Next form option added for easy navigation on mobile.
  • Added functionality for identifying user location (geo-tagging) when they logon to empxtrack. This can be enabled as a property for specific tenants – on an as required basis.
  • Manage requests page removed and instead added links View updates to personal data.
  • Attendance regularization requests sub link added in view attendance page for managers to approved pending requests.
  • Attendance dashboard will not display incomplete status for future dates. Will only show leave states.
  • SSO integration with okta has been implemented and is available for all customers.
  • Improvements in the sandwich menu button. The first item shows as a clickable link and other options if available will show in the drop down.
  • Improvements in capture of goal achievements. Now a clickable box allows the pop-up to show up.
  • Reward page has been improved with merging of links on a single page for easy access.
  • All goalsheets display in the My Career and View Career Profile pages instead of just the current goal-sheet.

Technical changes

  • Introduction of a new grey theme
  • Security and access rights added to disciplinary incidents.
  • Corrections in custom workflow creation. Breadcrumbs fixed, Step 5 (persistence capture) removed for workflows that do not require temporary serialization (such as goalsheet, performance appraisals),
  • Corrections to attendance where it could not be updated when marking a day on holiday or weekend.
  • On-boarding – fixed email id of sender (hr manager) who sent a request to the candidate for on-boarding.
  • Corrective action – user interface fixes when single form view was used.
  • Mobile mode – logoff button displays in the pop-up menu now instead of as a button on the logo bar.
  • Rating options issue resolved if we selected only 2 rating options.
  • Issue regarding visibility of weekend/holiday/leave count in manage employee timesheet has been fixed.
  • User interface improvements in creation of travel and expense. Instead of 2-level pop-ups we now go to a new page and have a 1 level pop-up. Will assist in travel and expense creation on mobile mode.
  • Message options added for custom workflow settings. Email messages can now contain custom subject lines. Significant improvements in custom workflow messaging.
  • Improvements in user interface for performance appraisal when ratings are not available for attributes.
  • In leave dashboard the compensatory off acquire was displaying as leave records. Has been fixed.
  • Goals in dynamic goal form in performance appraisal were not saved in correct order. Now they will be saved as per order of creation.
  • Improvements in user interface for interview/test capture
  • Improvements in user interface for training management pages for employees and managers.
  • Significant improvements in scheduler jobs to ensure no hanging job threads.
  • Issue related to employee status changes during resignation capture has been fixed.
  • Corrections in employee selection errors during rewards and recognition
  • Improvements in user interface for View payroll reports functionality.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.17 release.

Date: 19 Aug 2016
Functional changes

  • Options added to initiate goalsheet, 360 Feedback and appraisals by managers and other roles (including employee). You can setup different workflows for each role.
  • Improvements in goal sheet achievements capture. Now the achievements show as a continuous flow (instead of in a pop-up report)
  • Weekends were auto-setup for different groups of employees. This was proving to be a challenge for larger organizations where multiple rules existed on weekend setup – say half day for one group, working for another group and full day off for yet another. We have added a weekend generate functionality that will generate group wise weekends for the entire calendar year.
  • Added option for holiday and weekend allocation in the Shift mapping UI. This will allow national holidays to be allocated to shift based employees.
  • Improvements in the drag-and-drop functionality for shift allocation and mapping. Now shifts, holidays, weekends, shift patterns can be dropped on specific dates for all employees or a specific employee and automatic allocation will happen. The shift allocation can also go across month boundaries.
  • Setup of Automatic shift mapping using shift patterns. One or more employees can be selected (as a part of the group), setup of start-day-of-shift-pattern, shift pattern, start date and end date. Based on the start-day-of-shift-pattern, automatic shift allocation will happen to the employees between start date and end date and the start-day-of-shift-pattern field will be updated appropriately.
  • Data gap report for leave balance implemented. All employees who do not have a specific type of leave balance will show up.
  • Competency title was limited to 25 characters. Restriction has been lifted and now 255 characters are allowed.

Technical changes

  • Improvements in user interface of setup benefits page.
  • Manage attendance was not displaying all leave records for employees. Issue has been resolved.
  • Selection of one attribute for all employees was creating an issue when one of the attributes was not available for a selected employee. The entire attribute set (for all employees) was not showing up either. Both issues resolved.
  • Issues associated with advanced search on payslip generation has been resolved.
  • Comment helper UI improvements in performance appraisal both during capture of comments for competencies as also during manager inputs.
  • Development plan form in appraisal to have configurable labels.
  • Option added in appraisal configuration to (dis)allow creation of a new appraisal when an existing appraisal exists.
  • Printable view of appraisal will start using the forms available in the plan. Earlier it was displaying all the forms available.
  • Improvements in appraisal configuration page.
  • shiftApplicable field added to employee master. If set to yes, the shift mapping, holiday and weekend for an employee will be picked from the shift allocation functionality.
  • Google analytics event tracking disabled for improved page load performance.
  • Property mappings added for empxtrack masters. This will allow the capture of extra fields in masters.
  • Code optimizations in holiday calendar view
  • Messaging fixes in custom workflow.
  • Functionality added to convert any xml data object (as retrieved from an API integration) to JSON and AbstractObject format for consumption in empxtrack calc-engine.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.16 release.

Date: 26 July 2016
Functional changes

  • Addition of Gap Reports to HRIS and other modules. Various data gap reports are now available to the HR manager where they can identify the absence of data. Absence of data can be identified for Photographs, Relationships (such as manager, reviewer), Current address, Permanent address, Emergency contact information, Education and certifications, dependent details, beneficiary information, all confidential ids setup by you(such as license, government id, experience, hobbies, languages known.
  • Leave dashboard for managers has a scroll function. Managers can view leave trends for past years.
  • Custom workflow enabled for many employee processes. Customers can build their own workflows. The processes for which this has been implemented includes: Employee exit, Goal setting, Appraisal, all employee data update sections, Leave, Travel, Expense, Attendance regularization,
  • Improvements in employee shift allocation process. Options available for adding colors to shifts, drag-drop option for shift patterns improved, added a weekly off option and faster assignment of shifts with a common save option.
  • Conversion of weekly shift allocation to monthly shift allocation. Further, if a pattern is dropped on a day such that shifts exceed the monthly boundary, the shifts will be automatically assigned in the next month.
  • Printing of employee shift allocation enabled.
  • Grouping allowed on shift allocation to allow users to group / filter employees and then allocate shifts.
  • Automatic shift allocation process improved with merging of 2 different pages and simplifying the selection of employees.
  • Copy option created for custom workflows to allow easier duplication of workflows.

Technical changes

  • Migration of the application to Java 8 with updates to many internal components including Log4J (version 2), JQuery, Encryption and Decryption.
  • Conversion of many java objects to properties for easier API access. This includes: Exit, Events, Employee details, Leave, Travel, Expense, Address information, Confidential IDs, document information, miscellaneous details.
  • Mapping of all user controls and buttons in a workflow to a common methodology that can be invoked through user created workflows.
  • Display of different employee fields (such as title, department etc.) on the top bar based on employee visibility permissions.
  • Fixes to manage travel and manage expense pages where correct data was not visible.
  • Improvements in user interface while setting up access rules permissions.
  • Fixes to report data when a PDF report was generated by scheduler and sent on email.
  • Issues resolved for travel leg regeneration during persistence.
  • Movement of all messages to multi-language options.
  • An exited HR Manager was still showing in workflows and has been resolved to the new HR Manager.
  • Improvements in User interface on Appraisal Comments rating helper.
  • Improvements in user interface for Recruitment agency portal.
  • Travel time options in Travel module are now coming from the database. They were hard-coded earlier.
  • Fixes to attendance status visibility issues on the cancellation of leave.
  • Options added for displaying the name of the user who sent a message. So if an employee applies for leave, the system can optionally display the name of the employee as an alias. This setting is configurable.
  • Added ADFS logon properties that will allow setup of ADFS by customers.
  • Button navigation issues fixed for timesheet module.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.15 release.

Date: 24 June 2016
Functional changes

  • Movement of all uploads to one common settings menu.
  • Improvements in user interface for 360 Feedback submit page.
  • Display of language specific workflow states. Now the workflow state will be displayed in the specific language of the user.
  • Implementation of Rating comments Helper in Performance Appraisal. Users can specify comments in rating during the setup of the appraisal competency page. When enabled, this option will be visible to managers and above for filling in their ratings.
  • If a pop-up blocker is enabled in the users browser, they could not view pop-up reports or advanced search pages. Functionality has been added to notify the user to disable the pop-up blocker for empxtrack application.
  • Display of attendance raw data for periods beyond 1 month has been enabled.

Technical changes

  • Improvements in the custom workflow creation with options for multiple messages, validations, notifications.
  • Enablement of Leave, HRIS objects, Expense, Travel, Exit objects on properties for easy enabling of custom properties during implementation / customization.
  • User interface improvements in employee advanced search options.
  • User interface improvements in employee checklist pages in HRIS.
  • Bug fixes in leave workflow when employee cancels and applies leave on the same date.
  • User interface improvements in the Personal Details view page.
  • Leave status update in attendance table was not happening on cancellation. Fixed.
  • Improvements in user interface for loans and advances page.
  • Selection of rich text comments option in performance appraisal ratings was not enabling correctly. Fixed
  • Fixes to menu enablement for specific roles. Added administrator role.
  • Fixes to upload of dependent data has been resolved.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.14 release.

Date: 07 June 2016
Functional changes

  • Enabled functionality for employee status change from employee edit profile when the exit module has not been purchased.
  • Improvements in attribute creation user interface in Performance appraisal module. The old interface did not map to the default method of attribute creation. Now the ratings will be mapped to the attribute during creation itself.
  • Implementation of radar chart on the 360 report.
  • External participant validations in 360 have been added. If an employee is marked as an external participant, a new user is not created in the system.

Technical changes

  • The name of the sender of the email is added as an alias while sending an email from the system. Hence when an employee applies for a leave (or a manager approves), their name will show up in the from address.
  • Improvements and bug fixes in variable compensation module.
  • Improvements in display of tables in various modules for mobile compatibility.
  • Improvements in user interface for page view of quick links tab.
  • Improvements in leave application form and add new employee settings.
  • Fixes to compensation and increment module for the calculation of the correct increments and mapping to the validation rules.
  • Improvement in user interface of many forms in performance appraisal.
  • Fixes to Single Sign on and support for many additional SSO options.
  • User interface improvements to the benefits enrollment module.
  • User interface improvements to 360 reports and their access by different stakeholders.
  • Menu access control now enabled in the front-end. Customers can setup access rules for individual menu items based on roles, groups and individual employees.
  • Fixes to life event changes in benefit enrollment and mapping to relevant plan rules implemented.
  • Fixes to main menu. Now the overlapping menu items have been removed by allowing a larger menu.
  • Dependent upload issues resolved when partial data was being provided for dependents.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.11 – 6.13 release.

Date: 20 May 2016
Functional changes

  • Functionality added for HR Manager to send email to candidates while on-boarding them. Further, HR Managers can cancel on-boarding requests or move the request back to initiated state for further changes by the candidate.
  • Added functionality in upload data (for all data types) that would prevent data updates for existing records.
  • Option provided to send the existing or new password to an employee. New password would be generated on the basis of the password rules.
  • Issues related to leave encashment workflow have been fixed and implemented.
  • Implementation of complete succession planning module including survey, critical pipeline definition. Addition of on page help as well.
  • Implementation of Variable pay module including upload / download functionality for employee KRAs. Addition of on page help as well.
  • Implementation of Compensation planning module including generation of new salary structure, letter printing with the new salary structure for multiple employees.
  • Added functionality to hide quick link bar for a wider screen view in desktop mode.
  • Improvements in appraisal printable report with options for displaying partial employee data (instead of full data) and removal of redundant information.

Technical changes

  • User Interface and functionality improvements in manager driven 360 feedback in appraisal module.
  • User Interface and functionality improvements in payroll variable settings page.
  • Fixed issues in FTP connection class for attendance uploader. If the file upload was broken (for whatever reason), the upload did not start again automatically. Further, provided a mechanism for secure FTP uploads.
  • Flexi basket issue have been resolved where employees could not enter flexi basket variables if the salary structure was modified for flexi basket options post the allocation of salary structure to the employee.
  • Radar chart rendering is now available on Chrome also.
  • Moved the appraisal score calculation logic to templates. This will allow for very easy implementation changes for customers.
  • Significant improvements in My team page.
  • Mail attachment issue (where an attachment did not exist) has been fixed.
  • Improvements in navigation of forms on Appraisal.
  • Variable pay – copying of goals from the master plan to a time specific plan was not happening correctly. Fixed. Also now the uploads and downloads display additional attribute of type.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.8 – 6.10 release.

Date: 8 April 2016
Functional changes

  • Employee and HR can view all changes (audit trail) to employee data.
  • Improvement in attendance upload and processing both in performance and status changes. Also fixes to Attendance regularization when employees cross the day boundaries.
  • Visibility right settings to all employee roles in performance appraisal. It was earlier limited to only those roles that were a part of the workflow.
  • Significant improvements in user interface for Travel and expense, Paid time off, Help desk.
  • Added printable options for current years investment declarations.
  • Added the survey module in empxtrack and converted it to bootstrap.

Technical changes

  • Leave records were not showing correctly in Attendance (for specific leave types when the leave request was rejected) has been corrected.
  • Page filters for various pages were not initialized correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Hierarchy chart user interface has been improved considerably.
  • Performance appraisal page quick links were not selected automatically.
  • Handling of extended UTF-8 has been implemented across the product.
  • Quick links added to all pages where tabs were available. This enables mobile ready view.
  • Significant improvements in Apply job page on the applicant tracking portal. Improvements in user interface for the entire applicant tracking functionality.
  • All pages in the application converted to Mobile compatible pages.
  • Multi-page view added to messages on the home page, company directory, applicant tracking and manage candidates
  • Filters added to company directory page.
  • Corrections in leave dashboard at manager end. The number of leave records was not showing correctly.
  • Fixes for IE 10 and Chrome compatibility on some pages of the application.
  • Added options for selection of multiple messages.
  • Improvements in user interface of manager driven 360 feedback in performance appraisal.
  • Employee goal sheet initiation issues resolved.
  • Improvement in the user interface for Alert and Confirmation dialog boxes.
  • Upgrade of CKEditor to the latest version.
  • Corrections to shift assignment and re-assignment functionality.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.7 release.

Date: 17 February 2016
Functional changes

  • Options to view employee hierarchy with multiple options: Employee (downwards), Login users manager (downwards), full organization view. Also linkage of company directory with employee hierarchy.
  • The proxy approver for leave was set for each leave type. A new global property has been introduced that will allow all leave types to get a proxy manager at the same time.
  • Added a new screen to allow HR Managers to mass regularize attendance of employees. This requirement came in from many customers post our removal of the same.
  • Clear categorization of statuses on attendance with conflict situations clearly outlined such as a person have attendance and also on leave. Attendance report will give full details allowing payroll/attendance administrator to quickly resolve any issues related to the employee attendance.
  • Added multi-page navigation for messages since in many cases there are 1000s of unread messages for employees. The home page loading time has improved significantly.

Technical changes

  • Improvement in holiday calendar format.
  • Scheduler management in servlet initialization improved. Helps in starting up the server faster after a shutdown.
  • Fixes to style issues in overridden themes resolved.
  • Improvements in attendance capture and regularization. There were issues when end-time was not entered or start time was overridden.
  • Added external reviewer(non-employee) validations on 360 Feedback.
  • Removal of travel, training icons from attendance when the modules have not been procured.
  • Significant improvements in rendering of attendance reports.
  • Redirection issues solved during the load of the login page. Currently client.empxtrack.com url did not take to the client login page by default.
  • Improvements in User Interface for travel and expense.
  • Chrome browser issues related to Leave module resolved.
  • Goalsheet copy goal options was copying the achievements too (when the goals were being copied across time periods). This has been resolved.
  • Special code added to handle errors during auto email dispatches.
  • Removal of unnecessary script load calls.
  • Resolved issue in clearing employee filter when the manager has only 1 role.
  • Issues resolved in attendance when intervening holidays/weekends were present.
  • Attendance status to be marked empty when an employee cancels a leave request has been implemented.
  • Improvement in user interface for quick menus in the mobile mode. The menu will now come collapsed instead of opening at the top.
  • Fixes to multi-language display. In specific cases, the UTF-8 code page was not getting selected automatically leading to a display of ISO character set.
  • Improvement in user interface for Benefits management.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.6 release.

Date: 25 January 2016
Functional changes

  • Significant improvements in the printable views for performance appraisals and goalsheets.
  • Conversion of My team attendance dashboard to Bar charts for quick analysis and actions by managers. Quick views for employees on leave, incomplete attendance, non-availability.
  • Customization options added for beneficiary fields.
  • Addition of apply for leave for employee and managers (on behalf of employees) from the attendance dashboard.
  • Visibility of holiday calendar on the attendance page.
  • Significant improvements in attendance reports.
  • Career profile to display leave history of employee for the past 12 months.
  • Improvements in single page scrollable view of employee appraisal.
  • My attendance widget has been implemented on the home page. Employees can enter their time on the home page without going to the My attendance page.

Technical changes

  • Improvement in persistence for leave, travel, expenses allowing a quick retrieval (instead of converting the persisted record to data). Significant reduction in query time related to dashboards.
  • Settings page converted to mobile friendly layout.
  • Implementation of API methods getRelationship, setRelationship, getConfidentialIds and getDocument, getSalaryDetails, updateSalaryDetails.
  • All records that support a document type will now display an additional field documentId during the API get call. A getDocument(documentId) API call will allow you to download the document as well. Full document integration is now available in empxtrack API.
  • Additional security implementation in API invocation to allow only the authorized user data to be downloadable.
  • Improvements in user interface for attendance regularization.
  • Improvements in mobile view for My Salary Details page. Employees can now view their complete payslip on the mobile.
  • Improvement in mobile view for exit pages.
  • Improvements in user interface of goal sheet settings.
  • Fixes to Secure FTP mode when it was invoked in the calc-engine.
  • Major improvements and enhancements in scheduler to make it instance specific and invoke tenants for which the tomcat instance is supposed to work.

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