30-dec-2015 to 29-nov 2014

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Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.5 release.

Date: 30 December 2015
Functional changes

  • Improvements in printable view of goalsheet
  • Improvements in printable view of appraisal
  • New attendance dashboard added at manager level to quickly understand the pattern of leave, travel, incomplete attendance, regularization entries
  • Clickable view on attendance dashboard to allow drill down by days with different status.
  • Improvements in attendance reports and easy view of attendance entries for employees.
  • Introduction of landing page in on-boarding that will allow customers to display a branded on-boarding page to the new joinees.
  • Improvement in manager view of team availability for specific leave days when a subordinate has applied for leave.
  • Revamp of the login page both in employee and on-boarding modes.

Technical changes

  • Addition of parameters in serial values for faster reporting in non-approved leave, attendance, expense and travel workflows.
  • Significant improvements in API interfacing and on-line help for each API method.
  • Compensation management pages converted to mobile friendly responsive mode.
  • Payroll pages converted to mobile friendly responsive mode.
  • On-boarding forms converted to mobile friendly responsive mode.
  • Corrections of issues in 360 Feedback form in performance appraisal
  • Significant improvements in HRIS field configuration and Payroll field configurations. All roles show up in this to allow for granular access.
  • Fixes to tooltip issues

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.4 release.

Date: 12 December 2015
Functional changes

  • Improvements in API calling, design of API exchange object with display of API URL and a cleaner test-bed. Implementation of the following methods identifyEmployeeIds, getEmployeeDetails, updateEmployeeDetails, getAllDependents, updateDependent, addDependent, getAllBeneficiaries, getCurrentAddress, updateCurrentAddress, getPermanentAddress, updatePermanentAddress, getEmergencyContact, updateEmergencyAddress, getAllQualifications, updateQualification, addQualification, getAllCertification, updateCertification, addCertification, getAllEmploymentHistory, updateEmploymentHistory, addEmploymentHistory.

Technical changes

  • Improvements in candidate management User Interface (added mobile friendly features).
  • Creation of unique forms when we create new forms in Appraisal, 360 feedback and On-boarding. This helps to avoid duplication and sharing issues when same form is used in multiple plans.
  • Conversion of employee letter generation and view to mobile mode.
  • Improvement in user interface for selection and setup of forms. Title setup has been moved to form configuration for Appraisal, 360 feedback and on-boarding.
  • Improvements in goal-achievements capture user interface.
  • Converting menu to buttons in cases where we have only 1 button on menu.
  • Conversion of setup job description page to mobile format.
  • Enabled field control tips for the mobile mode and in bootstrapped mode for quick access to field level help.
  • Improvements in course management user interface.
  • Improvement in User interface for HRIS masters.
  • Improvement in User interface for group creation.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.3 release.

Date: 04 December 2015
Functional changes

  • Inclusion of an employees manager in company directory as an additional variable. Currently company directory can display all enabled variables on employee basic details and employment information.
  • Capability to hide the inbox message count through a setting available with the administrator.
  • Inclusion of format field for all HRIS fields. You can specify format for each HRIS field that will force the format on the users making edits to the field. Formats could be set for fields such as phone number, social security number etc.
  • Downloading of salary for a selected (or all employees) for a specific pay period with selection options enabled.
  • Top level categories for expense and travel can be associated with global employee groups. An employee who is filling in a travel request or expense request will only view those categories that are applicable to them. This allows setup of expense and travel categories for different types of employees in the company.
  • Sub-categories in expense and travel now have an option of a maximum value. This ensures automatic validations when a person feeds in a larger value.
  • Option to mark a Project (in activity tracking/timesheet module) as auto-assignable to all employees. All employees would have a view of the said project even when it is not assigned to them explicitly.

Technical changes

  • Improvements in user interface on custom workflow creation.
  • Display of API field name for each HRIS field. Earlier the fields were based on titles of fields and this created issues in multi-language usage.
  • Enabling of the HRIS configuration for basic details and employment related details when basic HRIS is purchased.
  • Improvements in leave setting.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements in leave credit and download leave functionality.
  • Improvements in travel and expense settings UI.
  • Improvements in 360 Feedback settings UI.
  • Fixes to the masquerade mode. When an administrator or HR Manager closes the browser when in masquerade mode, the system did not allow them to login again for some time.
  • Improvements in user interface of course management, training management settings, skills and competencies management
  • Improvements in user interface for recruitment settings.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 6.2 release.

Date: 20 November 2015
Functional changes

  • Completely revamped product with major changes to user interface and fully responsive design.
  • Revamped attendance(time tracking) module and integration with activity tracking(timesheet), shift management and allocation, travel, paid time off (leave), training and improved design and reporting at multiple levels.
  • Improvements in candidate view of job portal and ease of integration with web-sites by using a very simple url and elimination of frames.
  • Complete revamp in employee portal with a new and mobile friendly design to allow all approvals on the mobile.
  • Options added to enable/disable callouts, feedback, help section, quick links, FAQs at the administrator level.
  • Employee profile and career profile is now completely responsive. Employees can update their data on their mobile phones or any device.
  • Movement of filters to the bread-crumb bar to conserve space and for quick access.
  • Leave page will contain 1 year of leave details as a dashboard for both employee and manager modes. Also includes unapproved leave.
  • Introduction of quick link pages for multiple modules to remove the usage of tabs.
  • Addition of multiple fields on the employee database shift pattern(id of an existing shift), weekly off (0 – 6), start shift pattern (date) (for shift allocation), government id, alternate email id, social ids, mobile no, home no, office no, tax id, primary currency and timezone. These fields can be enabled on an as required bases and will be directly accessible in company directory and other areas where employee records are accessible.
  • Employee wise timezone setting. Now employees can have their own timezone that overrides the tenant timezone. Attendance, timesheet and messaging will be based on the employees timezone.
  • Employee messaging will use the employee language preferences. So if a system message is sent to an employee, the receipt will be in the language of the recipient.
  • Holiday calendar enabled for employees.
  • Revamped design of appraisal pages with quick links for easy access, better navigation and on page help options.
  • Improvements in time period functionality and generation for trial setup. Significant improvements in the trial completion functionality.
  • Revamped design of goal setting and 360 feedback pages.
  • Company directory to support custom fields as well with inclusion of upto 10 fields.
  • On page help added for settings of most modules to help administrators self manage the configurations.
  • Fixes to upload and download salary fields. The fields available in the payslip are downloadable and uploadable.
  • Option added in leave to allow applied leave to be deducted in the month of leave (rather than immediately). This allows for accurate Leave without pay calculations

Technical changes

  • Complete revamp to implementation in bootstrap for responsive multi-device access compatibility.
  • Fixes to employee filter – exclusion of employees not working in all cases.
  • Fixes to mail messages for incorporation of custom subject lines.
  • Separation of actionable and non-actionable messages for ease in filtering.
  • Fixes to recruitment dashboard.
  • Option to create multiple signatures in a single form.
  • Fixes to tenant clearing when a new tenant is created.
  • Inclusion of on-page callouts
  • Implementation of responsive menu structure.
  • Added options to export PDF, CSV and Excel on export report data option. Earlier only PDF export was allowed.
  • Fixes to user data display when data was ` in HTML editors. Extra lines were added in the editor. Separated the text area and html editor capture modes.
  • Fixes to the upload/download functionality for HRIS. Only the selected fields will download and upload. Further, automatic mapping of fields.
  • Fixes to download salary structure format file. The functionality was downloading the existing salaries of all employees – leading to security gap.
  • Fixes to the entire product in complete prevention of cross-site-scripting issues. Applies to all input variables, static fields, hidden variables, controls etc.
  • Fixes to vlookup in calc-engine to allow non numeric values to be looked up in the first column.
  • Fixes to timezone issues. Now the employee could have an override to the default tenant timezone.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 5.60 release.

Date: 14 July 2015
Functional changes

  • Complete revamp of the career job portal and simplification in display of jobs. Significant improvements in user interface.
  • Integration of jobs posting with Indeed and Monster API. Available to paid subscribers of monster only.
  • Functionality added to filter jobs by various parameters such as location, experience, job function. This will allow different sections of customer career sites to display different jobs. Multi-location companies may display section headers such as location names where they exist and clicking on each one of them will display the jobs for that location.
  • Payroll configuration allows a setting – Allow relationships between salary heads. This will allow multiple heads to be combined under one salary head and allow employees configuration of these heads as per the selected workflow.
  • Capture of PAN Id of company in company settings page for payroll. This will be used in payroll reports such as Form 24Q.
  • Fixes on team profile page to allow CEO and HOD to enter employee notes irrespective of the modules purchased. Notes (or manager diary) added as a default feature in the product.
  • Validation added for goalsheet initializations if the employee authorized working set is invalid. i.e an error message will show up if an HR manager tries to initiate a goalsheet of an employee they are not authorized to access.
  • Added an optional new tab for documents and quick links. The tab can be configured from the Portal configuration section. This will allow companies to add all the policy documents on one page and even allow sections.
  • Functionality added in expense module to allow each expense a separate attachment. This will allow mobile based uploads for each expense item where employee can take a photo of their bill and attach it to the expense item.
  • Functionality added to travel module to allow each travel item separate attachment. This will allow HR / travel desk to attach separate tickets for hotel bookings, travel tickets and also save paper (where printouts are not required).

Technical changes

  • Fixed URL in payroll approval workflow.
  • Fixes to role visibility issues.
  • Improvements in mobile version of pricing page.
  • Improvements in the rendering of menus and cleaner linkage with roles.
  • Conversion of menus to properties to allow faster rendering and easier changes for customers.
  • Fixed the validation of leave dates if leave overlaps with an existing leave record.
  • Performance improvements in Applicant Tracking and Candidate view functionality.
  • Implementation of custom workflow. Will allow users to create their own workflow through a customization workbench. Note: This functionality is not available for free trial users.
  • Fixes of issue when an apostrophe was in the employee name.
  • Fixes to empxtrack usage report. The date range functionality was not working correctly.
  • Improvements and fixes in goalsheet configuration.
  • External 360 users (non-employees) could view some internal empxtrack pages. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed exit report.
  • Fixes to recruitment side tab that did not open completely in specific cases.
  • Fixed issues to salary structure sequencing that gets disturbed when the size of structure exceeds 20 salary heads.
  • Fixes to performance appraisal read only view when comments were captured in text areas. The end of lines were not preserved leading to clumping of text. Now the end of lines are shown as HTML breaks making the comments much more readable.
  • Help desk labels needed correction. Has been fixed.
  • Adding new attributes to 360 form was missing. The functionality has been added.
  • Validation checks on mandatory fields for applicant tracking has been added.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 5.59 release.

Date: 29 May 2015
Functional changes

  • Goal achievement rating made configurable. Now customers can identify their own rating scale for goal achievements.
  • Implementation of plan-wise on-boarding. Hence you can display a different set of forms for different kinds of employee onboarding that may happen when you are hiring across different countries or different kinds of employees.
  • Improvements in user interface for the Travel & Expense modules.
  • Integration of applicant tracking – candidate application with LinkedIn API
  • Added functionality to add roles from user interface. Customers can now themselves setup roles (5 relationship based and 15 implied roles) and link these to HRIS fields, HR section view functionality and group functionality.
  • Implementation of statutory updates for India payroll (Female exemption of PT, New investment limits and others).
  • Improvements in user interface for HRIS Section visibility and update rules. This has been linked to the roles. User interface is more intuitive and easier to manage.
  • Options added in Payroll configuration to allow salary structures to have master-dependent relationships. This will allow HR to setup salary structure with say 1 allowance and allow employees to configure their salary as per their specific needs. As an example, employees who stay in their own house need not use the House Rent Allowance variable but instead use it for some other tax deductible salary head (say telephone allowance – if required in their job).

Technical changes

  • Quicklinks title can contain upto 255 characters.
  • Addition of FTP download and upload function to allow download of attendance and project data from remote servers / applications. Required for attendance integration and project integration.
  • Fixes to head count reports which was not accurately identifying the absconding cases.
  • Corrections to the download file format and upload field matching on the basis of the dynamically set properties.
  • Beta release of travel and expense on Mobile version of empxtrack.
  • LDAP integration functionality moved to a generic level.
  • Significant performance enhancements in calc-engine by improvements in the parsing and rendering processes and memory management. Page load time has decreased by about 70%.
  • Improvement in performance of search functionality.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 5.57 & 5.58 release.

Date: 7 May 2015
Functional changes

  • Task and measures in goalsheets have additional attributes – target completion date, actual completion date, completion comment and status. This will allow you to breakdown goals into more granular part allowing better planning and tracking.
  • Onboarding will allows the selection of documents that are available in HRIS. During the movement of candidate from offered state to employee state, the documents will directly move over. Aadded capabilities of setting a document template and signature capture in the documents.
  • Appraisal layout options (tabbed vs scroll view) added to plan settings. HR can enable the options and hence set the visibility view. Added responsiveness to the evaluation.
  • Implementation of tagging in Feedback. This will allow multiple feedbacks to be run for an employee in a given time period.
  • Significant improvements in usability and user interface of Applicant tracking – candidate management, job requisition management, interviews and tests. Addition of a menu item Tests and interviews in My profile section to allow easy access to interviews and tests assigned to an employee as also view of past interviews and tests.
  • Setup of a configurable rating to capture the goal achievements. This was a fixed value not editable from the user interface.
  • Multi-currency option added to expense sheet with configuration options added during expense setup.
  • Check list concept added to masters. A check list can be setup during recruitment that will ensure that all check list items will move to the HRIS during the candidate to employee transformation. This will ensure that all the time bound items (such as reference check, document checking, past employer salary details, resource allocation etc.) are managed. Employees who will handle the responsibilities can be assigned and a workflow to track the status.

Technical Changes

  • Improvements in tile layout on My team page.
  • Capability to change password and admin detail independently.
  • Survey initiation message were not being sent on email. Resolved
  • Added mechanism to check for existing feedback when a new one is initiated.
  • Removal of external users (non-employees) while initiation of a new feedback.
  • Improvements in functionality of filters. Visibility of selected employee name, clear button improvements.
  • Tax advice visibility for prior financial years added.
  • Added visibility of goal achievements at management level (CEO role)
  • Pagination added to bradford formula.
  • Removal of inactive employees in timesheet module
  • Validation issues fixed when managers were initiating employee appraisals.
  • Improvement in user interface while capturing in-application customer feedback.
  • Improvements in user interface in pricing on mobile applications. Added responsive features.
  • Fixes to skill data sheet when updating skills from job description.
  • URL redirection handling during session timeout has been implemented.
  • Option added for custom logout page – if required for specific tenant.
  • Optimization in 360 feedback page rendering.
  • Resolved problems in payroll calculation for new Financial year.
  • Compensatory off calculations fixes when partial days were entered.
  • Improvements in mobile user interface for leave and timesheet.
  • Pagination concept added across multiple high volume pages such as candidates, manage requests, messages etc.
  • Issues resolved in copy of declaration for prior year.
  • Resolved issues of view of some internal employee fields on pages in training. Fixed issues in storage and display of place of birth.
  • Improvement in user interface for manager notes when the note size is large. Also fixed the ordering issues.
  • Encryption of candidate access URL for security.
  • Improvements in user interface for candidate management with a single page view and edit option.
  • Implementation of custom workflow messaging and validation. (Custom workflow is still in beta mode)
  • Improvements in user interface in adding skills and competencies in employee career profile page.
  • Addition of job code filter during in the test and interview section.
  • Significant improvements in user interface and usability of Travel and expense.
  • Fixes to masquerade functionality when a pop-up is open.
  • Fixes to advanced search where the employee name search was failing in certain cases.
  • Fixes to password setting security options not being set correctly.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 5.56 release.

Date: 3 April 2015
Functional changes

  • Data improvements and synchronization (to admin settings) of Employee profile form in appraisal.
  • Goalsheet constraint on 100% total weights on submission has been made optional (default value is 100% weight). This will allow employees to create goalsheet for smaller time periods (say quarter), capture achievements, and then open the goalsheeet in the subsequent time period and add goals for that. This will allow easier goal setting.
  • Field level visibility added in Empxtrack. Now individual fields in HRIS can have visibility rights for Managers, Reviewers, Employee and any other roles. The fields are visible to HR always. The visibility is applicable in employee profile, employee career profile, employee pop-up display, appraisal details and reports.
  • Implementation of Scroll view in Appraisal. All forms can be displayed on the same page instead of a multi-form display. This is typically useful when the appraisal plan is simple and has a few forms only.
  • Display of all goalsheets for an employee that are in non-set aside state. Earlier, only the current sheet was showing up.
  • Tasks and measures in goalsheets have the following additional attributes: Expected date of completion which is available when goalsheet is in edit mode and Actual date of completion, completion comments, completion status that are available when goalsheet is signed off. These can be optionally enabled and allow task level tracking.

Technical Changes

  • Resolution and optimizations in synchronization read of masters and caching.
  • Managers-manager (reviewer) name was being set incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • Creation of time periods. If the start year and end year was the same, the system used to give error. Fixed.
  • Configuration options added for logout, session time out and error pages for redirection. This is helpful when SSO / ADFS / LDAP integration is done with Empxtrack and the person is logged into the external system but cannot enter Empxtrack – say because of record not being available in Empxtrack and/or its being invalid.
  • Identification of correct tenant during a purchase. Wrong tenant name was getting set sometimes.
  • Integration of Mandrill templates with Empxtrack. Appropriate API linkages developed. The API can be invoked on completion of any activity.
  • Fixes to prior investments download in payroll.
  • Goal edit and achievement entry is now on pop-up with significant improvements in user interface in goalsheet display.
  • Improvements in rich text editor (CKEditor) usage and functionality including setup of most used icons, removal of help messages, better paste from word/excel documents, color capture and retention functionality.
  • Improvements in UI for signature capture.
  • Setup of candidate questionnaire to separate tab during application process. Improvements in User interface.
  • Improvements in external user (non-empxtrack user) login – added encryption settings for 360 feedback.
  • Performance improvements in display candidate page and searching by many times.
  • Fixes to multiple employee, single field update functionality. Some HRIS attributes were not showing up.
  • Movement of the feedback button to the bottom right corner.
  • Improvements in the rendering of tables. The display used to hang when the number of rows exceeded a count of 1000. Multi-page concept implemented with a per page display of 250 rows.
  • Improvements in employee reading when messages are initialized.
  • Improvements in user interface when ratings are selected to be of radio button or slider type.
  • Optimizations in leave record display during the display of leave balances and leave records for employees. Significant improvements in sorting with an O(N2) to O(N) improvement.
  • Fixes to attendance that were identified during capture of in-time in specific cases.
  • Server redirection encrypted URL did not have correct timeout capture and could compromise security. This has been corrected with a 30 sec timeout.
  • Synchronization of all empxtrack servers to Network Time Protocol such that all servers will be synched to each other.
  • Message was not being sent during the initiation of Survey. Fixed.
  • Validation added to check if a 360 feedback exists for a user before initiation of a new one
  • Removal of external users from the 360 reviewees list box was not happening. Fixed.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 5.55 release.

Date: 26 February 2015
Functional changes

  • Users (employees, managers and HR) can now provide feedback on any page in the product. This will help in product improvements and new suggestions capture.
  • The first column in any table view will now be clickable with the first action on the menu list. This will reduce the number of clicks required for default actions.
  • Completion of ADFS integration with setup of custom redirection pages.
  • Improvements in reminder mechanism and notifications for 360 feedback
  • Improvements in User Interface in marking an employee record deleted. Checkbox changed to secondary URL.
  • Implementation of radar chart in 360 feedback report.
  • Scheduling of report in PDF format added. The scheduled report will be dispatched in PDF format as per desired frequency.
  • Addition of template based forms for collection of data from employees. Now HR can create a questionnaire in a word processor, copy the same to a personal document and optionally add a signature option. When the employees fills in the same, the details are stored on employee personal documents.
  • User interface improvements when an external user logs to the system for a 360 review.
  • Added feature to allow employee communication feature to send messages to managers, reviewers, head of departments of the selected employees.
  • During job publishing, a recruiter can add a formatted questionnaire that a candidate has to fill in while applying for the job. This includes signature options. This can be used to shortlist candidates. When such a form is available, the candidate will have a 2 step application process.
  • Integration with Mandrill API enabled.
  • Improvements in employee career profile and mapping to appraisal form settings such that only selected elements show up in the appraisal.

Technical Changes

  • Image will now be stored in 2 modes – Thumbnail and regular size. Thumbnail size will be 154 x 53 and image will be resized and compressed to decrease bandwidth utilization. Thumbnail image will be generated on first get.
  • Signature panel improvements.
  • DWR requests are now being put into audit trail.
  • Corrections in page numbering on PDF reports.
  • Masquerade functionality support added in ADFS.
  • Removed the case-senstivity from the username field.
  • Options to redirect users to specific site address on log-off. Useful in ADFS/SSO based sign-out.
  • Improvements in user interface of on-boarding setup
  • 2 level drill down design implemented for settings page in Self Service and Performance Management. This will save clicks.
  • Added JSON support to httpPost to allow entire java classes to be sent across during API invocations.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 5.54 release.

Date: 30 January 2015
Functional changes

  • Implementation of user-level dashboard customizations. Each user could configure the dashboards (which charts to show and in what order) for themselves.
  • Archive candidate functionality added in applicant tracking. Archived candidate resumes will not be visible during searches.
  • Candidate create date and jobs applied for now show up in the View candidate list in Applicant tracking.
  • Dashboard added in manager services tab
  • Recruitment dashboard visibility added for CEO role
  • Capability to add a document to a confidential ID that can be downloaded by a user. They can fill in the document and upload it back such that it can be stored in the database.
  • Support added for capture and use of e-signature. An employee could create/upload a signature and then paste it on a document. This feature has been enabled for on-boarding.
  • Capability added to generate new on-boarding forms that can support new-employee signatures and can be directly imported from word documents.
  • Capability added to configure custom logo sizes in the logo bar area of product. This will help maintain the customer logo in the correct sizing.

Technical Changes

  • Improvements and consolidation of filters in dashboards.
  • Improvements in user interface on links for filters.
  • Confirmation message positioning improvements.
  • Fixes to attendance upload process when multiple entries exist for the same day.
  • Fixes to employee selection filter in Travel and expenses module.
  • Fixes to closure of multiple messages
  • Integration of Empxtrack login with ADFS (Active directory Federation Services)
  • Fixed issues with document download in News and events section.
  • Description field from confidential ID did not show up in on-boarding. This has been fixed.
  • Support of formatted text in email messages.
  • Support for ordering of confidential IDs on onboarding forms.
  • Fixes to appraisal score calculation logic that was seen when a specific order of forms was used.
  • Added Math functions such as square root, log, sin, cos, tan, power functions in the calc engine.
  • Fixes in leave reimbursement baseline calculations that are configurable for each customer.

Technical and functional changes included in the Empxtrack build 5.52, 5.53 release.

Date: 9 January 2015
Functional changes

  • Manager can view goalsheets for multiple employees simultaneously. Employee selection and view option added on Manage goalsheet view
  • Training to allow multiple workflows
  • Resume parser functionality added to Applicant Tracking module.
  • Addition of Recruitment dashboard with various graphs that include recruiter performance, Job Requisition, Job Requisition Status,Resume Source.
  • Administrator can view the status of all scheduler based jobs and their outcomes
  • Options added to add non employee based users in 360 feedback module. Now an employee / manager / HR can invite non-organization people to conduct a 360 review on an employee.
  • Addition of job requisition plan (manpower budgeting) in the recruitment module.
  • Addition of succession planning module (beta mode)
  • Addition of leave dashboard in Manage leave section with Bradford factor, number of days of leave and occurrences.
  • Implementation of multiple currencies in Expense module with front-end configuration capabilities added
  • Implementation of multiple currency advance in travel module.
  • Addition of leave taken graph in Career profile page

Technical Changes

  • Integration of rchilli resume parser with Empxtrack
  • Payment finalization issues resolved
  • Payroll statutory reports – CSV generation issues resolved
  • Improvement in goalsheet form in Employee evaluation(appraisal based goalsheet)
  • Qualification update and dependent update issues resolved when special characters were entered.
  • Issues in saving of Applicant Tracking — agency detail resolved.
  • Options added to eliminate sending of bad emails to avoid bounces.
  • Issues related to download/upload of monthly data for exited employees has been resolved for payroll.
  • HR Manager employee visibility access when payroll and loan module were assigned to the HR manager resolved.
  • Options to redirect users to specific inner page when they login to Empxtrack from an email message.
  • Implementation of a new login page that is completely responsive.
  • Fixed issues related to update of employee data when some specific fields are disabled.
  • Leave encashment during exit issue when decimal value was entered has been resolved.
  • Duplicate candidate check in applicant tracking has been moved to template to allow different candidate duplicacy checks to be implemented based on customer requirements.
  • Improved all the bread crumbs and standardized the tip and bread crumb values.
  • Capture of referral source by candidate during resume addition (by candidate) was not happening correctly. Fixed.
  • HR Manager could not mark an employee resigned when exited.
  • Fixed data issues for performance potential dashboard.
  • Leave, attendance, applicant tracking and on-boarding code optimizations and removal of duplicate code
  • Fixes in auto-generation of timeperiod in Timesheet application.
  • Fixes to disbursement and repayment issues when we disburse the loan amount in more than one transaction.
  • Added filters for travel and expense page
  • Improvement in filter buttons. These now appear as URLs and show highlighting.
  • Bug fixed on attendance regularization on submit back to employee mode.
  • Bug fixed on manage leave. Visibility issue if employee attendance is not present for the next month.
  • Improvement in goalsheet code with number of optimizations.
  • Career profile: reward data was not showing correctly in case US date format was used.
  • Issue related to inadvertent dob update when personal data is updated has been fixed.
  • Improvements in user interface for My profile, edit profile and career profile pages.

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